Best Atomic Travel Alarm Clock in Australia

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An alarm clock is an important travel accessory that you should carry along when you are traveling. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, managing your time is very important. If you don’t want to keep setting the time wherever you go, buying the best atomic travel alarm clock can be a great idea.

Atomic travel alarm clocks are the most dependable because they ensure you are always on time irrespective of the time zone. Not only do these clocks provide you with accurate time but they are also easy to keep in your travel backpack or even in a luggage bag.

On top of that, you will enjoy other great features like temperature and calendar display. We know that choosing a reliable timekeeper can be tricky.

Therefore, my team and I spent over 30 hours on research, testing, and analysis to provide you with the best recommendations for travel alarm clock atomic. Check out our in-depth product reviews and a buying guide to help you choose the right one.

What Exactly Is An Atomic Travel Alarm Clock?

Before we get into details, it is great if we know what atomic alarm clocks are and how they differ from other normal alarm clocks. Atomic travel alarm clocks, also known as radio-controlled clocks use GPS signals or radio to connect and gather information from a clock that utilizes atoms natural oscillations to keep time.

As compared to the oscillating elements used by other clocks, these clocks are precise and the most reliable for travel. You don’t need to set the time when you are traveling to different regions. The clocks do the work on your behalf since they adjust automatically to any region. Some of the most outstanding features of these clocks include:

  • Large digital readouts
  • Dual time face
  • Date display
  • Snooze alarm
  • Soft glow back-light
  • Signal strength indicator
  • Twist and stand base
  • Travel pouch

Choosing the Best Atomic Travel Alarm Clock – Things to Consider

Travel alarm clocks come in different sizes, designs, and features. This means that choosing the right one can be quite a challenge.  Knowing more about these clocks will help you make a personalized purchase.

When you are choosing an atomic travel alarm clock, it is wise to pay attention to the features that you find right for you. Since every traveler has a different personal preference, the following tips will help you select an alarm clock of your choice.

Alarm Function

This is a feature that you will find in almost every alarm clock. It is important to ensure that the button is strategically located to make it easier to use. For instance, if the button is located at the back of the alarm clock, it can be difficult to access when you want to turn off the alarm.

Additionally, if you need to pass through different menus in order to shut off the arm, this can also be a problem. Make sure that the clock you choose will help you turn off the alarm feature without any struggles.

Date and Temperature

This is a feature that you will find in almost all the atomic alarm clocks. Some clocks even show you the day of the week. These are important features for people who travel in different time zones or off their normal schedule. You will always keep track of the date and time regardless of where you are.

The clocks also indicate the temperature and some models even let you know the weather. You will always know when to expect outside so no need of looking for other sources to help you know the temperature of daily weather.


When you are choosing the best travel alarm clock, it is crucial to determine the size that you want. You want a compact clock that will be easy to pack. Some of the most important considerations to think about when selecting the right size are the display that you want and the space available in your luggage.

This will help you choose an atomic alarm clock with the right dimensions. There is a wide range of clocks that you can find ranging from bigger models to those that offer compact packing.

Quartz Mechanism

This is another important feature that you should check when you are buying an atomic alarm clock for travel. The mechanism ensure s that it will also function as a digital clock and keep the standard time if there is trouble connecting to the atomic clock.

Sometimes poor weather conditions or places with weak GPS signals can lead to problems connecting to the atomic clock. In such cases, having the quartz mechanism as a backup feature will be great when you are traveling.

Appearance and Display

When it comes to choosing the best atomic alarm clocks, there is a wide range of designs to consider. The right appearance will, however, be based on personal preferences. These clocks are available in different colors, styles and some come with stands. Moreover, you will also find clocks with a wide base that help them stay upright.

In regards to the display, you need to pay attention to the colors, brightness and the size so that you can find the best. Some of the most important features include a large display with numbers that are easy to read, color corded information and soft back-light just to mention a few.

User Interface

How well can you interact with the clock? The last thing you want is an alarm clock that is difficult to use. Make sure that your ideal clock allows you to use it with ease and comfort.

