Best Bath Towels in Australia

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The snuggled-up feeling cannot be explained when you wrap yourself up in the soft plush towel after a long hot bath. That rich, absorbent towel gives back a warm, curled-up hug that just soaks up all the strain especially after a hectic day at the office. Who does not appreciate a good-quality towel? Well, the answer will be, ‘absolutely no one.’

And as a result, we have had the pleasure of rolling and drooling over some of the elite towels out there from which we shortlisted the Best Bath Towels for you. So that you all can also enjoy that big cuddly bear hug feeling.

Following is the list of the eight Best Towels on the market that we short-listed for you considering their absorbency, softness, drying time, thickness, and quality.

The Bestsellers

Best Bath Towels in Australia

Utopia 8-Piece Towel Set – Best Bath Towel Overall


This is an 8 piece towel set which comes at a very good price. Well not a bad bargain assuming what you get is actually worth so much more.

This set from utopia contains 2 bath towels (24x54inches), 2 hand towels (16x28inches) and 4 washcloths (13x13inches). They are very absorbent and seem to be getting softer after every wash. The grand size of these towels allows you to dry yourself from head to toe in one wipe. And don’t you worry it’s not going to disappoint you like the cotton and nylon mix towels do, as this is made from 100% authentic good quality cotton.

The neutral color that this comes in is very soothing and modern and does not seem to fade away even a bit after several washes. The cotton used in this towel is made with terry cloth. And the ringspun yarn is what makes this product phenomenal. Extra softness and extra absorbency are combined to make this single a hell of a product.

It is an excellent choice for using after swimming or at the gym, as its extra absorbing quality will leave you as dry as a bone!

This towel set is known for its durability and will not disappoint you one bit. The professionally hemmed corners give it a nice and neat finish. This product is graded for quality control and durability and will make you fall in love with it instantly. Plus there has been an intricate design made on each corner making this set look very nice sitting on the towel stand.

Its soft feather like feel makes it best for people with sensitive skin. Also, the washcloths will have your face and hands smoother looking without irritating the skin. And that’s why they gave you four instead of two as you will not be able to have enough of it.

What this soft silky towel would feel on your skin and body is unbelievable; it would be like getting a free body massage daily.

Its masseuse like traits and good quality has won out hearts. It has been ranked among the medium-density towels, with its GSM ranging from 500 to 600. It is not a very thick towel as we all would have liked but the material is quite luxurious and absorbs and dry’s well. This means that ‘all is well’.


  • This set from utopia is made from 100% good quality cotton.
  • The texture of this towel becomes softer and fluffier after every wash.
  • The ringspun terry cloth is one of a kind and enhances absorbency and softness.


  • The towel seems to be not very thick which makes it lack the advantages of a thick towel.

AmazonBasics Fade-Resistant Cotton 6-Piece Towel Set

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AmazonBasics has previously been giving us pretty excellent products and has now jumped into producing toiletries as well. Don’t get us wrong we love the idea as they have proven to do their job well done.

One can never have enough towels and so here is a great product to add to your collection.  This towel set which is from AmazonBasics contains six towels of different sizes which can aid you in performing different tasks. May it be wiping your face, hands or wrapping yourself after a bath, these towels will not have you disappointed.

They are made with 100% authentic cotton, as cotton is the best material to be used in making towels. It gives it special powers to absorb anything and leave the surface dry and drop-free. Moreover, they feel very soft and leave your skin feeling smooth and pampered.

Not only this, the towels are made to pass the test of time due to its durability. The colors that these towels have are just mind-blowing. From vibrant navy blue to teal, you can now set your bathroom in various shades. And the towels can just hang on the stand or sit in the closet, enhancing the overall décor. The ever so popular navy blue with add the regal and sophisticated look while the teal will remind you of the Bahamas.

Also, this towel stands at a good 900GSM density, making it very thick and extra absorbent.

And remember that these vibrant rich colors will stay ever so bright because it has fade-resistant properties and will not allow the color to lose its touch even after several washes. It seems like you will be spending quite some time with these towels.

The material used to make these towels is very luxurious but goes hand in hand with strength. The material is tear-resistant and will not deteriorate in time. So it would not be wrong to say that’s it is a combo of beauty with the body.

The AmazonBasic towel set can be a great option for home use, taking to the gym or even beaches. Or it can always be a great gift for friends. As it’s easy to maintain and can be easily washed in the machine and later tossed into the dryer for a softer and fluffier finish.

