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The best toilet paper for most people is the Quilted Northern Toilet Paper. It offers the best balance of price and quality. This toilet paper from Quilted Northern has been rated one of the top seller Toilet Paper in several reviews. And it truly is an amazing product to use and even stock some for days when you unexpectedly run out of toilet paper. It is an expensive brand but we assure you it’s worth every single cent of yours. All those plush cuddly paper squares would make you feel like you are sitting on clouds. (read the full review below.)

After hours of testing with special equipment and toilet paper users, we were able to come up with a list of 9 products that would not only be worth your trust but also your money!

1. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Toilet Paper 


It has a very soft, cottony plush material and many felt that it was pretty soft to touch and use. This proves that Quilted Northern Toilet Paper is living up to its words and bringing its customers with ultra-plush toilet paper. So you and your family can count on it every time.

It seems to gain a lot of customer satisfaction as after using the tissue they felt great softness and proving that the Quilted Northern is for a gentle clean whenever you need it. Also to put this product at a test, try drying yourself with it after a bath and we are sure that it will do a better job than towels.

During special tests, it was listed as one of the thickest toilet papers, which makes it extra absorbent and strong at the same time. The 3-ply sheet used in this toilet paper is what makes the structure pretty sturdy whether dry or wet. So, folks, you would not be left with crumbled toilet paper after use which is great!

It seems as if the quality control is pretty tight at the Quilted Northern because we haven’t seen any fluctuations in the quality of the toilet paper. It is quite smooth without any tear off tiny dots poking here and there.

Not only this, this five-star product weighs quite high for every single roll giving the customers value for their hard-earned money and also give them extra TP for the whole family to use.

Moreover, this toilet paper is not made with any recycled material and overall we have been loving it. But one thing that may be a problem for some people with weak plumbing and flimsy pipes is that it takes a lot of time to dissolve which may clog your pipes.


  • The Quilted Northern Ultra Plush is made with 3-ply paper which is silky in texture bringing you the cleanliness you desire.
  • Very soft especially for people with sensitive skin.
  • This is a premium brand which brings you softness and sturdiness in one package.


  • Its thick texture makes it a little hard to dissolve increasing the decomposing time.


2. Angel Soft Bath Tissue.



It is an incredibly soft and plush toilet paper that is thick but not thick enough to clog your toilets. It strikes the balance by bringing you the best of both worlds. It is a strong performer and does not give up easily and so it passed from the various test we took. It is designed with the perfect softness and lasting strength especially when dry. So now no more worry about the shedding and shredding of the toilet paper when torn from the roll, as Angle Soft has provided with a pretty strong quality paper.

Another feature that the Angel Soft incorporated is that despite being thick the toilet paper does not create any nuisance for your toilet. The waste quickly dissolves and decomposes leaving no doubt about toilet clogging. So flush away as much as you want and live worry free.

Angel Soft does not only lives up to its words but also cares about its customers and brings them a higher weight per paper roll which means that it has your back in times of scarcity. Also, this saves you a lot of cents if we sit to calculate all the extra toilet paper you got in a year.

The Angel Soft has all the qualities of a good toilet paper and would make a great choice for you and your family. Apart from being amazing, this product has shown some tiny flaws. For starters, it has many imperfections on the paper surface like small tears and dots but that is set aside when you see how absorbent this product is. So who cares if it has a tiny dot, it does its job right and that’s what matters more. Also secondly it is very weak when it gets wet. But overall it has won the draw and has proved to be in the market for a reason.


  • The Angel Soft is made out of thick material with a 2-ply surface for a better wipe.
  • The company offers high weight per roll which gives the customers a better value for their money.
  • It does what a toilet paper is made for. It’s extra absorbent and is really is soft like an angels touch.
  • It also dissolves quickly cutting out less work for your pipes.


  • The quality of the paper is a little questionable when the imperfections are seen on the paper.
  • It is very weak when it gets wet.


3. Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care Big Roll Toilet Paper.

If you ae looking for a change then try this low priced Cottonelle brought to you by Kleenex. Kleenex is a well-known brand for producing paper-based products throughout the world. It sells across 170 countries and is at the top of its game.

The Cottonelle Ultra Care Paper roll will hold up whenever you would need it to. It offers some stellar qualities for the whole family and that at an even better quality. It has us amazed at its extra-absorbent qualities. No matter what you put in front of it, it gobbles it up immediately.

