Best Hoverboard in Australia Reviews

Some call them Hoverboards while others refer to them as Self Balancing Scooters. In the beginning, they were just expensive toys for rich kids. Hoverboards were seen on TV, on YouTube and pretty much everywhere on the internet. There was a lot of hype but their pricing made them inaccessible for the vast majority of the population.

The hoverboards that were available on the market, in the beginning, were very expensive but this was not meant to last. This toy that suddenly became so hyped overnight was made available by only a handful of resellers. Since most of them got them from the same factory, competition quickly stepped in as more people wanted a piece of the pie.

This lead to a sudden explosion in terms of the number of brands under which hoverboards were being sold. This also drove the prices way down, making them much more affordable. However, the hype was not meant to last.

Bad things started to happen…

The first wave of hoverboards or self-balancing scooters experienced a series of problems that were actually manufacturer defects. There were a lot of models that had problems with their batteries or had their internal board getting fried. This also showed problems with warranties and triggered an immediate reaction from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. They issued a recall for more than 10 brands that were selling these scooters. At the same time, most resellers and online marketplaces stopped selling them. There was an immediate reaction from the ones that were buying them from China and distributing them in Europe and US. Suddenly everyone imposed more drastic quality control checks to have the hoverboards approved for sale outside of China.

Hoverboards Are Not What They Used To Be

in 2022 a lot of things changed for the beloved hoverboards. New models appeared and nobody could sell them if they were not approved as being safe by various state-owned institutions. This means that all the hoverboards sold on all major brick-and-mortar shops as well as on big online stores are safe and come with a warranty. Safety has been the biggest concern and now that the issue has been addressed, these great little toys are back.

Since there are several new models on the market and so many hoverboards that wear different branding and come with different price tags, we decided to trim down the list and narrow it down to just 10 models. For the average consumer, it can be quite confusing to pick a hoverboard since there are a lot that looks the same.

How to Choose the Best Hoverboard

It seems like hoverboards are the newest go-to item for the upcoming holiday. But with all the different brands and models available, it can be difficult to figure out what type of hoverboard to purchase. The following tips can help you decide the type of hoverboard to buy when you are in the market for one, either for yourself or as a gift.

I. What Exactly are Hoverboards?

A hoverboard is a personal transportation type of equipment that is becoming more mainstream every day. They are self-balancing boards that are used by people who are looking for an alternative to walking, biking or driving to work or school, or just by those looking to have fun moving around on them. These boards are perfect for recreational riding outside or in the home.

II. Ease of Use

You’ll want to choose a brand of hoverboard that has a rubber footboard with a large width. This makes it easier to hop on and off the board itself, and also allows the rider to feel safe while riding it. While on a board, follow the instructions that the manual provides on safe riding. You will want to lean slightly forward to go straight, lean to the left to go left and right to go right, and press down with your feet to go faster. Be sure to practice in a clear area the first time you ride a hoverboard to avoid accidents.

III. Look for Quality Boards from the US

Your hoverboard should be a good quality board and should be built to meet or exceed global quality standards. Hoverboards have many different electronic components that can and have been defective, so finding a company that meets all standards is important. While you can get anything from overseas, US-based companies are bound to quality-control standards and are more dedicated to providing superior boards to their buyers.

IV. Multi-Functional Boards

A hoverboard isn’t just for moving around and goofing off. Many use their hoverboards to walk their dogs, shop in the mall, travel to school and work and more. You’ll want to find a board that is silent so that you can ride it in stores without creating a fuss, or ride it down the hallway at your college campus. If you plan to ride your hoverboard at night, look for a model that has LED lights on it for extra safety in the dark or in bad weather conditions.

V. User Reviews

We all know word-of-mouth is one way to decide if a product is right for you. Look up reviews on websites such as Amazon and eBay, where you will get honest user reviews about the product you are interested in. Hoverboard riders often leave reviews about the brand they are using, especially if there are problems with it. You’ll get straight-forward answers about the brand when you check out websites that sell the boards, instead of relying on reviews from the manufacturer itself.

