Best Bathroom Scales in Australia Review

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The best bathroom scale for most people is the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale. It offers the best balance of features and value for money. (read the in-depth review below)

It would not be wrong to say that we all are becoming weight-conscious and having a good scale in our toilets would not be so bad as you will be able to track your weight night or day.

Let’s take a look at the Best Bathroom Scales that we have brought forth, which will always keep you on top of your weight game. Any minor fluctuation would not go unnoticed and you can just run that extra mile to settle down matters before they get out of hand. Am I right or what?

Best Bathroom Scales in Australia

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

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The first in the rating is the EatSmart Precision Digital Scale, which is not only smart in looks but as the name suggests keeps its user eating smart and on the lookout for any extra kilo or inch gained or lost. It is a stay home scale that will keep you motivated to stay healthy and its stylish exterior adds an appealing touch to your room.


Coming to talk about the features of EatSmart is intimidating because, to be honest, there is a lot to tell. First, the transparent glass top of this scale catches the eye and not only this the top includes a waistline which in return catches any extra fat layer forming on the abdomen area.

This scale includes a large 3.5” LCD display, which is highlighted due to the bright blue light shining in the background. The number font is quite big and can be seen from any distance or any angle! So better watch out for peepers before weighing yourself.

The Auto-on technology will bring the scale to life when you step on it, which is an advantage in every way. This prolongs the usage time of the 4 AAA batteries that are needed to run the EatSmart Digital Scale. And same goes for the Auto power-off, giving the scale a shut down when not in use.

This smart scale is a must-have for every household which does the owner bidding without any effort needed.

The four precision sensors make consistent and accurate reading up to 400lbs and 180kgs. So now there is little standing between you and the dream figure that you always wanted.


One of the Best Bathroom Scales is the EatSmart Precision Digital Scale ready to come home and get to work. It has been given silver color and glass finishing to match any style room and not look bad at all. This neutral color adds a little extra to your bathroom where it would become the first thing anyone sees making them automatically climb onto the scale and weigh themselves. So it would be better to keep spare batteries as the first batch won’t last that long.

The 8mm thick top is built with non-slippery glass combining delicate but sturdy in the same package.


The capacity of this weighing machine goes up to 400lbs, giving you reading in kgs as well. Plus the precision sensors make sure that you get accurate weight every time you climb on to the EatSmart.

Overall this choice seems perfect except that this scale is a little heavy but that’s not that troublesome as you don’t go carrying around your weighing machine in the house.


  • The looks are enough to impress anyone, with a thick glass top that adds a cherry to the top.
  • The Large reading display makes weighing yourself a piece of cake with easy-to-read digital numbers showing on the screen.
  • It has a very reasonable price for the features that it carries.


  • It is a little hefty but who needs to carry around a weighing machine.

Balance High Accuracy Bathroom Scale


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The words we say will not do justice to this digital scale which is a class apart. The list of the Best Bathroom Scales brings to you the Balance High Accuracy Bathroom Scale which is iridescent in looks and matchless in work.

This digital scale is the piece of wonder missing from one’s bathroom. You are just one step away from a healthy lifestyle as this scale is the bridge that balances food and fitness in your life.


Its an easy-to-use scale, just get it out of the box, set up, and start to get weighing. Its backlit large display aids an accurate reading without straining your eyes.

Moreover, the precision sensors give spot-on measurements with minute increments of 0.2lbs. Every pound lost or gained would now be visible, keeping you updated and motivated by your progress.

The glass platform is made with strong, scratch-resistant glass with small feet on the bottom, to keep the scale from slipping and in place. Nobody would like the scale to slip while you are on it as that could turn things nasty.

It auto-calibrates as you step on it so no need to doubt the readings plus the auto-power feature switches in on or off.


This sleek and elegant-looking glass-topped scale is designed especially for. You will be 100% satisfied with it, as it completes the package with looks and performance.

This scale incorporates top-class material and a streamlined shape to give an excellent performance during everyday use. It is not that heavy and can easily be stored anywhere after use.