After acing the absorption test it had us blown away with how soft it was to touch and felt so gentle on our skin. It truly was an ultra-comfort care experience. After using this brand it would be hard for you to return to your previous store branded toilet paper because now you would never feel the same after you have experienced the pleasures of Cottonelle.

Apart from the surface being satiny and soft, it holds up pretty nicely against wet and dry spells. Whether your toilet paper is wet or dry it will prove its sturdiness with ease. So now it would not crumble or tear off like cotton candy, although its touch does remind you of that!

This toilet paper uses a 2-ply paper, which not only makes it more absorbent but also gives it thickness. It is rated as one of the top brands in the 2-ply category, making it a perfect product for people searching for something new and incredible.

Looking at the advantages of this toilet paper gets us overwhelming so to mellow things down let’s go to some of the disadvantages. Due to its thickness and strong structure, the dissolving time relatively increases, creating a problem for your piping mechanism. But if you have a strong piping structure then you are good to go. Plus the Kleenex Cottonelle Ultra Toilet Paper is reported to have provided each roll with less tissue and more air to increase the weight. This is disappointing as it gives us less for our hard-earned money.


  • It has a sturdy structure even when it’s wet and less likely to hold up.
  • The Kleenex Cottonelle Ultra has passed our test for softness and seems to have satisfied its customers in that department.
  • It is in the lead among the 2-ply toilet papers because of its thickness.


  • The decomposing takes a lot of time and so there is a danger of toilet clogging.
  • Less value for money as the customers seems to pay for air in hope of more tissue.


4. Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper

The logo says it all ‘Don’t get clean get Charmin Clean’. It pretty much sums up what this product has to offer. It is popular for giving you grizzly bear hugs and being extra-gentle on your skin. The customers just seem to love how soft and light it feels negating all those poor quality rough toilet papers that seem to have prickles grown all over them. Ouch!

Apart from being a softy, this product has to offer loads more. It does not only gives cuddly bear hugs but also showcases thickness like bear skin. It is a 2-ply toilet paper and offers amazing thickness that has us all in a shock. The customers just love how thick and good quality material has been used to make these sheets.

The thickness brings its own advantages. It gives the tissue more surface area to absorb and retain liquid. Making the Charmin Ultra Soft really charming in its absorbing skills. Once you would start using this brand, it would be very hard to make a switch to something else until Charmin brings out another product by the name of Charmin Ultra’s Daddy.

The Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper is for those who hate wet tissues leaving off residue. But that’s not the case here, as this grand product is very strong when wet where breaking and leaving residue is out of the question. So you do not have to worry about cleaning very time your kid uses the toilet paper.

This is an amazing product and has won the hearts of many but like everything it also lacks in some places, for example, it is quite strong when wet but unlikely as it is it’s quite flimsy when dry. So it can be shedding or shredding easily. Like other product, it also has a slow decomposing time making the toilet likely to clog the toilet in future especially if your plumbing is not capable of taking the pressure. Another flaw that we found in this product is regarding the Charmin not providing a lot of value for its customer’s money, by giving less tissue per roll. But overall is quite an exceptional product.


  • The Charmin Ultra is Ultra soft like the name suggests.
  • It is very good in thickness and absorbing.
  • It is quite strong in holding up when wet.


  • Not very strong when dry which causes shedding.
  • Less value for money as they weight per roll is not very high.
  • It is not made up very good biodegradable products making it hard to dissolve quickly.



5. Angel Soft Double Roll Bath Tissue

A house with kids can be a zoo sometimes. With someone spilling, someone puking, some sitting on the toilet seat, shouting for their mom. Well, a household like this is bound to run out of toilet paper. And so keeping that in mind Angel Soft has brought its users with an easy way out where they can also benefit from the economies of scale.

Angel Soft has brought forth toilet papers which are extremely absorbent and soft like an angel’s touch. A one-stop solution for all your child related problems. This 2-ply toilet paper comes in very handy and due to the large stock you will not be running out of it any time sooner. It is a 96 roll packet, with 264 square sheets per roll making a total of 25,344 toilet paper sheets. Woah! That is a lot of sheets to have.

And purchasing this huge pack would make you save a lot of dollars that otherwise would not have been spared if you bought these many rolls separately. Other than that there are other advantages of buying the Angel Soft Double Roll pack.