VI. Features

Check out the many different features that hoverboards offer before you decide on a model. Some may go faster than others. You may wish to compare the navigation systems on the boards themselves to see if one brand is superior to another in the way that they move and turn. Some offer extra lights for better visibility while others don’t offer any at all. Of course, price is almost always an issue when looking for a board for yourself or as a gift. It is best to not choose the cheapest hoverboard, as quality products will almost always cost a bit more. Compare boards and do your research when you wish to make a purchase to find the absolute best choice for your needs.

Top 10 Bestseller Hoverboards

Best Hoverboards

PowerOnBoard Powerboard 15005

The PowerOnBoard Powerboard 15005 is the first hoverboard that everybody saw basically wherever in the good ‘ol days. From that point forward a great deal has changed at any rate within as the outside plan continued as before. It has the great adjusted wheel protects and the metal plate on the wheels. The wheels measure 6.5 inches and they are made out of a solid elastic material that won’t wear off after only fourteen days.

Something that everybody is taking a gander at is the execution of the hoverboard. Its greatest speed has been restricted to 6.2 miles for each hour. To control how quick it goes all it takes it to incline forward. The lower the point the quicker it goes.

Controlling the machine we need to have singular electric engines introduced on each wheel. It has a rechargeable battery pack of 4400mAh which gives around 3 hours of run time on a full charge. Likewise, on the off chance that something turns out badly with it, PowerOnBoard offers a one-year constrained guarantee and client bolster.

Powerboard Hoverboard

The Powerboard mark returned with a recently amended item. Their Hoverboard is currently over and above anyone’s expectations as it figured out how to get UL 2272 confirmation. This implies it went trough quality watches that guarantee it doesn’t overheat, won’t have the batteries burst into flames, does not produce smoke and its inward circuits won’t get harmed accordingly of a conceivable poor plan. It has been enhanced from essentially every angle possible.

All things considered, the hoverboard looks the same as the first model. It has adjusted wheel watches and the same chrome plated metal wheel plates. The foot cushions are genuinely extensive which makes the board simple to ride and control. The front confronting side has two adjusted LED lights that will help enlighten the way when riding forward. One thing to remember is the way that the light introduction changes in view of the edge of the board while going ahead.

As far as execution, the board utilizes two electric engines. Both run separately which helps the hoverboard turn when the cushions have diverse points. The most extreme speed is restricted to 6 MPH which makes it very sheltered. Fueling the gadget we have a 4,400mAh battery pack that ought to give enough squeeze to ride the board for around 4 hours. Charging it takes a couple of hours and some may consider it to be a side road yet the hoverboard itself is solid, sheltered and well assembled.

Skque X1 – UL2272 Self Balancing Scooter

The Skque UL2272 is a great self-adjusting bike that everybody recollects from the good ‘ol days. It has a similar outline with the adjusted wheel spreads and substantial sustenance cushions. The model uses 6-inch wheels with metal spreads and individual engines to control its course. What has been enhanced is the battery pack. It is very little more secure and UL confirmed which is currently an obligatory necessity for this sort of toys. With respect to execution, the model has a most extreme speed of 7.4 mph relying upon the heaviness of the client and the surface it is utilized on. A full charge ought to offer a mileage 12.4 miles. Charging it takes around 3 to 5 hours which ought to like a considerable measure however this is typical for a 4400 mAh battery pack. It merits saying that the model has a base heap of 70 LB. Anything lower than that and the bike won’t move. The most extreme upheld load is 264 LB which is very nice.

The gadget itself is incredible particularly since it is likewise one of the more reasonable self-adjusting bikes in our rundown. It is not immaculate but rather it merits burning through cash on. A standout amongst the most widely recognized issues that individuals will say is the sturdiness of the wheel monitors. It will break in time and it will get scratches and scrapes. The nature of the plastic is far from being obviously true yet luckily, it is conceivable to supplant them as there are a few retailers that offer the required parts.

Hoverzon S Self Balancing Hoverboard

Hoverzon is one of the brands that figured out how to survive the colossal cleanse. At the point when most different brands were being prohibited for offering risky items, Hoverzon figured out how to make due since the executed thorough quality control checks appropriate from the earliest starting point.

