Best 3 Piece Luggage Set for Travel in Australia

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A time comes when you need to travel with a lot of load. Or maybe your whole family is traveling for the holidays. I don’t know. It could be a group trip. The thing is, in any of the situations, you need to know the best 3 piece luggage set for travel to go for.

One advantage of traveling with a 3 piece luggage set is the cohesion and compatibility. That is because, they are designed to make bulk look organized. Besides, they make traveling with huge loads much easier. Instead of having several small backpacks, that you can lose track of, you need to have everything summarized into three related luggage bags.

Actually, there are a lot more things you need to know about travel luggage bags. Starting from what makes them convenient for group travel, and when you should buy a set. Anyway, today seems to be your lucky day. We had our experts filter the market to enlist only the best sets of luggage bags in our guide and reviews for best 3-piece.

Traveling requires adequate packing, depending on the type of trip you are going on. However, there are a lot other features that will determine the type of travel aids and gear you require. Whether it is a small backpack you are looking for or multiple pieces of luggage sets, you need to have a budget. Apart from price, there are a lot of features to look for. Some of which includes, design, performance, durability, usability and so much more. Check out our top 3 featured luggage sets from our reviews below.

Best 3 Piece Luggage Set For Travel – Things to Consider

The idea of walking into any store and making a blind purchase is a cliché. It is not safe to make purchases without doing any background check on the product first. I learnt this the hard way. My first online purchase and shipment was an important lesson.

I went straight to ‘add to cart’ without any idea of what was best for me. I probably got my shipment, on time. But the product turned out to be the exact opposite of what I was waiting for. It lacked the specs I wanted and ended up not satisfying my needs.

Some of the things you need to check out when selecting best 3 piece luggage set foe travel are:

Coherence and Compatibility

Traveling with a lot of belongings can easily complicate your journey. Therefore, you need to make a great packing choice. The 3-in-1 travel design of the bags is what makes it easy to put everything in its place, and still have your luggage looking organized. The bags give you the chance to simplify a complicated trip.

The idea combines 3 different luggage bags, built to complement each other and share the load. If you are going to travel heavy, consider traveling with the best 3 piece luggage set with individual bags built to fit as one. Considering your packing list, see which set gives you the compatibility you need.

Luggage Set Material

On to the next point, in almost all products ever manufactured, the material used to make it is always a point of sale. Each traveler has unique taste and preference when it comes to material. There must be something you are into. But still, some materials are generally superior to others.

What’s your case? Are looking for something sturdy or flexible? Are any of your belongings fragile? All these are question you need to answer for you to understand what material makes your ideal luggage bag. Depending on the service you need, you can choose to go for hardside luggage or the softside ones.

Remember, hardside bags are safe and protective of the load, while softside bags fit into limited storage places. What matters is what you are interested in.

Sizes and Design

Another important issue with the 3 piece bags is their designs and sizes. These features vary from one manufacturer to another. The range of sizes between pieces and sets are unlimited. You can always find the set that you are looking for.

Therefore, whether traveling as a family or a lone traveler with a whole world to carry, you can always find the luggage set that fits your load. All the same, if your belongings are too much for a 3 piece set of regular size, you can move up to 4 piece or 5 piece luggage sets.

Durability and Load Safety

Like I mentioned earlier, you either want a sturdy luggage bag or a flexible one. But it never stops there. If you have to part with your money, the product has to be able to offer service worth the expense – or even better. The luggage bag set that lives enough to travel the world with you is exactly what you are looking for.

Besides being long lasting, your travel bag set needs to be able to take good care of your belongings during the journey. When thinking about security, extend your thought to the nature of your travel. See if it is going to be a smooth ride or a bumpy trip. Where will you have the luggage set stored during your travel? You have to be aware.

Bag Interior and Compartments

After having all other features right, you can now check the interior of you luggage set. Go for a design that makes loading and arrangement easy and fast. Protective cushioning and padding makes your belongings safer during transportation. Therefore, inspect keenly for such specifications.

