Best Massage Chairs in Australia

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What is better than a massage on demand at your home any time you want for 2022? Massage chairs are designed to give massages similar to those offered in the best clinics, or even better. They are your one stop solution if you are fond of massages and go to massage clinics frequently. These chairs are highly comfortable, portable, well designed and most importantly, do not need any environment or setup for your massage; as opposed to clinics, that require a masseuse or masseur to give you the massage- which makes the recipient dependable on the availability of the massage therapist.

The world is always changing, which influences our day to day activities. Our lifestyle nowadays is fast paced, stressful and demanding us to manage our time better. In this lifestyle, a clinical massage was a leisure which many had to give up against their wishes because it simply couldn’t fit in the schedule. Though electric massage chairs were introduced to the world in 1954. They entered their establishment period only in 2001 and took more than 3-4 years to get established. The development period started in 2004 and continued till 2013. There have been many major advancements and introductions of new techniques and features since 2004 and today we see Massage Chairs entering the Advancement stage.

Today, they are a whole new world. With technology reaching a tipping point, the new age Massage Chairs are equipped with great features and unimaginable comfort. Their working is dependent on a combination of motors, gears, rollers and vibrating machines. They offer features like Hydro – electric massage using hot water circulation and Air massage using air bags. Adding a remote control that can help you pick the massage type, speed and other features while on the chair, has been another step forward for these chairs. They use a microcontroller to convey the commands and tostore each massage pattern. This automatically triggers the massage chair to go in its programmed position. You could control the intensity of the massage. Today they come with features like Zero Gravity points, Full Body Scan, 3D massage technology which includes kneading, tapping, Rolling Circulation and a lot more. With improvised robots, it features L track robots or S track robots, designed to give the best possible access to the human body.

The massage types available today on massage chairs are way more satisfying than most clinical massages, and available anytime. Set it according to your mood, command it to follow your demand, and enjoy it as long as you want to. In many ways, it is the best possible value for money and also economical investment if you are frequent massage recipient. They can be found at offices, malls, hotels, conferences and homes. They are highly accepted in offices, relieving stress and providing instant relaxation to cubicle workers or people that spend a lot of time in uncomfortable positions.

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The 8 Best Massage Chairs

1. Kahuna LM6800