It is a septic-safe tissue paper that you just need to flush out after use. And the amazing technology and material used to produce this paper make it dissolve very quickly without any danger of clogging the toilet. That is a big advantage for you considering the number of people who are using the toilet every day, making it very likely for the toilet to be clogged at all times if a cheap quality paper was to be used. The unscented material also does not trigger any allergies or create any problem for a house filled with kids, making it a great product to be used around kids.

The packaging is very cute and very easy to open which even allows your kids to easily open the pack and replace the paper on the holder, ready for use. But watch out for toddlers who would take advantage of the easy open and may end up TP-ing your bathroom in seconds.

The only thing that seems to be lacking in this amazing product is that it becomes very weak when wet which can cause the tissue to leave behind residue. Other than that it is a perfect product and has been given the green signal.


  • The huge packaging is perfect for a household with many members or even restaurants and hotels, never letting you run out of toilet paper.
  • The soft and absorbent texture makes it reach the top of our list.
  • You can save a lot of dollars buying this huge packet, enjoying economies of scale.


  • A little weak when wet.


6. Scott 1000 Toilet Paper

We all have been using toilet paper for ages but now it’s time that we use the right one. And on our list of Best Toilet Paper another entry was made by the Scott 1000.

It is a 1-ply toilet paper and despite that it delivers surprisingly good results. It is quite a popular brand and has engineered one of a kind toilet paper. Its strength while dry or wet is phenomenal, leaving off no residue whatsoever. So wipe away without worrying about any shredding from the toilet paper.

Also, it has been made of an anti-septic material which does not allow any bacteria to form on the toilet paper, giving its users a hygienic environment. This is the bonus for all those who has extremely sensitive skin that seems to get irritated very easily. After use, you will also agree with us and would become a fan yourself like we have.

Although it has amazing strength and thickness, the Scott 1000 lacks in absorbency because of its 1-ply structure. Also, it is tilting a little to the rough side, where customers have complained it to be not so soft like the other brands. The thin paper does not allow the tissue to retain water and so that results in the tissue being delicate when dry, tearing off and shredding in the bathroom.

But apart from that, it dissolves very well, actually one of the quickest to decompose leaving your pipes less strained. The Scott 1000 also takes care of its customers giving them value for their hard earned money for choosing the Scott 1000 over many other brands.

The sheet count is 1000 per Scott roll nominating it as America’s longest lasting roll, making it ideal to be used where there are a lot of users like hotels or during parties. So buying one of these would have you worry-free for a long time as it’s not easy to use up all 1000 sheets in a day!


  • The Scott 1000 dissolves off very quickly which makes it safe for RV’s and boats.
  • It gives a very good value for your money, total of1000 sheets per roll.
  • It is quite sturdy when wet which is impressive work for a 1-ply tissue paper.


  • Not very quick at absorbing because of the thin paper quality.
  • It feels a little rough to use on the skin.



7. Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper

Another one from the Charmin company and this time they introduced something different and yet useful. It’s there Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Roll with extra sturdiness and no wastage what so ever.

Are you looking for a toilet roll with extra strength whether wet or dry? Then you have come to the right place. Brace yourself because your prayers have been answered in the shape of Charmin Ultra Strong. Now gone are the days when you would waste sheet over sheet for a better wipe because this product provides a better clean using lesser sheets to gain the same results.

It is a 2-ply tissue but actually provides you with double strength. Its design has been inspired by washcloths, which can handle strength and cleanliness single-handedly.

Apart from it being the strongest in town, it is also a softy at heart. Our test came back with positive results, leading the Charmin Ultra Strong to be Ultra soft as well. This feature makes it one of a kind product because normally toilet rolls lack one or the other, but Charmin Ultra Strong has beaten the odds and created a master piece.

We loved this product but we had to be a little skeptic because it’s actually too good to be true. And so we did find some minor flaws.  Although the Charmin Ultra Strong has Roto-Rooter approval but still we found it’s dissolving time to be a little lengthy. Not too serious to get your toilets-clogged but still slower then many.

Putting that aside we have found Charmin Ultra Strong to be a perfect fit for hotels, restaurant or a household with many members because its mega roll pack includes 24 rolls of 308 sheets each, making it very economical and good value for money.


  • Mega roll packs enough for the whole family to use.
  • The material used to make these toilet papers is very sturdy, allowing it to hold up when dry or wet.
  • Absorbing skills are amazing, just one wipe and all mess was gone.


  • The decomposing time is a little more than other brands.