Although it has many great features and looks, one thing it lacks in is that it leaves off lint residue after machine wash which can be quite irritated. But overall this is a great product and has our blessings.


  • This towel set is made with 100% good quality cotton.
  • The density is 900 GSM, which is as thick as a towel can get.
  • The towel incorporates fade-resistant and tear-resistant qualities, which will make it stay as good as new for a long time.
  • It comes in a lot of bright color options allowing you to decorate your bathroom any way you like.


  • The towel leaves out lint residue after being washed.

Luxury Hotel And Spa Bath Towels 100% Genuine Turkish Cotton Piano


These towels are the closest that you can get to ‘Hotel towels’, which we all love because of their huge size that wraps up like a blanket and their, of course, the softness.

These white plush towels are going to make you so happy that you will never want to use any other one. So make sure to buy loads as you and your family will be fighting over them.  This set is of four standard sized towels that come in a pure white color that have its own advantages. It cleans off easy, it’s best to be used by teenagers. As their acne cream contains Benzoyl peroxide that tends to fade off colored towels but that’s not going to be an issue here.

The Luxury Hotel towels are made using 100% genuine Turkish cotton, free from any mixture of nylon. This is one of the top rated cotton; it gives the towel a very soft texture which leaves your skin feeling happy and fresh. And happy skin is the way to start the day. Another feature Turkish cotton has is that it gets softer as the time passes. And so, in this case, every wash will make your towel softer than before.

These bad boys can soak up anything and its big size is ideal for anyone whether a kid or an adult. The extra absorbency feature now combined with durability which makes a master towel.  The natural dobby weave makes it long lasting and the small geometric pattern gives the towel a lot of texture.

Coming to the looks, it would not be wrong to say that it has an elegant and neat finish and that is all due to the double stitch done on the edges. It is bound to add sophistication and a modern look to any bathroom. Also, the white color gives the room a sense of purity and cleanliness, going with any kind of color scheme or décor.

This Hotel towel set is quite dense ranging above 700GSM, which puts it in the category of high-density towels. It can be a little linty at first but after a few washes, it will just do fine. Also after its first wash, it may shrink a little, but that does not have a lot of effect on its size so that you can enjoy the perks of having a big towel.

It is safe to wash and dry this towel in the machine, leaving no room for rejection whatsoever.


  • This set is made with Turkish cotton which becomes softer after every wash.
  • It’s extra absorbent for the whole family to use.
  • This Hotel and Spa towel are very high in density making it a perfect choice for those who drool over hotel towels every time they visit one.


  • It may shrink a little after the first wash.

Pinzon 6-Piece Egyptian Cotton Towel Set


One of the best bath towel sets that made to our list is the Pinzon Egyptian Cotton Towel Set. This set fits the bill by proving what we said a word by word. This heavy duty, oversized soft towels are exactly what we were talking about previously. The set contains two bath towels measuring 56 inches in length and 30 inches in width. Also, it has two hand towels and two washcloths, which are equally good in their size. This Egyptian cotton set has got you and your family covered from head to toe, as it provides a different towel size to meet all your needs.

Another important factor about towels is their density, which determines their quality and is usually measured in grams per square meter (GSM). And as for this set from Pinzon is made from heavy-duty Egyptian cotton, is weighs a good 600 GSM. Ranging it among the best medium-density towels out there. This is not so bad, as it would make the towel extra absorbent and soak up all those water droplets in seconds. Another great thing about this amazing set is that despite its big size, it dries up quickly ready for use again. Leaving you with a fresh feeling after every use.

Using these towels will make you relive those spa days, where you are being pampered and taken care of.

Coming to the cotton quality it would not be wrong to say that Egyptian cotton is one of the topped ranked cotton providing it users with a combo of strength and softness. Egypt having an ideal warm climate for growing cotton produces one with long fibers giving the towel a soft luxurious feel and texture. Plus the fibers don’t allow easy breakability, bringing its consumers more absorbency and quick drying advantage.

Most towels come with yarn hair made using the combed technique. But recent research shows that the yarn gives the towel a better finish. Along with bringing strength, the towels brings an ultra-smooth and sleeker finish, making your towel stand out and show that it is a high-end product.

This Pinzon 6 piece towel set is available in many colors so that you can mix and match and go according to your bathroom theme. Apart from all the good things we have seen some complaints have been heard about this towel shedding lint even after many washes. But the good thing is that every wash would make your towel even softer, proving that this towel never gets old.