If the outer material is not weatherproof then the interior has to have waterproof lining. The safety of everything you are travelling with might as well depend entirely on the type and design of the interior of your luggage bag sets.

Other Considerations

  • Wheels. Check if you need your luggage sets with wheels or not.
  • Customer’s specific need has to be prioritized
  • Age – do you want luggage sets for kids?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Color

Top 10 Recommended Best 3 Piece Luggage Set for Travel  Reviews

Below is the list. The top 10 best in the current market. We considered everything before putting this list together. Mention it; pricing, durability, design, capacity, interior and much more. Feel free to take any of the below listed 3 piece luggage sets with you to wherever destination.

1. Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase PC+ABS 3 Piece Set

Are you the type of person who packs everything in one suitcase and then regret later? Whether you are going for a weekend getaway, business or pleasure trip, organizing your items is important.

You can choose a duffel bag or a rolling carry-on bag but if you are going for a longer trip, a 3 piece luggage bag sets can help you pack your items well while still look stylish.

Having a 3 piece luggage set not only makes you a fashionable traveler but also gives you the convenience and efficiency you need when traveling. Regardless of where your trip takes you, we suggest the Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase Set. So, what makes this luggage set the perfect traveler’s companion?

The first thing that many people check when buying a luggage bag is the material. You want a bag that is designed with top-notch materials for durability while cutting the weight down.

This set is designed with ABC+PC material making it solid and durable. The exterior is designed with a textured finish to protect it from scratches. Additionally, the bags have a beveled edge design on the upper part making it tough.

If you are going for a personal or business travel, this set will help you carry your essentials in a stylish and effortless manner. You can pack your items in an organized manner in the fully-lined interior that features a separate mesh pocket. You will also enjoy the expandable feature in the 28-inch bag that offers up to 15% more packing space.

Ergonomi​​​​​c Design

Another important feature that makes this set top in our list is the 360 degrees double wheels. The wheels provide a superb maneuverability on a wide range of surfaces.

The wheels feature an advanced design so they do not allow weed, particles and other rubbish to affect their performance during usage.

These bags are also designed to provide you with a smooth experience, thanks to the sturdy ergonomic aluminum telescopic handles.

You not only need a luggage set that helps you pack your items neatly but also keep your belongings secure. These bags feature TSA combination lock with a reset able code making your travel in the US secure.

Features at a Glance

  • Sturdy and ergonomic aluminum telescopic handles
  • ABS and PC material with a durable and lighter hard shell
  • Durable and quality 360 degrees double wheels with an advanced design
  • Designed with TSA combination lock with a reset able code
  • 28-inch bag is expandable providing 15% more packing space

2. Merax 3 Piece P.E.T Luggage Set Eco-friendly

Its vacation time again. Your ticket is in order and your mind has already pictured all the clothes that you will carry along. But wait!

You don’t have any traveling bag? Well here is where we got your back. The Merax Eco-friendly Light Weight Spinner Suitcase is available to take care of your needs.

First of all, this unique bag features not one, not two, but three pieces that perfectly fit into each other. So there is no worry about how you are going to store your bags after the well-deserved vacation.

The bag itself is made of a PET material that is Eco-friendly, this means that the material is non-toxic and is proven to reach the FDA’s food grade material standards.

It is strong and resilient. It can withstand high and low temperatures without any problems. Even under intense pressure, that suitcase is not damaged. And if it gets dented it just bounces back to its original shape. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of movement of luggage in the cargo haul can cause suitcases to break or crack.

However, with this Merax suitcase, you can rest assured. The case has great resistance to impact and is not easily breakable. This means you need not worry about your luggage as you travel.

Just to be sure, Merax used a 2-ton cargo truck to roll over the bag and guess what it was still there when the truck left. Amazing right?

Built to Last

Security is paramount any time you have luggage. That is why this set of suitcases is fitted with a three-digit code that enhances your security. You can personalize your security code as you prefer.

The suitcase also has wheels which 360-degree rotation. This means you can turn the suitcase in any direction at any time.

Durability is a feature of this Suitcase set. The case is made using the latest technology to be able to withstand extreme temperatures. Sometimes when suitcases are left out in the sunlight for too long they tend to be brittle and literally crack away.