The S model is an exemplary self-adjusting bike that has some minor restorative changes and significantly more solid equipment. All things considered, it gets to be distinctly evident that the makers contracted the wheel monitors. Likewise, the state of the metal plates in favor of the wheels has changed. The foot cushions have additionally been changed while the front confronting headlights stayed unaltered.

Steadiness has enhanced a ton for this model. The system that keeps it adjusted when the engines are running is significantly more responsive. The most extreme speed of the model has been restricted to 8 MPH which is not too bad. For wellbeing reasons, the makers went for two-sspeed modes. One of them has a lower best speed restrict which makes it considerably more secure for amateurs. In the meantime, the battery pack is sufficiently vast to keep it running for around four hours. Charging it takes about a similar measure of time yet what may matter the most for some is the way that the model is UI2272 affirmed which implies it is well made and to a great degree safe with no sort of configuration imperfections.

Swagtron T1

The T1 from Swagtron is their first model that still offers well even today. It has a similar exemplary outline with some minor restorative changes. In the meantime the model got to be UL 2272 confirmed which implies it is totally sheltered, it has no plan imperfections and every one of the segments utilized experience a strict quality check before achieving the market.

Perusing the specialized sheet, things look genuinely basic. The model has a most extreme speed restricted to 8 MPH. This makes it safe and having a lower most extreme speed implies that the battery is not depleted as quick. Talking about batteries the model uses a 4,400mAh cell that can give enough energy to around 12+ miles. This does not seem like much but rather it is sufficient to appreciate the board for around 2 to 3 hours since not that many would really utilize it at greatest speed.

As far as security, the model is UL 2272 confirmed. In the meantime, it has LED headlights that help enhance perceivability and make it considerably more secure to ride amid the night. Its wheels are made out of a strong elastic material that does not wear off all that simple while the foot cushions are extremely responsive. Figuring out how to ride it ought not take that since a long time ago the model accompanies 6.5-inch wheels which implies it is nearer to the ground and that can help a considerable measure particularly an apprentice.

Swagtron T3

The third emphasis from Swagtron brings a few enhancements over their unique hoverboard show. Some corrective changes occurred and in addition some equipment was moved forward. General it is a vastly improved model however it is likewise more costly than the T1.

The T3 has overhauled wheels with more unmistakable metal gatekeepers. Likewise the plastic cover that goes on top has been extended a bit keeping in mind the end goal to shield the wheels from sidelong crashes. On the front, the LED headlights had their shape changed. They are presently significantly more extensive subsequently enhancing perceivability.

With respect to the equipment the model now has an inherent Bluetooth speaker. Not that many would discover this feture all that helpful however it is a decent expansion. Each wheel is matched with an individual free electric engine. The foot cushions enact the assigned engine keeping in mind the end goal to make movement forward or in reverse. The most extreme speed has been constrained to 8 MPH while the battery ought to be useful for around 12 miles between charges. A normal client ought to have the capacity to crush out around 3 hours of use as not everybody will utilize it persistently at most extreme speed. It merits specifying that the Bluetooth speaker may deplete the batteries quicker when utilized. As a last note, realize that the bike is UL 2272 ensured.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter

It involved time before Razor ventured in and discharged their own hoverboard. The Hovertrax 1.0 was an effective model yet generation ceased once form 2.0 was discharged, rendering the past one outdated. There was no substantial purpose behind having a sub-par demonstrate still underway. The new model accompanies a few changes and a vastly improved outline.

From the outside the Hovertrax 2.0 looks much better. It is a standout amongst the most cutting edge looking hoverboard. Its headlights have been changed with a specific end goal to give better glow and the foot cushions now make it less demanding to know which side is the front confronting one. The wheels now have more extensive metal watchmen which shield them from horizontal effects and the top gatekeepers have an elastic strip that gives, much more strength against impact.

