Best Electric Shavers in Australia

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Maintaining a clean shaven look is one of the hardest things in life because here you shave yourself and the next thing you know, the face o’ clock shadow is already creeping up on your face. Either you get fed up and grow a beard or keep reading on to check out some of the Best Electric Shavers that we have brought for you. These shavers are not only better than the traditional ones but they are also believed to give you a closer and comfortable shave, keeping you whisker-free for at least a day.

To all the clean shave lovers, your prayers have been answered and we are here with a solution. So let’s dig in cause we can’t wait to cut through all the shards that keep making an entry every now and then.

Top 10 Bestsellers

Best Electric Shavers in Australia

Braun Series 7 760cc-4 Electric Foil Shaver for Men


The first product waiting for an appearance is the Braun Series 7 760cc-4, which came all the way from Germany. This electric shaver adapts to the density of your facial hair and reads your face through the intelligent Sonic Technology. The makers have also incorporated three modes for a more personalized shave. It can shift from sensitive mode to turbo mode in a jiffy with the easy of the personalization button.

The highlights of the Braun Series 7 760cc-4 include the Triple Action Cutting System. This amazing feature has twin foils which cuts hair as close as 0.05mm to be precise. This closeness lasts longer giving you at least a day off from shaving.  And the Active Lift Trimmer captures the flat-lying hairs in problematic areas, which give you a cleaner look after shave.

Braun has chosen this to be a foil shaver because of the benefits that come along. Foil shavers work with sideways movements giving perfect control and precision to the user and also foil protects the skin from any kind of irritation that usually occurs after shaving.

Moreover Braun understands that shaving from the contours of the face can be difficult and so the shaver can miss on some hair. But not anymore because the Micro and Macro motion have taken care of that. The shavers head pivots to a 40 degree angle during shave so that it is able to navigate all the hair on the trouble areas and to further simplify things the individual cutting elements suspend and get the tiniest of those hair, leaving you with a smooth and clean shave every time.

And the cherry on top comes from the Clean & Charge station, which is one stop for cleaning, charging, lubricating and drying your shaver. It brings you a trouble-free life that you never knew before.

The precision trimmer trims your sideburns and mustache to the perfect shape without causing any annoyance to you or to your skin. Now coming to talk about the battery and cleaning features, it would not be wrong to say the Braun Series 7 760cc-4 is built for ultimate flexibility and ease.

This shaver has the Lithium-ion battery installed, which gives 50 minutes of shaving time over an hour of charge. And also if you are in a hurry and need a quick fix then you can benefit from the 5-minute quick charge which is enough to shave once. And in case you want to clean your shaver you can always give this shaver a dip in the water and voila the shaver comes out as clean as new. This shaver also shows a display of battery status and foil replacement in case your foil shaver is getting old, clearly stating what an intelligent shaver this is.

But overall this Braun shaver is a diamond in the rough, the slender design is just very easy to hold and the new technology just avoids giving any nicks or cuts after shave.


  • The Braun shaver incorporates Triple Action Cutting System gets to each and every hair with ease.
  • The 100% water proof body makes it very easy to clean the shaver after use.
  • The Charge and Clean Station just makes life easier by ensuring better hygiene and shaver maintenance.


  • Even though the station has many advantages, it just is a little louder than usual and so is best kept in the bathroom with the door shut when at work. 

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver for Men


If you are looking for a shaver that’s easy on your face as well as your pocket then you have come to the right place. Remington which is one of a kind brand has introduced the F5-5800 Foil Shaver for men. Now get a professional looking shave which requires less work from you because of the Interceptor Shaving Technology. The trimmer cuts through three days’ worth of growth where the Pivot and Flex Foil shaver gets to all the small hair follicles especially around the edges of the face, which are hard to reach. The head of the shaver pivots up and downwards to effortlessly follow the angles and contours of your face for achieving an ultra-smooth and clean shave.

The surgical steel blades used in this Remington Shaver F5-5800 bring you a close shave because of their serrated ends. Not only this, the blades also bring you a comfortable and irritation-free shave, which many high end brands fail to incorporate in their product.

If you want an electric razor which offers excellent value at a great price then consider the Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver over the rest of the lineup because there is no one like it.

