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Many of us have recently had to give up our workplace desktops in favor of a laptop for working from home. It’s possible that our health has suffered as a result, even if we were able to stay productive by using only one screen.

When seated with a straight back, the top of the display should be about in line with your eyes. Otherwise, it might cause a stiff neck. A disease known as spinal stenosis may also develop over time, causing blood vessels and nerves to be compressed and displaced.

The ideal option is to have an office chair and desk that suit the bill, but this may be expensive and you may not have room for more furniture in your house.

Top 10 Bestseller Laptop Stand

A laptop stand can help with this. This affordable add-on can help you lift your gadget off the desk or table so that it’s at a height that’s more comfortable to use for extended periods of time. To keep your laptop cool, it also provides a space to put other peripherals like an extra mouse and keyboard. In-built camera users may also prefer the more natural perspective it provides while making video calls.

Top 10 Best Laptop Stand Australia Reviews

Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand, Silver


The mStand by Rain Design is a good choice for simplicity and elegance. When we say “strong,” we mean it. A single piece of metal is used to build this laptop stand, which can support even the heaviest computers.

For Macbook users who want to match their computers’ color schemes to the stands’ hues, they are a great option (of course, it works just as well for Windows laptops and Chromebooks).

With the mStand, you’ll be able to see your laptop’s display clearly without having to bend your neck. But it’s not just doing that. In addition, the stand has a compartment for cable management, so you can make your desk more orderly.

Power cables and other electrical accessories can be routed via the hole. Rain Design also provides a mStand that can revolve around its base and smaller mStand variants for tablets and phones if you want to spice up your arrangement even more.

Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand for Laptops

The ergonomics of your workstation setting don’t have to break the bank to be drastically improved. Using the Griffin Elevator Laptop Stand, you can avoid straining your neck all day by raising your laptop up to 5.5 inches.

While working on your laptop’s built-in keyboard won’t be optimal in this elevated position, investing in an ergonomic keyboard is a smart move if you’re going to be doing a lot of typing for your job anyhow. With a more natural camera angle, you’ll be able to have better video conversations with coworkers who won’t be looking up your nose.

If you need to travel or work from a variety of locations, the Griffin Elevator is an excellent option. A plastic bar connects two curved aluminum arms, but you may disassemble it to put it inside a suitcase, a backpack, or any other baggage.

Roost Adjustable and Extremely Portable Laptop Stand

It all started with a Kickstarter campaign, and this updated Roost stand is a product of the lessons learnt from the first. One thing to remember is that Roost is a great option for those on the go who want a portable stand that can be utilized in various settings.

There is no laptop tray or movable legs when it’s opened up, making it a simpler version of Sofia + Sam’s Sofia + Sam stand. To fit in a bag or briefcase when you’re done, it folds down to only 13 inches long and 1.25 inches square.

It’s not nearly as adjustable as some other stands, but that’s to be expected with a product like the Roost. There are two height options for your laptop: a 6-inch height and an 11-inch height. In addition, the keyboard and screen may be positioned at various angles.

In spite of the fact that it’s constructed of plastic, the Roost is incredibly sturdy and easy to use, owing to “pivot clips.” You can’t move a computer like that. Although the pivot clip design is limited to computers that are.75 inches thick or less, it is a rare laptop that is larger than that.

Neetto Laptop Height Adjustable Bed Table

Tray? That’s a little misleading. It’s more like a little table with legs that can be folded flat for easy storage (the same way a folding table closes up). From 9.5-inches up to 12.6-inches, you may change the laptop’s height using its vertical legs. There is also a maximum pitch of 30 degrees on the small tabletop. Large gaming laptops can fit on the tray, which is 20.5 x 11.8 inches in size, with enough to spare on the side for a mouse.

The Avantree Neetto’s tray is constructed of oak, unlike other stands, which are made of metal or plastic (and available in several different finishes). Even though this laptop stand packs flat and only weighs 3.4 pounds, it’s definitely better to leave it at home when you’re not using it for laptop-specific tasks.

Ergotron – WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter

We’ve heard a lot recently from ergonomic and health experts about the dangers of sitting at a desk for eight hours a day. Standing desks are available in certain companies for those who want them, but the Ergotron WorkFit-T Standing Desk Converter is available for those who don’t – or who work from home frequently. The two-tier design of this laptop stand allows you to set a full-size keyboard and mouse below the laptop.

Flat, the top tier rises five inches, and the keyboard is at desk level. This spring-loaded and one-person-operated riser makes it simple to stand up and work. Handbrake-locked, the stand can be positioned anywhere up to 20 inches high, which is more than enough for a standing desk emulating a workstation.

VIVO Single Laptop Notebook Desk Mount Stand

Do you have to maintain your workplace free of clutter? In the corner of your desk, attach your laptop to an adjustable pole and clamp. A frequent option in industrial and laboratory settings is this set-up, which allows you to use a laptop without having to leave it on the work area.

An arm with a laptop tray attached to it is held in place by a steel pole with a tight clamp. (A monitor bracket is included in the package as well, allowing you to hang a display from it.) Adjust the angle of the laptop by swinging the arm around the pole once it has been installed at the desired height from desk to around 17 inches above the ground.