This battery-operated scale is better than the manual one where you would not have to squint hard and count the tiny lines to know your weight. The Balance High Accuracy Scale can support up to 400lbs of weight so bring it on.

Its works best on a leveled floor and what’s best is that its feet would keep it in place without damaging the floor beneath, so not to worry if your room has wooden flooring.

The only thing missing from this amazing product is that it shows weight only in pounds and not in kgs, but that is not a humongous issue as pounds can easily be converted to kgs.


  • The sleek silver design shouts out elegance and looks really amazing sitting in your bathroom.
  • Gives accurate readings due to the precision sensors and does not miss even a 0.1lb change.
  • The glass platform is made with tempered, non-slip, and scratch-less material.


  • The weight is only displayed in pounds.


Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology

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This German-designed weight scale is off the charts. Its sophisticated and modern design has made it one of the best ranking weighing scales. Not only this, it is not your everyday digital weight machine, in other words, it is far from ordinary and has won the hearts of many.

Etekcity has brought its A-game forward which is bound to keep you and your bathroom amazing looking.


It has a weight measuring capacity of 400lbs. The large display and backlight make easy readability in any kind of light setting. It is a battery-operated scale, where the screen features an overload or low battery indicator for added convenience and safety.

The base has anti-slip pads for the machine to stay in place and not to budge no matter which type of floor you have. An extra feature added to Etekcity is to change the unit from pound to kg or the other way round in no time at all, the bottom holds a switch button. Pressing it causes the unit to change and this smart scale remembers that selection for the future.

This new technology required to build this scale does not require any tapping but involves an easy ‘step on’ technology. The scale activates automatically when you step on it and shuts down after you come off.


Etekcity is your gateway to a fitter life. Its reflective glass surface is perfect for any house. The black color and edgy design give it a modern look that goes well with any interior décor. The slim and durable tempered glass surface looks delicate but is enough to take on a hippo. Etekcity can make your life simpler and healthier, all you need is one of these in your house.


This scale combines sophistication and reliability to get accurate weight every time.  This machine is built with German technology, which explains its german strength and performance. Precision sensors installed in its system come to life when you step on the scale bringing you the most accurate reading possible. For best results use Elekcity on a hard surface. Nobody thought that measuring weight daily would be so convenient and easy but all thanks to Elekcity for being one of the Best Bathroom Scales of all time.

The only slight glitch with the Etekcity is that it does not remember the previous weight but that does not matter that much or does it?


  • The step-on technology incorporates automatic power on and shut down.
  • Switch button installed to change the unit from lbs. to kgs when desired.
  • The sleek and edgy design makes it very eye-catchy and elegant-looking.



  • It does not remember the previous weight so you have to keep in mind your last weight for comparison.


Kinzi Precision Bathroom Scale

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Looking for an extra stylish, spot-on master weighing machine then you have come to the right place. Kinzi not only offers you a dashing exterior but reliable and long-lasting benefits.

Now keep a constant check and balance on yourself with the new Kinzi Precision Digital Scale. Especially during the holiday season as that’s the time we are vulnerable and are sure to gain some extra pounds.

Now what’s been done is done, so let’s work on how to keep a track of those accidental increments in weight. Let’s start with first checking out the features of this weighing machine. Time to scroll down.


Apart from being ridiculously good-looking, Kinzi offers some great features. The precision sensors installed in this set are sensitive to as low as 0.2lbs or 0.1 kg fluctuations, so climb on Kinzi and take control of your weight.

This German-built piece of art requires 2 AAA batteries which tend to last a long time due to its energy-efficient operation. The auto on and off quality puts it to action when stepped on and it goes back to sleep when not in use. How’s that for a smart scale machine?

Moreover, the Kinzi offers three separate unit readings on the large LCD display which prevents you from straining your eyes while counting how many kilos you weigh. A special button is given on the scale that switches the reading of pounds to kilos to stones, whichever you prefer. So you no longer have to go through the hassle of converting your lbs. to kgs. The backlight option on the LCD screen further aids the sight in any kind of lighting situation.