Some clock features buttons that are hard to press. On the other hand, you can find other buttons that produce annoying beeping noise. Again, you might find that some clocks have the features that you need to use frequently have several click buttons. Make sure you have all these into consideration when buying the right travel alarm clock.

Source of Power

You should also consider the source of power before you buy a travel alarm clock. The clocks are available as battery operated and other models require you to plug to a power source. The type of power source you choose will be based on the nature of your travel.

For instance, if you are a frequent traveler who takes long trips, I would recommend you to choose a clock that allows you to plug in so that it can conserve the battery power when you are traveling.

Your Budget

Atomic alarm clocks come in different price variations based on the features or the brand. The most important thing is to check the features that you want and then look for an alarm clock that will meet your budget needs.

Purchasing the most expensive alarm clock doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get better quality. Since you want a clock that will meet your budget, there are so many options that you can choose depending on your budget. Luckily, this article provides you with quality and budget-friendly atomic alarm clocks to choose from.

Other Considerations

  • USB port for phone charging
  • Does it display the moon phase or time zone?
  • Any projection feature to display information on the ceiling or wall
  • Does the alarm clock come with Travel pouch?
  • The clock should lay flat for travel
  • Noise level
  • Durability
  • What are you looking for, analogue or digital alarm clock?

10 Best Atomic Travel Alarm Clock Reviews

Want to have peace of mind during your travel? Having an atomic travel alarm clock can be a great idea. You don’t have to worry about waking up late or missing important appointments. Here are reviews of the most recommended atomic alarm clocks for travelers.

1. Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock – Blue

Today, many people rely on their cellphone’s alarm clocks but the truth is, the feeling and security are never the same when you have an atomic alarm clock.

If you don’t want to wake up late simply because your phone alarm let you down, get the Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock which is an accurate and reliable timekeeper for travelers.

This alarm clock is self-adjusting so you do not need to do any manual adjustment. It uses the NIST Colorado Atomic Clock radio frequencies broadcast to self-adjust. The alarm clock allows you to switch from 6 different time zones which include Mountain, Pacific, Central, Eastern, Atlantic, and Newfoundland.

It displays time in 12 or 24-hour clock system depending on the format you want. You can use this alarm clock in any place even in low light conditions. It features an auto night light and a back-light display to help you use it in the dark and low light conditions.

This clock also provides you with a one-touch glow display that is easy to see. It also displays indoor temperature and the alarm function is loud enough. Additionally, you have up to 5 languages to choose from which include English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

 Features at a Glance

  • It is self-adjusting
  • 5 languages to choose from
  • Easy to switch up to 6 time zones
  • Automatic back-light
  • Auto night light

2. Marathon CL030023WD Travel Alarm Clock

Some hotels provide their guests with alarm clocks which is a cool thing. What if you will not spend all the nights in the same hotel room during your travel?

You need to equip yourself with a quality atomic alarm clock like the Marathon CL030023WD for reliable and accurate timekeeping.

This is a perfect companion for a traveler because it has a compact design. It has a rotating stand and you can easily fold it into a compact size for travel. In as much as the clock is compact, this doesn’t affect its functionality. It works well to help you manage your schedules during travel.

The desktop alarm clock has a stand that you can flip and rotate up to 180 degrees so that it can sit on a flat surface. It displays the time in 12 and 24-hour clock formats and provides indoor temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.  Additionally, it displays the day, date and month.

You will also love the loud alarm with a snooze function. This makes this clock ideal for jet-lagged travelers. It features a button-activated back-light that doesn’t hurt your eyes while providing you with maximum illumination.

Features at a Glance

  • Fold-able travel alarm clock
  • Alarm with snooze and light function
  • 12 and 24-hour display options
  • Comes with a battery

3. Seiko Advanced Technology Bedside Alarm

If you are looking for a travel alarm clock with an advanced technology, Seiko Advanced Technology Bedside Alarm offers you with all that and much more.

This is a quality product from a reputable brand as far as time and alarm clock are concerned.

The clock is designed with an LCD display that is easy to read.