For easy cleaning Remington has installed an easy pop-up technology. This just makes rinsing and cleaning under flowing water way easier, as all the trapped hair escapes under the pressure of the water.

Furthermore, the shaver brings it users a 60-minute cordless runtime for a relaxed shave, causing no nicks or cuts which are a result of shaving in a hurry. The LED light indicator displays the battery status, going from green ‘safe’ to red ‘low’ battery percentage. All these features combined bring the users a stellar product and all in a price range less than $50.

Some of the drawbacks for the Remington F5-5800 include the use of cheap plastic to make the outer body of the shaver but what more can be expected from a $50 shaver. Also the blades need replacement after every 3 to 6 months, which is an additional cost to pay. Other than that it has proven to make many users happy and will continue spreading a whisker-free smile on every man’s face.


  • The Remington F5-580comes at a very affordable price.
  • It incorporates a close and comfortable shave every time.
  • The head pivots in different direction to capture all the hair hidden in every nook and cranny.


  • The exterior body is made up of a cheap material.
  • Also the blades might need replacement every three to six months, depending on the use.

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100 QG3300


Here is a one-stop solution for all your male grooming problems. The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100 QG3300 is been designed in such a way that makes it look like a cross between a shaver and a trimmer.

This electric shaver model comes packaged with a variety of attachments. These attachments involve a full-size trimmer to achieve a clean beard, mustache or a trendy sideburn look. And the precision detail trimmer is for creating fine lines, contours and add extra details to your dream facial hairstyle. The nose trimmer is just an added bonus for cleaning the unwanted hair sticking out from your nose or ears, which are very important to remove in order to get a clean and hygienic look. And to further create ease for their users, Philips added 2 combs; one for your beard and scalp hair and the other is to be used on shorter hair like on your mustache or stubble.

The Phillips shaver offers 18 different length settings to diversify and open the innumerable opportunities for creating your own personal look or copying your favorite style off the magazine or film.  It is a best-seller as it truly brings the best a man can get.

Now coming to talk about the self-sharpening blades used in this product, which are made of chromium steel, with no trace of nickel that is known to cause allergies. This feature makes it friendly for sensitive-skin causing no irritation or allergies. The rounded edge technology used in these blades makes it sharp enough to cut through any king of hair and also avoids scraping or cutting the skin while shaving. And same goes for trimming where there is no pulling or tugging involved in maintaining your signature look.

Whether you are in a mood for a wet shave like while bathing, or a dry shave, this 100% water-proof product will entertain your preference. The highlights of the Philips Mulitigroom for Men include high performance and long lasting capabilities, which go hand in hand.

The Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 3100 QG3300 has an internal Ni HM battery, which needs a 10 hour charge for 35 minutes of cordless performance, which can be too much for some but looking at the other advantages it brings, we think this flaw can be over-looked.

It is quite travel-friendly because it’s light weight and is adaptable with worldwide voltage. So fasten your seat belts because it is going to be a bumpy ride.


  • This is a shaver cum trimmer from the brand of Philips.
  • It uses round edge technology to ensure a safe and allergy-free shave.
  • It’s easy to travel with because its light weight and is compatible with international voltage.


  • Although it is a phenomenal product it lacks in having a strong battery, which makes its battery life to only reach 35 minutes after 10 hours of recharge.

Panasonic ES8103S Arc 3 Men’s Shave


When it comes to the Panasonic ES8103S there is no stress because there will be no mess. Panasonic has used an innovative way to clean shavers without taking help from the expensive Cleaning Stations that most shavers use as a side kick. The Turbo Cleaning mode just accelerates the motor to 17000 RPM, shaking off all the residue or hair stuck to the blades. Panasonic is a renowned brand and so brings you a great product that self-cleans.

The ES8103S uses a 3 blade cutting system which reaches and cuts through every hair in one go. The nanoblades are hypo allergic, which is great news for people with sensitive skin. Now you will not feel any discomfort or redness after your daily shave. To reach hair under the neck or on face corners can be difficult, but not anymore because the Panasonic ES8103S has a pivoting head. This head can bend up to 30 degrees following the contours of the face and the arced blades further simplify the job. There is no tugging or pulling on the skin and you would get out of the bathroom looking brand new and silky smooth.