Now coming to talk about the very fine glass platform of the Kinzi Precision Digital Scale. It would not be wrong to say that designing on the top will go very well with any kind of setting. The position marks on the glass very well guide the user where to place his or her feet to attain accurate weight. To add to that the top is made with anti-slippery, thin tempered glass which makes the scale lightweight and easy to transfer from one place to another.


We don’t need to say much in this section as words won’t do justice. The very chic and modern design of this scale would go hand in hand with any kind of color scheme. The silver coloring and thin, sleek exterior would get you a lot of kudos for your decent choice. The weighing scale is made using a spacious platform for you to stand on which measures 12”x13” to be precise. A lot of thought has been put into the making of the Kinzi Precision Scale by its manufacturers and it can be said that they did a pretty impressive job, well done!


Again the Kinzi’s measuring capabilities are no less than the others. It too has german built precision sensors which undoubtedly give you your exact weight every time without fail. So step on it now and begin your journey to a better and healthier future.


  • Spacious platform to stand on to get a more stable and easy reading.
  • The impressive design which will gather you a lot of compliments.
  • Gives weight reading in three units pounds, kilos, and stones. Take your pick.
  • Light weight for you to carry around and change places.


  • None whatsoever


EatSmart Precision Plus Bathroom Scale

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The wider it is the better. This saying goes perfectly with the new EatSmart Precision Plus Scale. This machine incorporates all the regular features that other digital bathroom scales do but to add something extra the EatSmart Plus offers much more.

So start your fitness journey today and do exactly as your new weighing scale says ‘Eat smart’.

Without wasting any more time let’s get straight to business and look at some of the amazing features this scale has to offer.


This scale offers weight in dual units pounds and kilos for your convenience. It offers a very precise and accurate reading which is reliable because of the four high-gauge EatSmart precision G sensors. Bringing you spot-on measurement every time.

The Step-on technology which is ever so popular allows you to weigh yourself as you stand on the scale, ridding you to tap the scale every time you want to use it. The EatSmart runs on batteries but they will last you a long time as this scale ensures energy effective usage.

The backlight on the LCD display makes measuring easy and visible even in dim lighting conditions giving you no excuse to miss weighing yourself.

The EatSmart Plus like its name prefers to go big and plus size in everything. It offers a 4.3” screen which is very much visible even from a long distance along with a ten-second reading freeze.

The platform on which you stand is 15 inches wide making it very convenient for plus-size people to stand and measure their weight with ease. And before we forget to mention, this machine offers to measure up to 440lbs which is the highest capacity on the market right now.

We would like to say as if it’s not prominent already that the EatSmart Plus is best for obese people bringing them to weigh themselves with comfort and also to remind them regularly to lower down their weight in order to spend a healthy life.


The EatSmart is not very amazing looking but incorporates a clean look with a neutral color that will go with any surrounding. The slim and ergonomic design of this scale would fit anywhere you want it to be. The extra-large platform and display do not let the eye miss this creation and every morning would remind about the ‘weighing time’.


This product is extremely precise and is been engineered to bring you the highest standards of accuracy. And the G sensors help in bringing this to reality. This device is auto-calibrated so no need to fret about and you can weigh yourself daily without any worry crossing your mind.

Overall this device seems to be missing nothing except maybe a little more interesting exterior as it is dreadfully simple looking.


  • Extra-wide platform for increased comfort.
  • Weighing capacity up to 440lbs, the highest level in the market.
  • EatSmart G sensors ensure accurate measurement every time.


  • Very simple and dull looking.


Ozeri ZB19 Rev Digital Bathroom Scale

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This looks more like a speed meter of a bike from the retro days than a weight scale.

A shout out to all avid collectors of antiques, this is your chance to get a modern yet quaint item for your collection. This would not only keep you focused on your health but also add the oomph that your bathroom was missing.

Now without wasting any more time lets go straight to what this product has to offer.


Ozeri is the first to introduce a synchronized electro-mechanical weight dial alongside an LCD, displaying your weight digitally as well. We mean like what, double fun in one. This would suit those who would not be satisfied until they check their weight manually as well before believing today’s technological advancements.