However, this PET material used in the making of this case does not crack or yield under such temperatures.  So don’t worry, be happy. Its vacation time!

Features at a Glance

  • Latest technology eco-friendly material that is nontoxic and reaches the food grade material standards
  • The bag has a strong resistance to falls
  • Anti UV radiation and anti-aging technology for longevity
  • The bag comes in a set of 3 pieces convenient for traveling
  • Comes with three-digit lock for extra security

3. Samsonite Winfield 2 3PC Hardside (20/24/28) Luggage Set

Holiday time can be such a wonderful time for everyone in the family. But packing for the holiday is what sometimes is a nightmare for most.

It is more so hectic when you need to pack extra bags. This is why the Samsonite Winfield Luggage Set comes in handy. Why? You may ask.

Well, for starters it comes as a set of three bags are of equal quality. This means that they are all of exemplary quality. And before you go on a bender about the storage, here is the good part.

You only need just the one space. This is because the suitcases all perfectly fit into each other. The biggest bag in the set has an expansion capacity of one and a half inches

Storage is a breeze using this suitcase set. Not only Is the set able to accommodate more luggage, but the bags also have an interior divider that is fully zipped.

Also, cross straps are fixed in the interior to ensure that your luggage stays secure during your travels. So you can press all your clothes and pack them ready to wear. No matter how much the bag moves or tumbles, your clothes will remain intact.

Beautiful Design

Looking good is a permanent feature of this set of bags. It has a beautifully finished design that is attractive to look at. To add on to that the exterior of the bag has a unified brush pattern that is custom designed on both the front and rear sides of the bag.

This finish aptly camouflages any scuffs or scratches that may be on it.  So if you are the always look good type, then this is the bag for you.

To secure the contents of your bag, we have installed TSA locks on the side. This is a great deterrent of theft. Only you or a TSA agent can gain access to your bag. You can rest assured that your luggage is secure.

For easy mobility, the bag is fitted with t360 degree spinner wheels to make transportation of the bag convenient. You can effortlessly change the direction of your bag. It is equally as easy to move your bag. Simply push and it moves.

Features at a Glance

  • 360-degree spinner wheels to ease movement of the bags
  • TSA compatible lock to secure the contents of your bag
  • Expandable bag for extra storage of your luggage
  • Comfortable storeable push button handle
  • Custom brushed pattern to hide ant scruffs and scratches

4. HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Luggages Sets Glossy Suitcase Sets

Packing for a trip has never been easier than with the new, modern, HAUPTSTADTKOFFER travel suitcase set. This is because of its host of features that make this bag set one of a kind. The bag itself is beautifully crafted with a glossy surface to give it that attractive sleek look.

The PC material used to make the casing is also water resistant keeping your luggage free from unwanted moisture that may be on surfaces where your bag may be kept.

Talking of packing, it’s only fair to let you know that the bag is compartmentalized into two. You can store your shirts and trousers on different compartments of the bag. The bag also has a cross belt that ensures that your clothes stay in place even when the bag tumbles or falls.

I mean, you have seen the way the bags are tossed into the luggage conveyer belt as wait to pick it up at the airport. It would be such a pity is your ironed and well-arranged clothes were to be in shambles by the time you get to your destination.

Storage of luggage is a dream come true for those travelers with lots of clothes. First, there are three bags which you can use to pack. Great, don’t you think? But wait there is more.

Expandable and Flexible

The big bag is expandable to a maximum of 15% of the area of the bag itself. That is more space than you probably may need. On the flip side, the bags do not need any extra space for storage. All the bags perfectly fit into each other so you only need space for one bag to store three. How cool.

Securing your luggage has been made stress free. The bag comes with a universally recognized TSA lock with a double-digit code. The code can be changed as per your preference further making it secure.

You need not to fret if your suitcase is packed to the brim and it seems immovable. It is movable and without breaking a sweat. The bag has four silent spinner wheels that help you effortlessly move the bags from one area to another.

