Best HandHeld Shower Heads in Australia

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The best handheld shower head for most people is the Delta 58471-PK. It offers the best showering experience and satisfaction overall. The Delta shower head offers an Integrated hand shower head that securely fits into main shower head which makes it a 2-in-1 shower head. It gets an excellent ratings of  (4.1 / 5) and is available in Chrome, Polished nickel, Stainless Steel, Venetian Bronze and the beautiful Champagne Bronze color.

The Bestsellers

If the Delta Shower head is out of stock or unavailable, the Hansgrohe 04072000 Croma C 100 3-Jet Hand Shower is our runner-up. This shower head offers intense turbo, massage and full spray modes. The shower head gets  (4.4 / 5) and is also available in various color choices.

For Ranking these shower heads, we analyzed:

  1. Buying Trends
  2. User Ratings
  3. Value for money


  • Great for washing pets (such as your pet) as the handheld shower head is removable. So if you have a pet, you definitely need a removable shower head at your home
  • It is also awesome for people having certain skin condition. For example sunburn or other related condition – with this type of shower head, you could easily lower the water pressure and still clean just fine!
  • Another great benefit of a handheld shower head is that it is great for old people. You could easily detach the hand shower from the panel and clean body areas otherwise difficult to clean.
  • While not directly related to this type, but if you have a combo shower head, you would also have the advantage of having a fixed shower head and a flexible one. So you could take a shower however you like.
  • Another plus point is that it is easier to wash your body with a handheld shower head – This is also great if you have children.



The Hansgrohe Croma C 100 is ranked #1 showerhead under this category. It gets an average user ratings of  (4.4 / 5) – Which is outstanding. And it costs around $60 ( 30% Discount, See the Exact Price Here )

The shower head is available in 5 excellent colors which include the standard chrome ( shown in the image ), Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Rubbed Bronze & Red. In addition, the shower head offers 3 different spray patterns which include intense turbo, massage and full mode.

More Specs: 

  1. 4-Inch spray face – Which is pretty standard for handheld shower heads.
  2. QuickClean technology – Which is an excellent feature.
  3. Comes with a limited consumer warranty
  4. 2.5 GPM
  5. Item weight – 6.6 ounces

In conclusion, The Hansgrohe Croma C 100 is just amazing. People seem to be really really satisfied with the shower head and almost 70% of the reviewers gave it a full  (5 / 5)


This shower head gets the #2 spot. If you are looking for something premium built, you need to check out the Delta 58471-PK which costs around $140 ( Currently on Discount, See the offer on Amazon )

This shower head is available in 4 beautiful colors which include Champagne Bronze, Venetian Bronze, Polished Nickel and the default chrome version.

The Delta shower head also features a water conservation pause feature to save water when not in use.

More Features:

  • 2.5 gallon per minutes water flow
  • Modern shower style
  • Material – Brass
  • 2.6 lbs weight
  • One of the best sellers in Shower systems

However, some users pointed out that the combo settings are not that great. Overall, i think the shower head is powerful but has some issues with more advanced settings/combos. I’d rate this shower head  (4 / 5)


This Hydroluxe is rated is the number one best seller shower head under handheld showers. It gets  (4.5 / 5) and costs around 20 bucks. Yep, 20 bucks!

It provides you with great value for money. You get 2 showerheads for a price of one. Infact less than what a standard shower would cost.

The showerhead offers various water spray patterns which include Wide rain, power massage, stay warm mist, Eco rain and the water saving pause mode! However, there are no color option and you get only the standard chrome color for your bath. The great thing about this shower is that it comes with a 10 year warranty.


This showerhead is rated as the number one top rated shower head on Amazon. The showerhead costs almost 30 bucks and gets  (4.8 / 5) on Amazon. Almost 88% of the people who bought and reviewed this shower head on the store gave it full 5/5 stars!

Again, the shower head only comes in one color only. The product also offers different spray patterns which include the

  • Rain,
  • Aeration,
  • Rain & Aeration Combined,
  • Massage
  • Massage & Rain.

The shower head is intuitive and very easy to install ( although all of the shower heads reviewed on this page are easy to install )


If you are looking for LED shower heads plus Shower head that is also handheld, you should consider purchasing the Teika Handheld Budget Shower head. It cost less than 20 dollars and gets  (4.9 / 5) ( Perhaps the highest rated handheld led shower head)

The great thing about this shower head is that it requires no batteries to run and uses the running water to light up the LEDs inside. Moreover, the shower head is temperature sensitive and would change colors according to the temperature of the showerhead. The colors include green, blue and red.

More Details:

  • 3,000 hours long LEDs life.
  • The Shower head constitutes 15 LED Bulbs
  • Chrome Finish
  • The Shower head also shows flash red when the water temperature is exceedingly hot.

93% of the people who bought and reviewed this product gave it  (5 / 5).  I’d highly recommend this to people looking for budget handheld shower.


Before you make your purchase for you shower, make sure to check out other alternatives. I usually find a better deal just by spending a little time searching for similar models and similar products by other suppliers.

You can also get a lot more value by purchasing a shower combo. Many shower offer LED feature, others offer 2 in 1 package. I think, you should see what your budget is and check if you could purchase something a lot better spending a little more money.

Also, it might be helpful to check out the Amazon’s top rated or the best sellers page. You get a good idea of what people are buying. You almost never get disappointed buying a product which is hot seller. An added benefit of checking out a hot sellers is that you get to read a lot more reviews by different people on that very product. So you have more than enough info to make a sound decision for your next purchase.

Reviews by Verified users are usually more reliable. And also look for independent review videos on the same sales page. Many people actually take out the time to review their newly purchased product. Also, watching a video review gets you a better picture overall.

You could also use to your advantage, there are a ton of videos. If the product is famous, there would definitely be an review video.

Being physically present and making your purchase from a local shop is better but watching a video provides you with almost all the insights that you need to know.