The 5.5” dial is very retro-looking with a huge number line, which gives weight to both units pounds and kilos. It is accented with silver chrome and black background, enhancing the looks even more. The LCD display is also not any less. It features a backlight that sparks into action while checking weight and this makes the digits visible in dark or any light setting.

The glass platform is extra wide for better stability. The tempered glass used on this glass is of excellent quality, it offers impact-resistant and anti-slip options, so don’t worry if your feet are wet. You would not slip as Ozeri ZB19 has you covered.

Another amazing option that Ozeri offers is new to our charts, it has an alarm option that goes off every day at the same time reminding you to check your weight daily.

This scale runs on 3AAA batteries, it is auto-calibrated and automatically turns off after you step off the scale to conserve energy. The new “step-on” technology introduced has made weight checking a piece of cake. Just step on the scale to power it up and then step on again to check your weight. Easy and quick as it sounds.

As all these features were not enough Ozeri offered a low battery indicator, which goes off every time your machine needs a change of batteries.


It would not be wrong to say that Ozeri is the new black. This extra trendy weight machine that is one of a kind would look great in any corner of your house. The huge black dial outlined with silver chrome and backlit LCD screen visually captures you and leaves you totally mesmerized.


The Ozeri ZB19 Digital Scale has made it to our Best Bathroom Scale list because of its amazing traits, looks, and of course its accurate measurement skills.

The Ozeri uses four high-precision GX sensors which give weight up to 0.2lbs differences. Its weight measuring capacity is 400lbs or 180kgs which is not the highest in the market but would do for any regular household.

It’s true that this scale combines old-fashioned weighing meters but with the accuracy of today’s modern technology.

Whether you wish to lose some fat or gain some muscle, Ozeri seems like a decent weight machine to have around the house. The only setback is that the dial does not work without batteries even though it’s manual. But we guess its biggest purpose is to be aesthetically pleasing and of course, ‘digital’ is the name.


  • Huge dial plus an LCD display showing weight in pounds plus kgs.
  • Accurate reading every time because of high-quality precision sensors.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and unique design.
  • Alarm added for a daily reminder.


  • The dial does not work without batteries even though it is a manual dial.



Etekcity Digital Body Weight Scale

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Another great product from Etekcity which seems like a metamorphic edition of the last one. This Digital Body Scale has won our hearts over with its amazing and timeless design which never gets old.

Etekcity has offered many great features and options in this model which will accent any kind of home or gym décor.


Surely this scale is a piece of art but that’s not all that is expected from a weighing scale. Let’s dig in and see what more it has to offer. It has all the regular weighing machine features but the manufacturers have taken a step ahead and have further enhanced those features. The tinkering has not gone wrong but has created a masterpiece with solid design and technology.

The scale offers a rapid read option, all you need to do is step on and check your weight in a jiffy. No stepping on and then off just to wake up the machine first.

The smart technology enables it to indicate when there is an overload or low battery current. Making the user aware immediately of what do to next. The tempered glass platform is made with extra strong material, giving the weight machine strength while looking delicate as china.

The bottom pads keep the weight machine in place leaving no indentation on the floor. Protection your tiles and wooden floors from any kind of unwanted marks. Etekcity has made fitness as easy as taking a step forward.

Furthermore, the readings are given in two separate units of lbs. and kilos, where the transition button is cleverly tucked in the battery compartment for a cleaner look.


Along with being amazingly strong for a glass weighing machine, the Etekcity Body Scale has proven to be equally good-looking. The crystal clear design gives a neat look to the overall structure. It would compliment any place or color scheme, adding a modern touch to anything it’s put next to.

This simple design would face the test of time and would not fail, never making you regret your decision.


Just like every other good bathroom scale, the Etekcity Body Scale has also passed the test of accuracy. It measures in two units and is accurate to every 0.2 lbs. change. This scale can go as high as 400lbs. or 180kilos of weight capacity, which is enough for anyone.

This slim-designed and lightweight scale can slide anywhere and would look great in any corner. Just be careful to place it in the corner in case you bump into it because it is as you know ‘transparent’.