  • The Pinzon towel set is made extra wide for providing users with extra coverage.
  • The ringspun yarn, which is the latest technique, gives the towel a softer texture along with being extra absorbent.
  • Its 100% made with good-quality Egyptian cotton, considered to be one of the best.


  • The towel leaves out lint residue after it has been washed but that’s what every other towel does.

Seven Pack 100% Cotton Extra-Absorbent Bath Towels


This 7 pack Towel set is going to give your bathroom a burst of colors which include blues, greens, reds and beige. Your bathroom now turned into a tropical heaven would look great with these new super absorbent bath towels. The colors are quite soft and so would go with any kind of bathroom décor.

The feeling is divine when you step out of the shower and a warm towel is ready to wrap you up in its embrace especially in winters.  Well, that’s what these towels will be doing for you. They are luxuriously soft making your skin feel like silk after use. Its absorbent quality is not a myth; it really does dry you off super quickly with just one dab.

The 100% cotton material adds extra texture, strength, and absorbency to it.  These fashionistas come in a random assortment of colors, great for the whole family to use. It is a standard size towel which may be an issue for larger people otherwise it fits perfectly.

Now whether you want to go to the gym, swim, or on vacation, this towel set will pamper you anywhere. Its plush material makes the skin less irritable especially after a workout when your skin is exposed and sweaty. It will also set great with the kids as its colors will make them happy and they will use it more often.

It is quite light so carrying it would not be much of a hassle. The only thing that you need to look out for is while washing these in the machine, separate the darks from the lights because the colors tend to bleed for the first few washes.


  • Set of 7 towels which can is enough for the whole family to use.
  • These towels come at a cheap price but with big advantages.
  • 100% cotton material ensures that these absorb to their full capacity.


  • The dark colors may bleed so be careful to wash them separately.

AmazonBasics Cotton Washcloths


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Washcloths come in handy for wiping the face, makeup or even around the house. And keeping that in mind AmazonBasics once again brought forward an amazing product which includes a pack of 24 washcloths for its users.

It is an ‘all in one’ product which will make your life much easier. Now you just need one product for all your chores.

The material that is used to make these washcloths is 100% pure cotton. Cotton gives these clothes strength and durability. These towels will not leave your side whether in thick or thin. The material has extra absorbing powers which will retain all the liquid leaving the surface clean and moisture-free.

This product combines softness and strength making it fit enough to use on face or around the house. It is gentle plus removes anything you put in its way. So divide this pack and place a few  everywhere to fulfill all your needs from face cleansing to baby wiping, house cleaning to makeup removing.

Individual towels measure up to 12 inches in both side length and breath, which is an ideal size to clean any small surface.

These spun cotton towels come in a looped terry cloth design which allows maximum retention of water. You would feel all fancy using these five-star hotel like towels, which incorporate light weight and quick drying advantage. So you can also carry them around in your gym bag just for times when things get sweaty. The soft towel surface also makes it safe to use for babies as their skins are very sensitive and need gentle handling.

The edges are specially engineered to stop the towel from unraveling. In case you put your towel in the washing machine and later come to find only the threads. Which will be an unfortunate event?

These tiny towels are washing machine and dryer safe, which further relieves you from tension. Just put them in with white clothes only to avoid color staining and wash away. Some customers have even reported having used bleach on them and they came out the same, nice and fluffy.

Last but not the least, the bright white color given to the AmazonBasic towels is very luxurious and reminds you of hi-fi spas. They go effortlessly with any bathroom style enhancing the beauty on the go.

Overall it’s a great product and so we have given it a thumbs up. The only thing to remember is that white color towels do get dirty more often and stain easy so keep you washing machine busy with these, in order to keep these washcloths looking new.


  • This is a set of 24 washcloths which is the one doorstep for all your needs.
  • It is made with 100% cotton which makes the texture soft and durable.
  • The white color is very luxurious looking.


  • None whatsoever.

Ottomanson Pure Turkish Cotton Collection 8-Piece Set


This is the answer to all your bathroom dilemmas. Just one wipe and that’s all you need to dry yourself off completely. The use of Turkish cotton to weave this towel was the best thing ever. The 100% genuine cotton qualities make it durable and pass the test of time. The ringspun terry cloth design and intricate pattern give it a lot of surface area to absorb as much water as possible. The vertical lines also aid the absorption capabilities. It gives a lot of coverage due to is the generous size and is best for taking along on swims or even drying your dog after a bath.