The screen is large enough so you don’t have to strain your eyes to read the details. On top of that, this digital display is designed with a case diameter.

Another aspect of this travel alarm clock is the automatic calendar that displays the month, day and the temperature. This clock is radio controlled so it sets the time for you. This means that it will adjust itself automatically wherever you are.

To get an accurate time, ensure that you use the clock near a window or a place with good reception. Also, follow the given instructions on the manual if you need to set the time or alarm.

Features at a Glance

  • Automatic calendar
  • Radio controlled
  • Digital display with a case diameter
  • Temperature reading

4. Echo Spot – Compact Smart Display with Alexa

If you need a versatile device that is just more than alarm, Echo Spot – Compact Smart Display gives you all the features that you love about Alexa in a small and compact design.

This device helps you seat alarm, ask about the weather, browse, see the calendar, listen to audible audio books and much more.

The device features far-field technology combined with 4 microphones and beam-forming technology. Additionally, it features enhanced noise cancellation so it can hear you even when you are far in the room and the music is playing.

With Echo Spot, it connects to Alexa, which is a cloud-based system for playing music, read the news, controlling your smart home and set music alarms. You just need to ask a song and you will see the lyrics on Amazon Music.

You can enjoy the features of this device when you are at home or when traveling. If you have a smart home, then controlling your home is easy. For instance, you can ask Alexa to turn off the lights, lock your doors, control thermostats and garage doors show baby monitors and much more.

Features at a Glance

  • Far-field voice recognition
  • Echo Spot connects to Alexa
  • Built-in speaker
  • Can control your smart home
  • Stylish and compact design

5. ZHPUAT Digital Alarm Clock Auto Brightness

There are different designs and types of atomic on the market today. This is why we found it necessary to narrow your search by reviewing only quality alarm clocks to suit your traveling needs.

The ZHPUAT Digital Alarm Clock is a great traveling accessory that will help you mark your time and wake up as you have scheduled.

Using this alarm clock is easy and you can see the readings from any angle. It has progressive beeping where it starts off with more and frequent beeps and the volume gets louder progressively from 30-90 decibels. Additionally, if you need to get some extra nap time, just activate the snooze feature.

The clock features two USB ports and batteries. One port is for charging the clock with the included adapter and you can use the other port to charge your phone or any smart device. The clock also uses 3AA batteries but they are not included.

It also provides you with 6-level adjustable brightness and auto brightness.  To save power, it can automatically display the lowest brightness when you are using batteries.

Features at a Glance

  • Progressive beeps
  • VA screen is easy to read
  • Dual port USB
  • 6 level adjustable brightness

6. Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Extra-Loud Dual Alarm Clock

Traveling in a different time zone can pose some challenges especially if you are relying on your phone alarm clock. What if you forgot to adjust your phone to the new time zone?

It can be frustrating is your alarm rings two hours later meaning that you missed your schedule.  Get the Sonic Alert SBB500SS and you will not have problems setting the time zone.

It doesn’t matter how heavy you sleep, this is one of the tested alarm clocks that wakes even the deep sleepers. If you don’t want to wake others, you can turn off the volume and use the adjustable strength bed shaker. This makes the alarm ideal for the early risers.

The alarm clock is designed with a large red LCD to help you see clearly. Additionally, it has built-in pulsating alert lights. You can’t miss waking up at the scheduled time because the clock shakes you awake, thanks to the powerful bed shaker.

It is also loud enough but you can adjust the volume and tone to your preference. This clock also has a snooze feature for people who would like to get a few more minutes of nap. If you are a heavy sleeper, get this alarm and you will never miss your appointments again.

Features at a Glance

  • Adjustable strength bed shaker
  • Adjustable volume and tone
  • Built-in pulsating lights
  • Large red LCD

7. La Crosse Technology 617-1485B Atomic Color Alarm Clock

At one point in your life, you will need to have an alarm clock. Whether it is to mark important appointments or any other reason, atomic alarm clock remains the most precise and accurate clocks you can find.