Changing direction is just a matter of turning the bag in the direction you want, most probably towards the airport or bus station. The bag seems to say Happy travels.

Features at a Glance

  • Three in one bags for extra luggage and convenience
  • Secure TSA combination lock
  • 4 spinner wheels for convenience and ease of transportation
  • Expandable bag space to store extra luggage
  • Cross belt to prevent luggage from rolling around in the bag

5. Traveler’s choice Tasmania Luggage Set – Large

What’s more to use, than having 3 pieces different sizes of this luggage set at a go? It gives you what to use, when to use, how to use depending on the current need of on the go travel.

The dark brown color of the Traveler’s choice Tasmania Luggage Set blends well with any and complexion and the comfort of neutral colors gives confidence and style.

It is easy to add on a strapped bag alongside the fame and is easily supported by the wheeled luggage handle as you scurry along the corridors to catch your transport amid crowds of travelers. It balances well and rests on the spinner wheels as you sort out ticketing with the attendants and not slide off due to weight.

Anyone would want extra space for the last squeeze in an item, and the expansion gusset on the set allows an extra 25% capacity. Especially for impulsive last minute thought of items on travel trips. Yep! This bit is for such and oh what a relief to squeeze in extra items when you need to have all in one luggage and some piece of mind because of the extra space.

Strong Enough

Security is paramount in travel and no ‘itchy fingers’ or ‘long arms’ can quickly interfere with your belongings as the inbuilt ‘U’ Zip – mesh cover is also reinforced with tie tapes that help in securing one’s possession, theft is not of precedence.

It’s equally strong enough to hold in all your belongings and the fear of tear at the zip – mesh is not of concern. Lest you travel thinking what if my clothing’s feel off the gaping zip?

Traveling can be bumpy and rough, definitely, friction and scratching are experienced in the luggage compartment. Your Luggage set is 100% reinforced with pure poly-carbonate that allows the out cover absorb all sorts of impact while traveling.

A name tag slot is equally provided at the top for you to put a name tag for further identification.

Features at a Glance

  • Design that’s unique and unmatched in its category. Appealing to the eye yet classic.
  • Usefulness to all sorts of travel as the material used absorbs all sorts of impact and stress
  • Has internal pouches for organized packing and extra space for additional items.
  • Has side handle that is reinforced with inner support plates for stability while carrying
  • Convenient as you can choose any of the three sizes to suit your preference

6. Coolife Luggage 3 piece Set Suitcase Spinner Softshell

They look adorable, don’t they? The black colored material of the Coolife Luggage 3 piece Set with a touch of red add on offers elegance and coolness to your travel. These varied set of 20″, 24″, 28″ suitcases will sort you any day anytime.

I will not shy off as I wait for my bags to be offloaded from the carrier as they have compactness that defines them.

Unique in style, this is a real travel experience that’s joyful and adds taste to life. Lovely things I must admit. Buy it with assurance.

They are made of oxford cloth that has inbuilt nylon lining and it adds to its high durability. The construction is robust though soft-shelled casing giving it lightweight. It has a tough PVC is put at the edges to give additional protection to the corners of the bag. It’s just perfect for you as you transport your belongings around.

The Spinner Soft-shell suitcase has four strong directional 360 spinner wheels that glide silent and effortlessly in all direction as you pull along and you support the bag. The wheels give balance and superior strength for stability.

The adjustable handle is telescopic and both durable and strong to pull along. They give one maximum convenience as they are extendable upwards to your desired height to avoid stooping and hunchbacks as they allow different length locks. When at your destination they can be pushed back in.

Makes Your Journey Easy

This kind of handles locks back in place so securely with the push slot at the top of the handle. The single frame supports the bag and works in-line with the wheels. It makes the journey easy and also enjoyable. It also has a tough side handle to grip when the telescopic handle is sheathed in.

The set is unique as they can be stacked inside each bigger case. It saves on storage space and offers convenience if one is not traveling. They have a depth that’s spacious to accommodate ones belonging comfortably.

The inner lining is appealing and strong to tears and has dividers for easier organization and zippered pocket. With extra storage pockets on the front side of the bag that allows quick access to items, you need along the way.