The foil slits reach and trim even the beard hair for you where the rest of the face can easily be shaved, allowing you to carry any look anytime.

This powerful shaver has great torque and will not let you down. It features a foil head and a grey and black casing, which is easily any man’s favorite. And you never know that this will become one of your signature gadgets over time because you would simply not be able to live without it.

Alongside being awesome, the Panasonic ES8103S features the wet and dry shave option. This opens up many doors for you because now you can use the shaver with shaving foam or while bathing or even in the car, giving yourself a quick touchup before a meeting.

Moreover the accessories that this shaver comes with include a travel pouch for easy transport. Plus an LED indicator near the bottom of the handle and a state of the art pop up trimmer, which is built inside the shaver for your convenience.

Although it is an affordable shaver it does not provide the option for using an external constant power supply, hence not allowing you to use the trimmer for a longer period of time. But this shaver is a beast that will devour on all those stray hair like its nobody else’s business.


  • This shaver has a turbo cleaning mode for getting rid of the entire residue building up inside the blades.
  • The head pivots and captures all the hair in one swift motion.
  • It allows a wet and dry shaving feature.


  • The shaver cannot be operated will the cord is still plugged in the shaver.

Philips Norelco Series 3000 3100 S3310/81 Electric Shaver


Did you just cut yourself in the morning while shaving? If yes, well then our sympathies are with you but alongside that we have brought you the Philips Norelco 3100. This shaver is known to give you an easy and convenient shave with more comfort at an amazingly reasonable price. The highlights of this product are the ComfortCut Blade System, 4-direction Flex Heads and a pop-up trimmer for achieving stylish sideburns and mustaches.

The Philips Norelco 3100 is a beauty with brains, a signature product with world class design. The ComfortCut Blades just glide over the skin preventing any nicks or cuts. Those mornings are gone when you come out of the toilet looking like a mummy because of all the bandages sticking to your face.

The blades on the top of the shaver rotate in 4 different directions to get to all the hair leaving you with a smooth glossy looking skin. This means an easy shave even over the neck and jaw line.

Lithium-ion battery is our go-to battery and never fails to amaze us. It ensures that the shaver goes on for a full 45 minutes after an 8 hour charge, which is enough for shaving 15 times in a row. And the good part is that that the shaver can even operate effortlessly with the cord plugged in, all thanks to the battery. Furthermore the battery life increases instead of deteriorating over time, another perk of using Lithium-ion battery.

We give this shaver hands down the title of the best shaver from the lot. For cleaning purposes the shaver just pops open, which can be rinsed easily under water for a better clean. What completes the Philips Norelco 3100 is the pop up trimmer feature, used to trim down sideburns or mustaches.

The flaws that were visible to us were that the shaver does not allow a wet shave, meaning days for shaving in the shower are over as this product is not fully water-proof and also the charging time is a bit more for our taste.  But overall it’s a bombshell for blasting off all those unruly beard hair in one easy pass.


  • The Philips Norelco 3100 incorporated the ComfortCut Blade system for a more comfortable and smooth shave.
  • The 4-direction Flex heads gets to all the hair in a jiffy.
  • There is a pop-up trimmer for taking care of the mustache and sideburn hair.


  • He charging time is 8 hours which is a lot.
  • The shaver is not fully water-proof. 

Panasonic ES3831K Electric Travel Shaver

What’s all the buzz about you asked? Well there is a new shave buddy out on the block, which is not only compact but provides an excellent clean look for those on a tight budget.  This travel sized shaver is from Panasonic and goes by the name ES3831K Travel Shaver. This shaver comes in a black casing, with a large power button situated on the front. This pebble-shaped shaver will ease all your problems whether you are a new comer to the shaving world or just hunting for a nice inexpensive shaver.

Even though it is very small, but don’t for a second think that Panasonic compromised on the quality. It has a floating head, with sharp blades to get all the hair in one buzz. The internal blade is built to snip off all the facial hair down to the skin level, leaving you with a smooth looking skin. Not only this, the blade is angled at 78 degrees and plus the floating head just gets all the hair from trouble arears like neck and jawline. It follows the contours of your face down to the last hair and so this would allow you to rest your hand instead of wiggling it all over your face.