La Crosse Technology 617-1485B alarm clock is a nice bedside travel accessory you should consider buying.

You can choose to use it plugged in or with batteries. When you are using it on AC power, the clock has a continuously illuminated back-light with adjustable light intensity. When you are using it on batteries, it offers an on-demand back-light illumination for 10 seconds.

The clock features accessible buttons at the top which makes operation easier. To start, you just need to hold the set button. You can use + or – buttons to add values and press the set button to progress with the setup. Additionally, it has F/C button to help you select either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Another great feature of this alarm clock is the atomic self-setting feature for date and time. It also has automatic daylight saving time reset so no manual settings are required.

Features at a Glance

  • USB charging port for mobile
  • Can use AC power or batteries
  • Shows indoor temperature and humidity
  • Atomic self-setting time and date
  • Adjustable back-light settings

8. DreamSky Auto Time Set Alarm Clock

If you are looking for a thoughtful gift to give an avid traveler, an atomic travel alarm clock can be a wonderful gift.

In this case, I would recommend the DreamSky Auto Time Set Alarm Clock that helps you read the time easily at any point in the room.

It is designed with a large screen with clear display. It has a bright red LED number displays that you can dim to either high or low with just a touch of a button. The clock features an advanced auto time set so it will displays the correct time automatically regardless of the time zone.

One of the amazing features of this clock is button cell backup battery that lasts long to hold all the settings in case of power disruption.  Moreover, the clock also adjusts automatically to daylight saving time if you set the DST on.

This alarm clock is easy to set and it allows you to control the volume. You can either choose a high volume if you are heavy sleeper or low if you are a light sleeper. You will also find the 9-minute snooze interval to allow you to enjoy some little more time of sleep.

Features at a Glance

  • Alarm clock comes Dual USB port
  • Controllable volume
  • Auto time set
  • Large display screen

9. Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio with Bluetooth Speaker

The Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock is another great device that utilizes patented smartest technology. It features radio, Bluetooth speaker and charging station for your phone.

You can program the alarm to work on weekdays only, weekends only or all days of the week depending on what you want.

You will not have trouble reading the numbers because they are displayed in a large LCD display which has a dimmer control. Programming this alarm clock is easy and the soft blue night light makes it very convenient.

Its digital tuning FM radio provides you with up to 20 stations memories that you can choose from. Additionally, the clock has a patented smartest automatic time setting so it will adjust automatically in your new time zone, the correct, year date, day and moth.

The clock also features USB output where you can charge your phone. It includes a battery with a long life to maintain the alarm settings as well as time.

Features at a Glance

  • USB output for charging phone
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Digital tuning FM radio
  • Easy to program

10. Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock with Auto Back Light Feature

When it comes to alarm clocks, Marathon is one of the most reputable brands that provide quality alarm clocks and other accessories.

The Marathon Atomic Travel Alarm Clock I one of their best travel alarm clocks that is easy to operate and provides you with necessary features.

One of the best things that make this alarm clock the best for travel is its compact design. This is exactly what travelers want for easy packing. It folds easily to a compact unit meaning that it doesn’t take much of your space in your backpack.

The alarm clock is self-adjusting so it uses the radio frequencies broadcast from NIST Colorado Atomic clock. It will self-set to your new time zone so you don’t have to worry about setting it manually.

You can choose from 5 different languages from English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. On top of that, you can select multiple time zones from Pacific, Central, Eastern, Mountain, Atlantic, and Newfoundland.

Features at a Glance

  • Automatic back-light
  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple time zones
  • Self-adjusting


You no longer have to blame your alarm clock for missing a vital business meeting or a trip to another country. When you have the best folding travel alarm clock, you will always have reliable and accurate time anywhere in the world.

These clocks are perfect hence the best choice for travelers.  With just a touch of a button, you can know your current time zone and the clock with automatically adjust so you don’t need to do any manual setting.

These amazing clocks have a superior timekeeping feature because they sync with the atomic clock to give you accurate time throughout the day. I believe after checking the above reviews and guide, it will be easy for you to choose the most suitable atomic travel alarm clock for the money.