Has an exquisite zipper closure that’s durable and protective. It is not easy to tear as the zip-locks are well meshed.

Features at a Glance

  • Is durable and strong so it can stand any bump.
  • 4 very durable spinner wheels that help glide the luggage well
  • Sturdy Telescopic handle with push button
  • Front pockets for easier access
  • Can easily be stacked inside each other and save on space

7. Amazon Basics Softside Spinner Luggage – 3 Piece Set

This is an all-black affair. The softside spinner luggage has a lot of packing space and ideal for getaways both short weekend or long extended vacations. Anyway fits all trips of any length of time. It is flexible and can fit in any space either tight or spacious.

They are easily collapsed for more compact storage especially when not in use.

And are equally expandable for extra storage. It gives you service and convenience as you travel. The different sizes of 21″, 25″ and 29″ are all standard market size for travel.

It has a zipper lock that is durable and of high quality. Just imagine on your travel the zip gaps open. Well, the softside spinner has you in mind. They have reliable closure and also expanding design that creates a lot more space for packing when one needs extra room. The hard reinforced fabric has a slight sheen and also is a durable set.

You bet with any travel luggage mobility is easy when you have comfort as you walk the halls. Softside spinner luggage has a telescopic handle that is user-friendly and securely locks to place. The handle extends in the different heights depending on preference and supports the luggage as you pull it along.

Protective Interior

For compact storage push down the handle to lock and use the short mounted handle that alternates with the telescoping handle. The rugged strength makes it stable to lift it off the floor to overhead compartments or storage areas.

The interior is lined with fabric that protects your packed items from tear, scratches, and snags. It has belts that hold tight the items within enhancing compactness. Additional pockets are provided for further personal organization and safe storage of documents.

The telescopic handle aligns well with its 4 spinner wheels which are 360 rotatable and helps one move the luggage everywhere without strain. This wheel equally offers strength and support and they effortlessly glide to any direction.

Features at a Glance

  • Fits in any space comfortably due to its collapsible nature.
  • Have extra storage compartments for additional storage and safe keeping.
  • Expandable to 25% for extra storage capacity
  • Spinner wheels that easily glides in any direction
  • Have different sizes to accommodate personal preference.
  • Durable zipper that is solid and closes well
  • Has a short handle that is securely mounted

8. Coolife Luggage Expandable Suitcase 3 Piece Set

This product from Coolife luggage expandable set is designed to serve the interests of people like me who fancy traveling in style and making a dramatic arrival due to glamour coupled with class for my luggage carriers.

I would recommend this luggage set to any individual who value cool looks and believe that the label is more important than the labeled.

It does not matter the content you will be carrying in the luggage sets but believe me traveling with these luggage sets will make people accord you that VIP look and treatment.

There are several features that make me suggest this product besides the overall impressive visual impression. It has been made with high precision which makes every aspect of it amazing from the quality of serving the intended purpose. Below are some of the features you will enjoy from this top class product.

The set has 3 pieces of luggage set which are made from quality extra strong make material from ABS. You will have a small, medium and large luggage set all in one to pack all your goodies ready for travel or for safe keeping at home.

Great Mobility

Each of the set has a combination of TSA lock mounted to ensures your luggage content are very safe and secure. When at the security check, you never have to worry that you may lose some items because only have the access codes.

The mobility of this luggage sets is better than before; this is due to the 360-degree spinner wheels which can spin to any desired direction. What is more, the handle of each set comes with a push button that you lock or unlock to adjust the multiple heights to suit your desired height when rolling the luggage carrier.

The interior of the luggage sets is well skirted and enhanced with straps to keep your clothes intact when you are done packing. The luggage sets have a degree of expansion thus very flexible allowing you an additional 15% packaging capacity in case you have heavy luggage. This is a product I can recommend to you whether traveling for leisure, business or sporting activities.

Features at a Glance

  • A well-skirted interior.
  • Straps to keep your packed clothes intact and neat.
  • Very flexible 360 multi-directional wheels.
  • Push button for height adjustment.
  • TSA lock system to keep your content secured.

