Best Travel Baby Bottle Warmer Portable in Australia

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Access to warm milk is a necessity when you have a baby. At home, you have access to microwaves, stoves and other electricity that enables you to heat up a bottle quickly. However, if you are away from home, finding a way to warm up a cold bottle for a crying baby can be a challenge. One solution is travel bottle warmers. For parents and caregivers always on the go, portable bottle warmers that require minimal planning, such as the WarmZeIiamo Go and Tommee Tippee, can be lifesavers. To learn more, read our articles on travel bottle warmers.

Travel Bottle Warmers: What to Look For

Once you have a baby, leaving your home and going somewhere becomes more difficult and requires preplanning. However, with the right supplies in your diaper bag, you can leave the house for a lunch date or travel long distances with your baby. A portable bottle warmer in your bag enables you to leave the house at a moment’s notice and still be able to warm your baby’s milk. Look for a bottle warmer that is portable enough to fit in the diaper bag and easy to use when you are on the go. Equally important are the warmer’s features that ensure the speed of the warm-up and the temperature of the milk is best for your baby.

In order for a baby bottle warmer to fit into your diaper bag, it needs to be portable and intended for use without electricity. The majority of travel bottle warmers are compact and use various technologies to heat up the bottle, including sleeves, gel packs and bottle inserts, and you even plug some of them into your car. Most of the bottle warmers are either small enough to be kept in a pocket of your diaper bag or come with a carry case.

While portable bottle warmers are intended for use on the go, many of the products are not allowed by the Transportation Security Administration. If you plan to use one on an airplane, make sure you choose a portable bottle warmer that will not be confiscated by airport security.

Different travel bottle warmers use different heating technology. As such, the bottle warmers differ in how long it takes to heat the bottle and how long the bottle stays warm. Most portable bottle warmers take somewhere from 15 to 30 minutes to heat a bottle. With some of the bottle warmers using chemical reactions to create heat, you may be wary of harmful substances being used to create the phenomenon. Ensure that the bottle warmer is free of BPA (Bisphenol A) and phthalate, an acid used most commonly in plastics.

Most travel bottle warmers are reusable. Thus, they require time to either sterilize or prepare the heating element. While you can use them anywhere, if you need to prepare the heating element, you need access to electricity or hot water. Bottle warmers that are insulated or come with an insulated case keep the bottle warm, or cold, for a longer period of time.

Ease of Use
Many bottle warmers require prior planning. Some require boiling water to reactivate the heating element or a car adapter to work. Several rely on a one-time-use heat source to warm the bottle and eliminate preparation time altogether; however, you will need to spend more money to replace the heat source. Ones that require minimal planning, are reusable and can be used with ease when you are trying to calm a hungry baby are the best bottle warmers.

Help & Support
In case you have any questions or concerns about your bottle warmer, the companies’ websites offer support phone numbers, email addresses and links to their social media pages. Most of the companies have a FAQs page to address common questions customers have had with the products.

With babies, everything takes twice the time and requires planning on your part. Whether you are simply running errands or traveling across the country, a travel bottle warmer allows you to leave your home and feed your baby anywhere. While the bottle warmers still require some forethought, they offer you the freedom to be away from your home or electricity for an extended period of time.

The Bestsellers


The WarmZe bottle warmer is a compact and simple bottle warmer that you can take anywhere. While the heating wraps are not reusable, it eliminates the time you would spend boiling and reactivating wraps. WarmZe is easy-to-use heat wraps and has a compact.

You can easily tuck the WarmZe bottle warmer into your diaper bag and take it everywhere with you. It is both lightweight and small. The bottle warmer includes a cover for the heat wrap to protect both the bottle and your hands, called a Bottlesoc. The Bottlesoc comes in several different designs and helps keep the heating wrap in place.

The warmer pack is air activated and makes this the best bottle warmer for airplanes. Unlike heating wraps with gel, you can pass through TSA with it in your carry-on bag and warm your bottle at any time during the flight. The bottle warmer works just as well for shorter trips in the car. You simply open the wrap, expose it to the air and it begins heating up immediately.