Now coming to talk about the most important feature ‘the battery’. It would not be wrong to say that the battery life is quite impressive considering that this is a cell-operated shaver, bringing its users a whopping 90 minute on two double AA sized batteries. Just keep a spare ready in case you run out on a bad time and can’t go to the market for a new pair.

The Panasonic ES3831K runs at 8500 RPM, which is not the fasted we have seen but it quite nice for a compact travel shaver. And what makes this product pay for itself it that it is operational in wet or dry conditions. And if you want best results use it with a soap or shaving cream or in other case you can just always go for a quick dry shave.

This shaver is quiet easy to hold and will not slip in the shower or while rinsing in the sink. So enjoy a worry-free shave anytime.

Furthermore this stainless steel foil shaver is hypoallergic because it is nickel-free. We are giving a green signal to all those who feel irritated skin after or always end up with some sort of allergy after shaving.

The whole package contains a Panasonic shaver, a snap on plastic foil guard, a brush for cleaning and a travel bag for easy transport. The brush comes in handy when you have rinsed the shaver after use and the brush is just for making sure that no hair is stuck in the blades.

Overall this product is an all-rounder considering the price but there are some concerns that we have. This shaver is good for two day old hair and that’s it, more than that will not be entertained. So keeping your beard, mustache or side burns in shape is a work not cut out for Panasonic ES3831K. But putting that aside we give this product 8 out of 10.


  • Compact size easy to hold, shave and travel with.
  • This shaver has a floating head and sharp blades to cut hair down to the skin level.
  • Suitable for wet or dry shave.


  • Not for trimming beards or mustaches.

Remington PG6025 All-in-One Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

We have added a little upgrade to your regular shaver by making it a one-stop solution for all your male-grooming needs. And one thing that escapes your lips after looking at the Remington PG6025 is ‘Hallelujah’.  This stellar product takes care of your beard, mustache, stubble, you name it and it’s done.

There are 8 attachments that come along with the Remington PG6025. In total the pack contains a full-size trimmer, foil shaver, nose, ear and detail trimmer, hair clipper comb with 8 different settings to achieve any length hair and a travel pouch to safely transport everything during your journeys.

The exterior is what catches your eye in the first glance. It is not your regular looking trimmer but has an extraordinary property about it, the power button with the textured grooves added for a strong grip just all add up to making this a stellar product.

Remington PG6025 also uses Lithium-ion battery which gives it 50 minutes of runtime and a powerful motor for getting all the hair in one swift motion. After buying this you would not even look at any other groomer because as amazing as it is this shaver will last as long as you will, so you would not need another shaver in your lifetime.

This shaver would help you if you want to experiment with different looks, the stubble trimmers can give you any size stubble and the beard groomer is for maintaining a more classy and serious look. All the attachments that come with this groomer are washable, so cleaning would never be an issue. The only thing that concerned us was that this shaver cannot operate when plugged in, so always make sure to charge it so that you don’t miss on shaving for even a single day.


  • This beard and body trimmer proves to be very handy for an overall maintenance.
  • The battery life is quite impressive with no long spells for recharging.
  • The Remington has developed the blades and battery to survive the test of time and keep serving its user for a long time.


  • The trimmer only works when charged.

Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver


The Panasonic ES2207P is one of the best ladies electric shaver to make it to our list of Best Electric Shavers.

This cute pink and white designed shaver will solve your shaving problems in a blink of an eye. It incorporates the technology of individual floating heads to get each and every hair in the first try. So ladies warn all your hair to say their prayers because no one is safe from the Panasonic ES2207P. The sharp blades let the shaver smoothly glide over your body to reach all the unwanted hair, leaving your skin smooth and silky afterwards.

It is convenient to use wet or dry, whichever you prefer. Lather your body with soap or shaving gel for an easier hair removal or go for a quick dry touch up if you are in a hurry.

The super sharp blades installed in the Panasonic ES2207P cause no tugging or pulling on your delicate skin and after shave you will feel no rash or redness creeping up your skin. This is because this shaver has hypoallergic blades which keep irritation down to a minimal level and gives you a comfortable and easy shave.