8. Georgia-Pacific Envision Toilet Paper

Georgia-Pacific’s an American paper company based in Atlanta. It is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributor of paper products. And so has made to our list of Best Toilet Papers out there. It is known was making life’s simple necessities.

It is a first to our list that offers toilet paper made with recycled material. It is for those customers that are greatly concerned about the environment and want to make a change by using environment-friendly products such as this one. This product is certified for reducing environmental impact by the EPA and Green Seal.

What makes the Envision stand out is that uses chlorine free processing while saving energy and water both during production. The sustainable material used to make this toilet paper is 100% recovered material including 25% post-consumer recycled material.

Envision is a simple product with no fancy wrapping and is on a mission to save the world. Although it has been using recycled material to makes it toilet paper it has left out no room for complaints. Customers have complimented it for its absorption skills, quickly soaking up all the moisture. Its thickness and durability have also not failed to impress us. While being made of sustainable materials Georgia-Pacific has met high standards and so it gets high marks from us on that achievement.

Apart from giving all the high-end brands a good competition, Envision has secured itself a seat in the eyes of environmentalist which has given it quite a fan base.

It comes in individual wrapping making storing and usage easy. Now you don’t have to fight with any plastic wrapping to get to your toilet papers, after opening which you expose your other rolls. But that’s not the case here; Envision has truly thought about it and has brought single-wrapped toilet papers for easy access. Now store the rolls in your supply closet or one the shelf just pull one and get to work.

The Envision roll offers 550 sheets per roll with attractive emboss stretching out along the toilet paper. It is a 2-ply toilet paper with great absorbency and strength, whether dry or wet. So worrying about any leftover residue because that’s not how the Envision rolls.

It is great to be used in residential or commercial areas, where you can buy it in stock and store it for future use. It comes at a very reasonable price leaving no reason for you not to choose it. It was not as soft as we would have liked but it would work just fine.

This little roll is a proof that you can be an excellent product without damaging the environment and so has won our hearts over completely.


  • The Envision is made with environment-friendly material and has exceeded EPA guidelines.
  • It is quite absorbent and leaves out no room for mistakes.


  • Not the softest material that we have seen.


 9. Charmin Ultra-Soft Toilet Paper

You can never go wrong with Charmin toilet paper as nothing has ever felt better than this. The consumers have agreed with the name and have really rated it as one of the softest toilet paper out there. Being kind to your skin, this absorbent paper is perfect for your daily use. You can now use it in the bathroom, have a pack ready at your dresser to wipe off your makeup or just have some stocked in the storage closet ready to wipe away any mess that your toddler makes.

This versatile product comes in a 2-ply thick sheet, made with the plushiest cotton out there. Making it feel like silk being poured over your body.

The thickness gives the paper a lot of space to soak up moisture or any dirt from the surface in one wipe. The extra absorbent material of the Charmin Ultra-Soft does not allow for a second wipe as it does all that in one single stroke. It is quite a handy product especially if you want your household affairs to run smoothly.

The sturdy exterior gives it really strong fibers that hold up well especially when the paper is wet. Meaning it would not leave out any residue behind like other low-quality brands that leave behind mess while cleaning up the mess. How ironic. But that’s not the case here; Charmin is a high-quality product and has definitely reached our fav list.

The added cushions on the paper sheets act as vacuums and absorb 4x more moisture than before. That makes you useless and absorb more. The anti-septic paper used to make these toilet tissues does not house bacteria, leaving any room for any infections or spread of germs.

Charmin has introduced the Ultra-Soft in several packaging making this one the family roll pack, containing 9 rolls for the whole family to use. This economy pack has got your back especially on days when you have guests over for stay and extra toilet paper is needed.

But be careful if you have a fussy plumbing because the Charmin Ultra-soft is not the fasted to decompose leaving your pipes to handle a lot of used up toilet paper waste.

Apart from all the hassle, the Charmin has proved to be a great product and is known to do its job well done. And that all at a very nice price that would not put a strain on your pockets.


  • The family pack brings tissue for the whole family to use.
  • It’s extra soft and extra absorbent while cleaning.
  • The price is spot on as the product is worth it.


  • The material takes a little longer to decompose and until then it may just sit in your pipes, endangering your toilet to get clogged.




Benefits Of Using Sustainable Toilet Papers

Do you know it takes 384 trees to make the amount of toilet paper that one man uses during his lifetime? That’s an alarming rate and that many trees to be cut down will definitely not have a good impact on our atmosphere, leaving room for global warming and increase in pollution. But what to do?