Apart from giving better coverage the fabric also proves to be quite versatile and can be used for a lot of different reasons. The Turkish cotton material just wins the draw, as its ranked one of the best cotton in the world.

It is a plush towel and gives a luxurious feel to it. You feel like royalty wrapped up in the towel from Ottomansons.  Apart from being soft as a baby’s butt, this towel is quite thick which shows that its water retention qualities will be out of this world. And no worry folks despite being super thick it dries off pretty easily.

The Turkish cotton makes the towel softer after every wash which will make your skin feel loved. A similar feeling to what you get after a day at the spa.

It is a strong towel and will not be shedding any time soon. Which brings us to the fact that it’s also fade-resistant? We know what’s in your mind “is there anything even wrong with a towel?”

Well, the answer will be apart from shedding a little in the start we have found nothing wrong with this product. The price is perfect, it’s super soft plus it comes in these gorgeous dark colors. What else does one need?

Well, the description speaks about this towel to be machine safe, so fill it up with warm water, grab the detergent, and get started. It can also be tumble dried but be careful not to over-dry the towel as that tends to make towels linty. There will also be serious consequences if you use bleach with it. It will cause the color to bleed and will leave a huge stain on the towel surface. And maybe after it’s ruined then you can use it for your dog!


  • The Ottomanson is made from 100% Turkish cotton.
  • The design gives it more surface area to absorb water more quickly.
  • The luxurious texture leaves you feeling like a million bucks.


  • The towel may get a bit of lint residue in the first few washes.

Cotton Craft Ultra Soft 4 Pack Oversized Extra Large Bath Towel


Just looking at this would make you realize that you finally got what you have been dreaming of for months. The colors are simply outstanding. The night sky to red wine, this towel set has them all covered. And by looking at these towels it seems as if they are from a very expensive brand and are suitable for only the queen of England to use.

Apart from the wonderful exterior which gets full marks, it’s a pretty huge towel. It would be enough to cover a big man from head to toe. So don’t worry about missing a spot. The Cotton Craft Ultra will not allow it.

The luxurious texture given to this towel set is because of the state-of-the-art looming technique. This not only makes it look so smooth but also leaves the body dry on a single wipe. This towel is so absorbent that it right away soaks up everything without first smudging the water.

The dark colors and generous size allow it to be used for outdoor activities like swimming on the beach.

The thick and rich texture will leave you baffled. The cotton used is 100% pure without any traces of nylon or polyester. The ringspun weave highlighted with a Rayon ribbon is just what a high-end towel should look like.

These highly functional and durable towels that will last you a long time are classified as bathing sheets due to their big size. So the four sheets inside a single pack will be enough for your whole family.

It is ideal to wash it separately from white clothes. Another great thing about this product is that it feels newer after every wash as the color intensifies even more and the texture seems to remind you of a marshmallow.

All is great about this product apart from the fact that it will shed a little during every wash leaving out lint residue in the machine.


  • This is a pack of 4 bath sheets that are of super quality.
  • The size is big enough to hide a full-grown human making it ideal to be used after bathing.
  • The colors are amazing adding a sense of royalty to your bathroom.


  • It can be a bit linty after wash.

How To Get The Best Bath Towel out there

Picking out the right one can be daunting especially when you have racks upon racks stocked with different varieties of towels. So here we have prepared some pointers that will help you choose the right one for you.


The density of a towel is what determines whether a towel is good enough or not. The density is measured in GSM. A good quality towel ranges from 500GSM and above.  The lighter cheaper towels are less dense and so you need to stay clear of them unless you are buying one for gym or travel.

But the superior quality towels which have higher GSM numbers is bound to keep you happy and feeling like a thousand buck. And that’s the sole reason why five-star hotels and spas use them. These towels are relatively more expensive as they would not wear off and stay with you for many years. So keep an eye open for all the thick and heavy towels as they are the ones to have.


All we want from our towels is to completely dry us when we step out of the shower, making us feel all clean and soft again. And so to feel like that every day relies on us finding the most absorbent towel out there.

So fasten your belts and let’s get digging.

The loops on a towel are the reason for its absorbency. A towel with thick and many loops is bound to be more absorbent. So pick the ones which you think show a higher number of loops.


Thin towels usually fry more quickly, especially if air-dried but the thick, chunky ones which we usually like tend to air-dry very slowly especially if you live in a humid area. So it’s best to put yours in the dryer for a quick-drying and feeling all warm and fuzzy afterward.


