Best Battery Operated Blender Reviews

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Best Battery Operated Blender – Portable Blender on The Go!
You must have chosen the appropriate place if you are searching for the best battery operated blender.  Chances are that you live in a location without electricity or you wish to get away from the socket or bring your blender to a camping vacation. Despite the cause, in this piece of paper, the blenders will give you just that.
Besides being powerful when being used at home, the blenders are so strong that they can be taken outdoors. If you are not fond of charging batteries, you can replace by utilizing gas. And if that is not effective, then perhaps you will like one forced by muscle. So without losing any more time, let’s begin and look at some of the best portable blenders suitable for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Battery Operated Blender


The main benefit of a battery operated blender is that they can be used anywhere.
The handheld ones can comfortably be stored on a repowering spot on a kitchen wall.
Once charged enough, they can be taken around the kitchen and operated to mix soups at the time they are in their pots, or they can even be brought to the dining room to impressively blend breakfast vitamin at the table.
With a pitcher, you can take a battery operated blender outside and savour poolside margaritas, or you can even take it on a camping trip or to the beach for an afternoon.


The only probable adversity to these blenders is that their motors may not be as effective as those of blenders running by electric. Nevertheless, the benefit offered by these goods is representative enough to overwhelm that reality.

How to buy the best Battery Operated Blender?

You should remember many things when purchasing a battery operated blender.

Immersion blender or a stand blender

First and foremost, you will have to make a decision whether to buy an immersion or a stand blender. If you choose a stand blender, it will be necessary for you to ascertain the size of jug. The fact is that some blenders are only designed to make a drink for an individual, which are called single sized.
Supposing you would like to make a bundle of something for all people, you will need to buy a larger pitcher. As usual, a forty eight ounce jug is able to produce up to four glasses of drink.
If you are going shopping for an immersion blender, you should look for one containing a few different attachments that have been made for variable purposes. It is suggested to buy a whisk attachment.

Sort of blades the blenders use

It is also essential to look at which kind of knife the blenders use. The most suitable choice is to buy a blender attached with a double kinds of blades, however, some clients will satisfy with only one blade.  We should surely check whether the blade is made of strong stainless steel.

Examine how many speeds your blender offers

You should at least choose something with two speeds, but if you intend to blend a combination of different ingredients, it is better to get something with six or more speeds.

Ability to hold a charge

You should also examine how well the blender promises to hold a charge. There are many blenders claiming that they can run from fifty to sixty uses per one charge.
Some handheld or immersion blenders guarantee to operate twenty minutes on one charge at a minimum.  An immersion blender usually takes twenty minutes to finish almost kitchen tasks.
Nonetheless, you should stay away from immersion blender that will not hold a charge as they claim. Therefore, you should read as many reviews as possible. Real stories from actual consumers can aid you in determining if your battery operated blender will meet your expectations.


Think of the wattage the machine has while you are searching for a mobile blender. In most situations, a blender with a higher wattage will have a better performance of the mixer.


The efficiency of a blender is not completely decided by the cost. You can get the prices starting from as low as 10 bucks to 100 bucks. You are able to get an ideal blender relying on the amount of money you spend.

Top 5 Best Battery Operated Blender

1.Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with Travel Lid, White (51101)

Buy the Hamilton Beach 51101 Personal Blender and relish convenience when you are mixing your preferred smoothies, especially when you are busy because it helps you to make a personal nutritious beverage easily.
Although this blender is small and portable, the unit is really helpful for creating smoothies, baby recipes, salad dressings and marinade with a great accomplishment. In addition, this small blender is multifunctional, for example to assist you to customize your formulas, better your mixology ability and take control of your section,  etc.
The blender is entirely furnished to prepare a wide range of shakes, great-tasting and more with its durable stainless steel blades. Don’t let its space-saving layout mislead you. The multifunctional blending container is used as a movable travel mug with separable drinking lid and a mixing jar in one minute.
It is very easy to use this machine by only one touch pulse operation for easy and fast blending constantly.
The measuring lines on  the front of the jar is  for giving you the liberty and flexibility to mingle your elements, blend more and guess les. Go to to make an effort to do some healthy recipes.
It is well worth investing in an easy-to-use, lightweight and affordable personal blender. At that time, just expect all the formula opportunities, money you are saving and added storage capacity.

  • Efficient 175-watt motor supplies all the power needing for rapid, dependable performance
  • Compact design fitting for limited living spaces and on-the-go
  • This product is a handy and efficient single-serving drink mixer
  • Helpful for making salad dressings, smoothies, baby formula, shakes and marinades
  • Strong base stands on any surface
  • The motor will have a little burning smell if you press the button too long. You cannot disassemble it for cleaning; you just wash with soap and water
  • The blender cannot be dismantled for cleaning, just wash wish water and soap
  • The lid has many crannies and grooves, however, it can be cleaned up pretty well

2.Margaritaville Cordless Frozen Concoction Maker with Re-chargeable Battery, 60 Drinks per Charge

A powerful product of the Margaritaville introduces an impressive appliance that can exceed anyone’s expectation. It is a Cordless Frozen Concoction maker that has a high rechargeable battery capacity, and when fully charged it is capable of making frozen drinks up to 60 glasses or 20 pitchers.
It features an easy to adjust setting  supported by the program inside the appliance for creating smoothies, shakes, and many more frozen drinks but not only that, it also has a settings for blending or shaving ice that can be operated manually.
The unit features a 36 ounces blending jar that can contain a decent amount of drinks all at once. It also has a transparent ice reservoir that has a locking lid.
This appliance utilizes a rechargeable 18 volt-battery.
It is an appliance that can be taken for outdoor activities like boating, tail gating, and even just swimming at the beach for it has a pleasant and easy to carry design that suites well in any kind of surroundings.
This appliance performs well and the user won’t have a hard time cleaning it. The characteristic of this unit satisfied many people and has been rated pretty high, they highlighted the capabilities of the unit like its portability, long lasting battery life and its outstanding performance for making a variety of drinks.