However, you’ll need an Allen wrench on hand to modify the arm’s height because it gets locked down during construction. You don’t have to drill any holes in the desk, either. Pads on the pole’s base prevent it from damaging the desk.

The laptop tray is 14 by 12 inches, making it large enough to hold any laptop currently on the market. For further cooling, it’s “vented” using a Swiss cheese layout of holes. Additionally, it has built-in cable clamps for fastening your cables to the pole.

ElfAnt Laptop Stand Adjustable Portable Aluminum

An adjustable laptop stand like the ElfAnt Laptop Stand should be considered in this instance. In addition to its foldable shape and small weight (under a pound), this laptop stand may be used in a variety of orientations.

In order to fold down to just 11 x 4.33 inches, the ElfAnt Laptop Stand utilizes a series of metal bars with hinges and a scissor mechanism. Most current laptops should be no problem for the aluminum frame’s weight capacity of up to 15 pounds.

It is possible to boost your laptop display to a level that is more comfortable for you thanks to the stand’s adjustable height, which goes from 2.75 inches to a whopping 12.6 inches. It can also prevent your laptop from slipping about or getting scratched up by the stand if silicone pads are placed around the frame.

Nulaxy Laptop Stand, Ergonomic Aluminum Laptop Computer Stand

If your laptop is connected to several displays, keyboards, and mice via an excellent hub, you may find that you have little need for the laptop’s own display, keyboard, or trackpad. In this instance, the Nulaxy Laptop Stand can help you optimize your workspace.

Allows you to place your laptop vertically, like a super-thin tower desktop, allowing you to save up room on your desk by placing it off to the side of your monitor. While the stand is made of aluminum alloy, it is nonetheless lightweight and sturdy.

A wide range of laptops may be accommodated by the stand, from ultra-thin models with a thickness of just 0.55 inches to thicker gaming laptops with a thickness of 2.71 inches. In order to keep your laptop from scratching aluminum, the holder has a silicone surface on the inside. In addition, the silicone grip on the stand’s bottom helps keep the entire setup in place.

Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2

To keep your laptop cool, you don’t need the Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2 from Razer. That’s not enough to justify the price. The Razer Laptop Stand Chroma V2 is the one to choose if you want a laptop stand with spectacular RGB lights and the capacity to function as a highly competent hub for your laptop.

As a result of the 18-degree angle, this stand will raise the display of your laptop and allow more air to circulate through the laptop’s bottom. The stand’s front edge also has a colorful RGB strip. If you’re worried about the weight of a laptop, the metal frame will keep you safe.

The USB-C between the stand and compatible PCs allows it to function as a hub for 80-watt power delivery, USB data connections, as well as visual outputs through HDMI and USB-C. Dual 1440p60Hz screens or a single 4K or 5K monitor may be connected.

MOFT Invisible Slim Laptop Stand

However, not all laptop stands have the same level of versatility as your laptop when it comes to taking it on the road. When you’re on the run, you may be without a voice. The MOFT laptop stand, on the other hand, is designed to be portable.

It’s just a piece of durable plastic that clings to the bottom of your laptop to serve as a support. To raise your laptop’s screen by two or three inches, a sequence of unique folds allows it to be attached to the back of your laptop.

In spite of its light weight and thinness (only 3mm), the stand can accommodate 15.6-inch computers and a maximum weight of 18 pounds. In terms of weight, you won’t find many laptop supports that are as light.

What to Consider When Select Laptop Stand

There are a plethora of laptop stands to choose from, making it tough to choose the right one for your needs. To make things easier, I’ll show you how.

Regular or vertical

This is the quickest and simplest method to focus your search. You may use a laptop stand to keep your computer at a comfortable height and angle while you work. You can place your laptop on top of it and reach the keyboard and trackpad with ease. Raising it above the desk surface not only improves ventilation, but it also provides more surface area for workplace accessories.

Something very different happens when you use a vertical stand. Designed to keep the laptop firmly in place when not in use. To put it another way: When it’s in the vertical stand you can’t use your keyboard or trackpad. For connecting to an external monitor, or just to keep it out of the way, this is a nice feature to have


Aluminium is the most commonly used material for laptop supports. The more expensive choices tend to be made of pure metal, while the less expensive ones are made of aluminum alloy. As a result, silver is the most prevalent color, though black and white are also offered on occasion.

There are other options, such as using a basic wooden stand, if you want. If you’re merely seeking to utilize your laptop from a height, you may want to check at the aluminum choices, which are more up to date.


It’s doubtful that a wooden laptop stand will be able to be adjusted. Typically, they’re built from a single piece of bamboo or wood, although there is a wide range of metal supports available.

You can usually modify the stand’s height, but it’s worth double-checking if you’d want to be able to tilt it as well. If you want the stand to work with your existing configuration rather than against it, the second option may be a good choice.

A secure fit

Even if your gadget is only propped up in one place, the stand you pick must be sturdy enough to hold your device in that position. This is especially critical for vertical supports, which must be able to secure the device without destroying it.

Stands with silicon or rubber inside help keep laptops stable, which is critical if the stand accommodates a variety of laptop sizes.

Trying to find anything to support your other gadgets? For the best tablet stands, the best phone stands, and the best monitor stands, see our reviews.

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