9. Samsonite Winfield 2 3PC Hard-side Luggage Set

When I showed my friend Samsonite Winfield 2 3PC Hard-side Luggage Set in the showroom, he was quick to tease me that it looked so nice and classy that I should buy them and carry my wife’s dowry when visiting my in-laws upcountry.

This product from Samsonite has a fine touch of class and is nothing but a beauty to behold.

It is so perfect in design that you would think it was being customized to meet the needs of a certain dignitary in their travel arrangements. In addition to the outer visual appeal that draws your attention from far, the quality of the luggage sets is check!

The features incorporated in the make-up not only makes these luggage carriers worth spending every coin on but also ensure you get value for the money you pay for them. When you travel in this 3 piece luggage set, be sure to buy a sponsor someone a cup of coffee because they will treat you like a dignitary!

The features to look out for while sourcing for this amazing product are well highlighted below to ensure you do not mistake it for another similar product in the market.

Enjoy Proper Security

You will enjoy proper security for your luggage through the lightweight locking telescopic handle that ensures your luggage is well locked inside the luggage carrier. The interior has a full-zip divider which ensures you have sufficient packing space. On top of that, there are cross straps that help keep your luggage intact and neatly organized.

The wheels are made in a way that they can rotate in 360 degrees effortlessly and to any direction, you may desire. This gives you a smooth time when rolling the luggage sets. It has a handsome slider in a square which provides full-capacity design coupled up with 10 oversized zipper and interior pockets to keep your luggage even more organized.

There is side mounted TSA locks meant to deter theft when you are on transit. The front and back have unified brushed pattern custom design shells which hide any scratches from your journey maintaining a smooth look. The luggage sets can expand up to 1.5” for additional packing space. The quality is affirmed by the 10 years warranty.

Features at a Glance

  • TSA locks to deter theft during travel.
  • 360-degree multi-directional wheels which can turn to any direction.
  • 10 years warranty for quality assurance.
  • Cross straps for neatness and organization.
  • Handsome slider for better interior organization.

10. Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Expandable TSA Lock

Coolife has committed itself to ensure your travel experience is worth commemoration through providing you with quality travel options for your luggage.

This Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set is what I would call a perfect match for the people who like that formal look during their travel. It will compliment your look 100%.

On top of that, the luggage sets are made with the manufacturer adopting the perception of a traveler who fancies class and style while traveling. This is why the luggage sets are customized to incorporate quality features that ensure value for your money.

Well, if you have not sampled these luggage sets, you may think it is all about making a mountain out of an anthill. However, I recommend you try this luggage set when you are traveling and if the experience is not worth it.

Then probably you will have mistaken my recommended choice for another because if you get this particular product, the quality is assured. The features to guide you in identifying this product and making your purchase decision are covered in this article review.

Looks Good

The luggage set has 3 color jacquard oxford cloth which makes the color richer and gives the luggage set a 3D look. The make material is durable and has tough corners which a protector that is made to last for long. The luggage sets provide for a room to create more storage space through the 15% expansion capacity.

You are provided with multiple front zipper pockets which offer you more storage options. This is beside the internal retractable push-button handle which allows you to adjust the handle height while rolling the luggage sets. The wheels are very flexible and can spin up to 360 degrees.

Its combination of TSA locks ensures that only you or a TSA agent can access your luggage which guarantees you security for your luggage during traveling.

The 3 piece set has three luggage carriers of different sizes; small, medium and large with sufficient packing space. The quality is affirmed through the 2 years warranty that is recognized worldwide by the Coolife people.

Features at a Glance

  • Internal retractable push-button for handle height adjustment.
  • Additional 15% storage capacity through expansion.
  • Multiple front zippered pockets for flexibility in storage.
  • TSA locks for security purposes.
  • Flexible multi-directional wheels.


At this point, i believe you can walk into any store and be able to pick the best 3 piece luggage set for travel. The trick is simple, make a list of pros and cons for each product, depending on your personal needs. After that, you can pick the one that meets your expectation. Good luck.