  • Very elegant and eye-catching design.
  • Accurate every time you stop to weigh yourself.
  • The clever design leaves a clean-looking weight machine for you to enjoy.


  • The placement of the unit conversion button may cause inconvenience, as you would have to open up the battery case every time you want to change the unit.


DecoBros Precision Digital Bathroom Body Weight Scale

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This digital scale has a lot to offer. From fitness to features this little guy will give you all.

Let us not waste any more time and get straight to the description of this product.


DecoBros offer a 15” inch platform that gives you stability and balance while measuring your weight. There is a unit conversion switch that shifts weight between three units lbs., kilos and stones. So no need to now sit and convert your weight every time just take your pick and keep a lookout for any increase in your weight.

The Step-on technology allows you to just step on the scale and get instant reading and the same goes for powering off the scale. After you step off the scale it shuts down automatically after  10 seconds.

The LCD display is 3.5” wide and has a backlight for easy readability.

It is a battery-operated scale that requires 2 AAA batteries, also included in the box.


It is a simple but decent-looking scale. It does not offer a lot but is capable enough of doing its job right. Its statement colors black and white give it a decent exterior. The design is not very catchy but it will do its job nicely.


No complaints have been recorded concerning the DecoBros Weight Scale. It offers a weight measuring capacity of up to 400lbs. and 180kilos and gives you accurate weight every time.


  • Weight can be measured in three separate units.
  • The extra-wide platform offers a better balance.


  • The design is very simple.

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Factors to consider before purchasing weighing scales

There are a few pointers that you need to consider before purchasing a weighing scale so that you don’t waste your hard-earned money on a fake product.


There are many variations in sizes considering the new generation weighing scales. Starting from the LCD display to the size of the platform, everything varies and you would have to pick and choose which one to get. It would be essential to keep in mind that scales with larger screens tend to aid visibility and a wider platform creates more balance for you to stand on the scale or otherwise you would be dancing to stay steady on a small-sized scale.


it would not be wrong to check the weighing capacity of a scale before deciding to purchase it. The standard that many digital scales use is the capacity to weigh up to 400lbs. or 180 kilos. This can even go higher for some scales and so you would have to decide which one you would prefer. The highest capacity right now in the market is 440lbs.


Even though the main purpose pf having a weighing scale is to keep a check and balance of your weight. Which is essential for spending a healthy lifestyle. But if that performance combines with good looks then that ain’t gonna hurt nobody. A scale that is modern looking would add a more pleasant look to your room or bathroom and that’s what we all are striving for these days. Isn’t it?


There is a lot of variety for different kinds of weighing scales on the market. They can be manual, digital or even advancer than that. And as the features of these scales ascend similarly their prices vary too. So look for the one which offers what you want and at the price you want it at.

Weight Scales of 21 century

It is true that the basic purpose of weight machines is to check your weight but today’s scales have astonished us by the height of technological advancements they have reached.

Nowadays the weight scales can tell you your weight, body mass, BMI, body fat, and in some cases even the weather.

To measure the body fat, the scales send a tiny, imperceptible electric current to your body through your feet. So this means there would not be preferred for people with pacemakers.

The BMI ( Body Mass Index) is a guide to a healthy body weight taking into account your height. These smart scales connect to your mobile apps through Wi-Fi to save your profile so that you can refer to it in the future and monitor the changing trends in your health.

What more these exciting new products have to offer is uncanny. They connect to smartphones and keep saving your body information like fat composition, muscle mass, water content, pulse wave velocity. Issues concerning heart health and other indicators of hypertension. They sometimes tell the weather too so you can decide your outfit also. There are brands that have created some of the most sophisticated and attractive designs. Some even send you motivational quotes so that you stay enthusiastic about your weight loss journey.

As amazing as this all sounds the slight glitch in the plan to purchase one of these smart scales is that these are overly expensive. So better watch out before you run out of all your money.


We have tried our best to thoroughly inform you about the Best Bathroom Scales in the market right now. Hope you find it useful and informative.