Well, if you had asked that a few years back the answer would have been nothing. But today’s technological advances have led to the creation of ‘sustainable toilet paper’, which is environment-friendly and is made with recycled material.

Research shows that every ton of paper recycled saves 13 trees, 2.5 barrels of oil, 4100 kilowatts of electricity, four cubic meters of a landfill and finally 31,380 liters of water.

So GO GREEN and stay clean.

In order to save the environment, we are not asking you to stop using toilet paper but make an easy switch to sustainable toilet papers made with recycled and biodegradable materials such as plant fibers. There are some pretty amazing brands out there that offer good-quality, soft recycled toilet paper like Georgia-Pacific’s Envision mentioned in this article.

These toilet papers have EPA’s approval and so bring forth what would be less harmful to the world we live in.


Many brands use tactics that fool the customers into believing that they are recycled products.

  1. Packaging: many packaging materials have the number four or LDPE (low-density polyethylene) written on it. These fancy words may fool you into believing that this packet is made using recycled material but that is not the case.
  2. Environmental Support: another form of greenwashing is the use of environmental organization logos to be printed on the pack, giving the impression of the toilet paper made sustainably. But don’t be fooled as this means that a few of the company’s profits would be donated to this organization.

The actually sustainable toilet papers would have that written in print on the packaging that this product is made with sustainable materials. So don’t settle for anything less, take a little pain and do your bit for the environment, even if it’s as little as switching your toilet paper kind.

Factors to look out for in Toilet papers

The man has evolved so much from the start of time that he has even considered living on other planets but the one thing that remains constant is the use of toilet paper and so we would surely be needing them after we land on Mars!

We tested toilet papers on their:

  • Absorbency

One thing that all toilet papers should be good at is being able to retain water. And on our list we have rated brands on their absorbing skills so that you guys would be able to get the Best Toilet Paper ever made.

The method of cushioning or using emboss to create more surface area for the tissue to soak up moisture and bring its consumers an improved level of cleanliness.

  • Softness

Toilet papers which are soft to touch are the way to go. So that they can be kind to you and of course to your tushi. But the real test in not by hand but in the stall because the softest to touch may not be the softest after all.

Also, toilet papers have several other uses like wiping off makeup, using to clean spillage and wiping hands of kids. To carry out these tasks the user must ensure first that the surface of the toilet paper is quite soft in case you scratch your make off instead of wiping due to the rough tissue surface.

  • Dissolving Time

Clogged toilets are a lot of mess and nobody would want that to happen, not in a million years. So choosing toilet papers with quick dissolving rate would do nicely. This also remains an important factor to consider in case you are the owner of a house with finicky pipes. And poor plumbing can give up if it’s put under so much pressure, so be kind to your pipes and choose a more biodegradable toilet paper.

The toilet paper is made using small fibers of trees which estimate the dissolving time. The smaller the fibers the quicker the decomposition and vice versa.

  • Strength

Also considering the strength of your toilet paper whether wet or dry needs attention. You don’t want your toilet paper to tear haphazardly when pulled off the roll or crumble away when wet. Nah ah! We don’t like to roll like that. The thickness of the paper is also a factor of strength. The thicker the paper the more sturdy it will be. Any brand which offers toilet paper with more than 0.1 inches of thickness is our go to brand.

It is also important for the TP to show strength wet or dry because it will leave off residue either way. So look for the perfect combo of strength to eradicate the dilemma of shedding.

  • Looks matter

Yes, you heard us right. Looks in toilet paper is important. The cheap paper would have tiny holes, tears and thin spots which would indicate that they will not be good at their job. Toilet paper should look good, all full and healthy sitting on the holder ready to be of any service.

Also, the use of attractive emboss makes the toilet paper look very handsome, adding the extra touch to your bathroom décor. Also, there are toilet papers available in different colors like black and red used by celebrities e.g. Beyoncé. So if you are really feeling fancy then go pick the most exquisite looking toilet papers out there.

  • Value for money

Many brands offer more length than the price that they are charging. So it would not be a bad idea to go for such value-added products to save a few bucks every month.  Also weighing your roll would let you know if you are getting what you are paying for or the packing is just fluffed with air to make it look heavier.


We are sure that until now we would have been able to convince you guys about how important toilet paper is and so choosing the best one will make your skin thank you later.

So kick out those thorny monstrosities from your home and pick one from our list of Best Toilet Papers to enjoy a clean and smooth life.