The pop up trimmer option makes life even easier; the trimming will trim all the stray hair that were causing you to feel conscious about your body. The water-proof body just makes cleaning a piece of cake. Now there is no need for you to bang the razor on the sink to get all the hair out as now you can just rinse the shaver under running water for removing all the unwanted hair from the blades.

The Panasonic ES2207P Ladies 3-blade Shaver includes a convenient AC charger that saves valuable bathroom counter space by plugging directly into an electrical outlet while using the shaver to shave and trim. The shaver also includes a cleaning brush and a travel pouch to complete your personal care kit and for you to live in style.


  • Cute design that goes with all your other girly stuff.
  • Sharp blades to get all those stray hair as close to the skin as possible.
  • Hypoallergic blades cause very less irritation and no bumps or redness.


  • None whatsoever. 

Braun 3Series 340S-4 Electric Shaver

We are no shave gurus but we think this shaver is the one. Why pay more when you can get the same for less. Braun has done it again with the 3Series 340S-4 Electric Shaver, it matches the high end performance but at a very cheap price so you don’t feel like you spent a ton just to achieve a decent shave every day.

Why buy the Braun 340S-4 shaver? Well to be honest this is the best if you are on a tight budget and want the best out of your investment.  It can be easily used to remove 2-3 days old facial hair or it can even work on a beard, just the results will not be that amazing.

Secondly, the 3Series is the only series which has the liberty of working efficiently in wet or dry conditions. So whether enjoy shaving on the go or while in the shower is up to you. Although it’s more of a home shaver but it can also be your travel buddy and go along on your ventures, just make sure to pack it safely in case it powers up inside your bag and start shaving on other things than your face.

SensoFoil technology directs hair to the right path and then captures them all, for a more identical result every time. The middle trimmer helps in lifting the hair and then cutting them to the desired length. The triple action cutting system captures and cuts hair growing in different directions.

Moreover the battery time is also decent. The only thing lacking in this set is that it is not suitable for people with a thick beard, as they may have to trim it first with scissors and then use the shaver, which is a whole lot of work. But otherwise it is proven to make its users happy and clean shaven.


  • Triple Action Cutting system cuts all hair with ease.
  • It is well inside the budget and works like a pro.


  • Not suitable for people with longer facial hair.

Factors to consider

Well when you want to buy the best then you would have to put in your best. Shaving is an important ritual of every man’s life and so to have a meet and greet with the Best Electric Shaver on the market, you need to know some things beforehand.

And if you keep up then by the end you will be able to answer this question about, “ Which Shaver should I buy?”


This is one the most important considerations that needs to be clear before you go out on your little shaver hunting.

Shavers can range from $20-$1000, and having a clear picture of what you are willing and able to spend will solve half of your problem. It’s true that ‘the best comes at a price’ but you can always find good bargains or discounts, all you need to do is keep your eyes open for the opportunity.


Now don’t confuse speed with how quickly you shave your beard off. No. Speed here refers to how fast the blades move. This is measured by counting the shavers Cycles Per Minute (CPM).

Comfort and closeness will be waiting for you on the other side if your shaver has come with a higher CPM digit.

Sharpness of Blades

This feature determines whether your choice is worthy of your investment or not, because if your shaver is not able to cut through your thick or thin facial hair then what’s the point of its existence.

Battery life

The forth clause to pop up on our list is about the battery life. It is great if your shaver can work cordlessly but it’s even greater if it can work when plugged in as well. A shaver with a good battery life can start with a whopping 60 minutes of runtime action but it also depends on what you are okay with.

So keep a lookout for shavers with a long battery life, especially the ones who love traveling and would want their shavers to see the world as well.

Extra Features

Shavers that offer something extra are always welcomed. Compatibility with worldwide voltage, Cleaning Station, All-in-one groomer are some of the features that we always have our eyes on. As this makes your shaver handier and a partner of yours on days when you are feeling low.

So take out the checklist and if your choice matches all these pointers then you should not be the one to miss on that specific electric shaver.


Our goal is to bring our readers with the best product possible and so we have tried solving your hair dilemmas with our list of the Best Electric Shavers that are not only going to blow your mind but also take the unwanted facial hair away.