ELS or extra-long-staple cotton is ideal for making a superior quality towel.  It is popular because it is known to make the softest plush towels that you can imagine.  For cotton to pass as ELS it should be 1 3/8 inch long.


Here is the dilemma of life. Why do towels need to be shed?

Well, the answer is simple; lint is a natural residue of cotton and would appear on your towel one time or another. But the good thing is that good-quality towels are shed lightly and will not be damaging or make the towel thinner.

What also makes a towel shed more is over-usage or over-drying in a conventional dryer. Try to use the moisture control setting on your dryer or avoid over-drying it and letting it dry on the cloth line. And after wash, always dust of the residue before folding so that you can enjoy a non-linty towel.


The three popular cotton types are Egyptian, Turkish, and Pima.

1. Egyptian cotton

It produces towels that have the longest and thickest cotton loops which are commonly used by luxurious hotels and spas. The weather of Egypt is ideal for growing cotton and so produces the best quality cotton which is hand-picked to assure its level of purity. It is extremely dense, absorbent, and soft, which can stay as good as new for years if you take good care of it. The highest kind of ELS out there is the Egyptian cotton.

And remember that due to its dense structure it usually needs to be dried in a dryer for retaining freshness.

2. Turkish cotton

The second type is the Turkish cotton, which is not very far in rating and gives Egyptian cotton a good competition. And due to its high quality and special features, many prefer it over other high types.

It is extremely absorbent and dry’s very quickly compared to the extra dense Egyptian cotton towels. So if you are one of those who want their towel to dry on the go then this may be a good option for you. Also, Turkish cotton yields very soft comfortable towels which many world-class hotels use in their bathrooms.

The saying ‘old is gold’ has been said for towels made with Turkish cotton because the more times you wash these towels the more absorbent and fluffier they become with time. In a way, the towels are becoming better with every passing minute.

3. Peruvian Pima Cotton

The Pima cotton is grown on the coast of Peru. The rich coastal soil makes the cotton extremely soft and moist. The staple is quite long so your Pima cotton towels are less likely to shed and leave lint residue everywhere. Towels made from this cotton are very good for people with sensitive or acne-prone skin. Also, it would make a very good gym towel as your skin is very vulnerable while you are sweating the fat off.

So take your pick and choose the towel that you feel suits you the most.

And yes please be careful and better watch out for the fake brands who claim to be made of 100% authentic Egyptian or any other from above. The price tag would be a good indicator, separating the real ones from the fake ones. If a towel is offered at a price too good to be true then understand that it’s a fraud.

The right way to wash your towels

There are some key points that you need to keep in mind to ensure the durability of your towels. If you take good care and look after them then they can stay with you for many years in a tip-top shape. So let’s get started into pampering the high-quality towels that you would never want to let go of.

  1. Never overstuff your washing machine while washing your towels. This would not properly clean your towels as they would not have enough space to wash. Also don’t think that more soap can alternate space, as more soap does not mean more thorough cleanliness.
  1. Next always wash your whites and colored towels separately to stop your towels from staining each other with a different color. So that you don’t end up with a tie-and-dye towel pattern.
  1. It is ideal to wash white towels in hot water that would help in removing the stains that are very obvious on the surface. But make sure to use lukewarm water for colored towels as hot water can lead the colors to bleed.
  1. White towels are more likely to show stains and so bleach them once in a while for better cleaning and to kill bacteria. But act cautiously while handling bleach in front of colored towels as they are sure to get ruined by the tiniest drop of bleach.
  1. We all love the feature-soft texture of new towels and in order to retain that we use fabric softeners while washing towels. But that is a no-no. Softeners tend to make a silicon wall to the surface of the towels making them less absorbent. So what you think is making your towels better is secretly working against you.
  1. Another handy trick to make your towel more absorbent is to once in a while pour a cup of white vinegar in your rinse cycle. What the vinegar will do is remove all the excess detergent from your clogged-up towel making it softer and absorb faster.
  1. A common problem that many faces are the lint residue that the towel seems to leave behind after every wash. Not to worry my friends. Lint is a natural residue of cotton and will be discharged from time to time. Just make sure not to over-use and over-dry your towels in the dryer as this will aggravate it.


Whether you need towels for the great flow of guests at your place or just for yourself, you will find all that you need right here, from Egyptian cotton to Turkish-hammam to traditional English style. So just sit down and take your pick from our list of Best Bath Towels. But it’s important to know that there is rarely a towel that will ‘fit it all’ expectation and with that in mind feel free to toss and turn in your dream towel mentioned in the list above.