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Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines in Australia

DELONGHI Cafe Corso ESAM 2600

Of course we all like coffee…usually every day. At first you might be satisfied with instant coffee; however, at some point you might decide you want something a little tastier and more gourmet than instant. This of course will lead you to making coffee with real beans, but most of us recognize that finding the right coffee maker can be a bit of a headache. There are a lot of different choices with a lot of different features. So here is a list of a few to help you get started.

Top  3 Best Bean to Cup Coffee Machines in Australia

DELONGHI Caffè Corso ESAM2600 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine


DELONGHI Cafe Corso ESAM 2600
DELONGHI Cafe Corso ESAM 2600

CRF Technology means this machine is compact, reliable and fresh. The CRF Technology features a compact, tubeless system. The coffee beans are ground quickly, and the tubeless system assures you the best cup of coffee with a perfect aroma at the ideal temperature.

The boiler is entirely detachable, which helps you clean the inner parts of the machine that are usually difficult to reach. This machine is also equipped with the Instant Reheat Cappuccino System and a milk frother device that mixes the steam, air and milk to produce a rich, creamy froth. It has also a flexible water nozzle. This machine costs about $450.


  • Has an adjustable water quantity function and electronic temperature control
  • Cup tray that keeps your cup warm
  • Removable brewing unit
  • Adjust water level to customize coffee strength


  • Can be hard to set up at first

This particular bean to cup machine is excellent for cappuccinos and can be used with whole beans or ground coffee. Unlike some machines, you can prepare two cups with a single brewing. This machine also has a 13 grinding settings and many other adjustable features to allow a very custom taste. Overall, this is a durable, sturdy and affordable machine.

Gaggia Unica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

Gaggia Unica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
Gaggia Unica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

The Gaggia Unica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine allows you to produce the perfect cup of espresso with some simple but important features. Due to its simple control panel, this machine can deliver a variety of flavors to match your taste. It has an adaptable adjustable dispensing head that can allow for a range of different cup sizes.

It features a ceramic burr grinder, which can be adjusted for your preference. This coffee machine includes a specific steamer that froths the milk for a foamy cappuccino, as well as supplies hot water for other types of drinks. It has a 2liter water container and 1-cup capacity. It also has a power-save feature. This unit costs about $285.


  • Made of excellent quality materials in a compact frame
  • Has LED icons with push button display
  • Contains ceramic grinding basin


  • Bean to cup appliances are more costly in comparison with manual devices
  • Metallic grinders heat up quickly and can give an unpleasant metallic taste in your coffee
  • May be slower process
  • Cannot use dark roasts or oil will jam the grinder

The Gaggia Unica Bean to Cup Coffee Machine has a fast and easy operation with lots of customizations to make your perfect cup of coffee. You will be impressed with its high quality materials and performance. Overall, it’s an amazing bean to cup machine that is definitely worth a try.

Krups Espresseria Bean to Cup EA8005 Coffee Machine


Krups Espresseria Bean to Cup EA8005
Krups Espresseria Bean to Cup EA8005

The Krups Espresseria Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is an excellent ergonomic and trendy bean to cup coffee maker. It features a patented Thermoblock system as well as an integrated brewing chamber, which allows for a quicker more consistent water heating. The variable water temperature and programmed cleansing options mean that it is practical and easy to use. It is fully automatic and has a cup-heating tray.

Simply fit the appliance on your desired place and use the handy dial, and you will be assured a full-flavored coffee every time. This is a wonderful machine for coffee lovers. And can be found at around $299.00.


  • Machine contains adjustable coffee strength and grind options
  • Has a steam nozzle for milk frothing and air tight 275g container for bean hopper
  • Adjustable height of coffee dispenser suitable for a variety of cup sizes
  • Has a removable drip tray with water level indicator and automatic shut off option


  • Small tray overflows regularly
  • Cappuccino milk frother gives thin, watery bubbles

Overall, this is a reasonably priced coffee machine with basic features that are consistent with most espresso machines. This is a good choice if you’d like to go with simple and basic.


If you need complete mobility to produce the kinds of drink that you like, then your best option is the DELONGHI Caffè Corso ESAM2600 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, which is similar to those utilized in coffee shops.

The other two options are a bit more basic but also cheaper. So if you don’t have the budget for the Delonghi, then one of the other machines would make an excellent choice as sort of a starter. Don’t forget to read our Best Fully Automatic Coffee Machines in Australia.

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