To the extent equipment goes, Razor utilized a more secure battery pack from LG. They give enough energy to around a hour between charge at a most extreme speed of 8 MPH. it doesn’t seem like much yet it is sufficient particularly since it charges very quick. Similarly as with all different hoverboards the model is UL 2272 guaranteed which implies it is agreeable with all the security directions for this specific sort of toy.

Segway miniPRO

Segway miniPRO is not for everyone. It is a rather expensive toy but it is also one of the better-built self-balancing scooters. The model also has a completely new design and runs a bit differently but the most part it is pretty much a hoverboard with a small pole in the middle that makes it easier to control and steer.

The model offers a maximum speed of 10 MPH. Each wheel is powered by an individual motor that runs independently from the other one. This makes it possible to steer without changin the wheels angle. It is the exact same system as the one used for regular hoverboards except the steering is not done with the aid of the foot pads but with the aid of the pole installed in the middle.

One interesting fact about the model is the use of larger wheels. This makes it easier to go over various types of terrain and improves its capability to absorb impacts with small objects. Using pneumatic or inflated tires helps a lot and makes the entire experience much smoother. Its battery pack is quite decent as it can provide enough power to travel 14 miles on a single charge which means about 1.5 hours of runtime at maximum speed. However, a regular user should not exceed 5 miles per hour thus extending its usage range to about 3 hours.

EPIKGO Hoverboard

The EPIKGO hoverboard came out of nowhere. This new model comes with a lot of improvements that make it both much more fun and a bit safer. Being a UL 2272 certified model means that it is compliant with all the safety regulations for its board and the battery pack. It is more expensive than the average hoverboard but there are some key features that will make it worth the extra spend for the ones that can afford the model.

What becomes noticeable just by looking at the model is the use of larger 8-inch wheels instead of the standard 6.5-inch ones. This means that the hoverboard is a bit raised and the distance between it and the ground is lager. It will make it easier to go across difficult terrain or small obstacles. At the same time, the wheels are inflated which means a bit of impact absorption which should make the ride a bit more enjoyable.

The hardware used has been subject to many quality assurance tests. Its 400-watt dual motors are capable of reaching maximum speeds of 10 miles per hour. A full battery charge should be good for one hour at top speed which is not that likely to happen since 10 miles per hour is a bit too fast especially for a beginner. Most users will probably get about 2 hours out of it at a speed of 5 miles per hour.

Halo Rover Hoverboard

The Halo Rover Hoverboard manages to break away from the standard design we all got to know. It has a few visual changes and some upgraded hardware that improves its safety. The model packs an LG battery and a mobile app. The mobile app can be used to stream music directly to the built-in Bluetooth speakers. Also, it can track the hoverboard and it can be used to set the ride mode.

Unlike other hoverboards, the Halo Rover has special tires that improve stability and grip on various types of surfaces. The wheel guards are a bit smaller and they are now made out of metal. On the frontal side, the board has been equipped with LED guidance light while the top has the same pressure pads that can be used to control the board. It makes use of the same dual motor system that controls each wheel individually. Last but not least the model is UL 2272 certified which means it is safe and it includes a one year warranty. One last thing worth mentioning is the fact that it includes a hard carry case with a shoulder strap.

Some compromises have been made. While the frame is made out of aluminum, the casing around the footpads is made out of plastic. This means that it can crack if exposed to hard impacts such as hitting an obstacle. To be safe it is best to learn how to ride it on a flat surface such as a pavement and start with the Learning mode using the mobile app.

A Few Things Everyone Should Know

The original hoverboards were developed and fabricated in a factory in China by a company named Chic Robotics. They presented the hoverboard at a tradeshow in China and some American investors saw the potential in importing it to the US. At that time Chic robotics did not have proper quality controls in place and their suppliers were sometimes doing shady things. This lead to some problems with batteries melting down or internal boards getting fried. When authorities picked up on the problem they imposed new safety regulations for these toys and everyone importing them were responsible for checking the quality of the batteries and their compliance with these regulations.

To keep things simple, all the models in our list are actually UL 2272 certified and compliant with all the safety norms. At the same time, all of them come with a one year warranty and now have fair prices that make them much more affordable.