  • Tough and heavy duty design.
  • Rechargeable high capacity 18-volt battery.
  • Easy to use preprogrammed settings.
  • Low battery indicator.
  • Safe to put at dishwasher.
  • Comes with easy to understand manual.
  • Makes unnecessary noise.
  • Ice to be used needs to be still for 10-15 minutes before being used.
  • Needs enough space.

3.PROMiXX 2.0 – The World’s Best Vortex Mixer / Blender / Shaker Bottle 

The World’s Best Vortex Mixer known as the “PROMiXX 2.0” is a positively reviewed blender which is operated with a rechargeable battery. It is a personal blender accompanied by a 20oz cup perfect for its size.
A portable blender suitable for travel and is good for making substitute meals like shakes, protein drinks, or smoothies,  operated by a powerful maximum rpm of 16,000  that comes with a rechargeable USB . But not only does it offers a good performance, it also has a 1 year warranty from the company.
The PROMiXX is specialize on making smoothies and shakes but it won’t have a pleasant result when used for frozen drinks, it will make a mess due to the components that makes the specialization efficient.
It comes with a unique design that will make some people think that it isn’t a blender at all because of the sporty streamlined scheme that comes with a black, white, and pink color.
To keep the nutrients inside the food it uses an X-blade technology that is less sharp but highly durable and able to withstand wear. Protein shakes are very suitable for this kind of technology.

  • Blending made more powerful thru vortex mixing.
  • Available in three different colors.
  • Stench resistant and is BPA-free.
  • Can be operated easily and not hard to clean.
  • Has a dense design for more efficient use.
  • Its Compact design guarantees no leak.
  • Only makes a single serving for each blend.
  • Does not perform well on frozen constituents.
  • Not more capable than different models.

4.Cuisinart CSB-78 Smart Stick Plus Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender DISCONTINUED

A leading adaptable appliance for food that can be found on the market called “The Cuisinart® Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender” has a wireless feature which is suitable to use at utensils such as pots, bowls, and pitchers.
With the cordless feature of this appliance will enable the users to blend wherever and whenever they pleases  because they will no longer have the trouble of putting the cord in an electric socket anymore. It is rechargeable and can last for a duration of 20 minutes with just one fill of energy. It offers an on/off system that can be operated just by the push of the users thumb will make the use of the blender easier.
The black dominant color of the appliance is suitable for the stainless steel shaft property of the appliance. It also offers a superb composition that takes up less space in the kitchen. It may offer a small space occupation but the weight of this appliance may surprise the users expectations.
The ability of this stick blender is improved by the chopper and whisk fastened to it. It just takes a fast amount of time to be fully charged up for up to 20 minutes by attaching the handle to the outlet and then it can be used again for an impressive performance. it also conserves time and space, and is suitable to be place in a wall stand.

  • Blending made easier because of the high capacity of the appliance.
  • Long lasting battery when charged.
  • A single charge can run for up to 20minutes .
  • Users won’t have a hard time cleaning it.
  • Unique composition of materials inside the appliance (battery are apart from the motor and other parts) and does not sway.
  • Not that easy to operate.
  • Prefers lithium ion batteries for long lasting performance.

5. PROMiXX: The Original Vortex Mixer

A blender with an impressive sporty streamlined design that can make people think that it’s not a blender at all, accompanied by a high torque of 12,000 rpm capacity motor makes blending easier
The PROMiXX mixer can make high quality shakes because of the high the powered torque motor with a maximum rpm of over 12,000 supported by 2xAAA batteries making it the most powerful vortex mixer operated with battery that can crush almost any ingredients without the trouble of cleaning it.
This is the type of mixer that can be cleaned easily, characterized by a superb quality made up of odor preventing materials and also DEHP free and BPA. The PROMiXX mixer promises that you can clean easily appliance and just by putting detergent and making the vortex spin it will be spotless.
To keep the nutrients inside the food it uses an X-blade technology that is less sharp but highly durable and able to withstand wear. Protein shakes are very suitable for this kind of technology.
The PROMiXX mixer has been proven and tested to be an exceptional mixer that surpass other shaker bottle and because of that many athletes around the world chooses PROMiXX as a thing of their own.

  • Comes with a removable motor and is very light.
  • Makes smooth shakes with just a press of a button.
  • Can easily blend thick ingredients.
  • Self-cleaning function.
  • The process of blending makes noise.
  • Batteries are not included.
  • Portable but does not suit well in when going to gym.

Final Words

The best battery operated blenders are proven and tested to properly fulfill the kitchen needs its user. These blender suites the mind of everyone who are kitchen lovers and it will never fail their expectations.
The purchase of any of the blenders ensures a superb customer satisfaction that will make buyers confident to pick. You can find the best blender for smoothies here.