In comparison to other travel bottle warmers, WarmZe’s bottle wrap does take longer to heat a bottle. You need at least 30 minutes to heat up a bottle and even longer if it is chilled. However, as long as you know your baby’s schedule, it should not pose any problem. You simply activate the wrap a half hour before feeding time. The wrap heats the milk at a slow and steady rate that preserves all of its nutrients.

While it takes a long time to heat up, it also stays warm for a long time. The wrap keeps the bottle warm up to eight hours, which is helpful for long trips when your baby will eat multiple times within that time frame. If your baby takes a long time to eat, you don’t have to worry about the bottle cooling off and spoiling before your baby can finish it.

What makes WarmZe’s portable bottle warmer so convenient is the simple process it uses to warm a bottle. Unfortunately, the air-activated heat wraps make it so you can only use the product once and have to replace each wrap that you use. The process can become costly depending on how often you use the WarmZe bottle warmer. However, the warmers are environmentally friendly, nontoxic and don’t leave a carbon footprint after you throw them away.

The heat wrap’s cover not only protects you and your baby’s hands from excessive heat, but it also insulates the bottle and keeps it warm. With the wrap’s long life, you can put the wrap and cover on multiple bottles throughout the eight hours. As a wrap, it fits around the majority of baby bottle brands. However, the cover that holds the wraps works best with slimmer bottles.

When chemicals are used to create a heating element, it is always safe to err on the side of caution, especially when your baby is involved. The WarmZe travel bottle warmer is BPA- and phthalate-free, alleviating this concern.

The WarmZe is one of the easiest travel bottle warmers to use on the market. In fact, you could even have your children use the warmer to get the baby bottle ready. Unlike most other bottle warmers, which use electricity, discs, coils, boiling water or cars for power, this bottle warmer simply needs access to the air to warm up. This makes it an especially convenient option if you have other children who can help you prepare a bottle.

While it is simple to use, it does take time to heat up. Depending on the initial temperature of the milk, it can take 30 to 45 minutes to heat a bottle. Some preplanning before your baby eats is necessary. The bottle warmer requires no preparation time, though, and you do not have to clean the cover unless you spill milk on it.

The company offers several different support options. You can contact its customer service via email and telephone. You also can submit questions by filling out a form online through its website. The site even features a FAQs page. In case you want to follow WarmZe, it has several different social media profiles. The company has a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

The compact design, simple heating process and long-lasting heat wrap make WarmZe the best travel bottle warmer for long trips or flights. The bottle warmer even works for simple trips to the store because it is so easy to use. You do not have to prepare the bottle warmer in any way, nor do you have to clean up afterward. It is a convenient and effective bottle warmer.


Iiamo Go

The Iiamo Go Bottle Warmer is a compact, self-heating bottle. This travel bottle warmer requires no preparation, since the cartridges are not reusable, and heats up milk within four minutes. It has a short heating time and a compact design.

Unlike with other bottle warmers, you do not have to boil water, activate heating elements or plug anything into another electrical source to use the Iiamo Go. This portable bottle warmer uses a simple chemical reaction between water and salt to heat the bottle. The bottle includes the Iiamo Warm, which is the heating cartridge where the chemical reaction takes place, and the Iiamo Flow, which is the teat. The process occurs in the bottle, making it so you can heat up your baby’s bottle anywhere. However, you must purchase the heating cartridges separately.

You can use the Iiamo Go on car trips or plane rides. It should pass through the Transportation Security Administration and can be used on airplanes as long as you fill the bottle under 3.4 ounces. The 1.6-ounce saltwater heating packets should not be a problem; however, Iiamo suggests carrying the instruction manual to show proof of how the chemical-to-heat process works.

With several parts to the bottle, it is still compact. The different pieces fit inside one another, so you can fit everything in your diaper bag. If you are going on long road trips, bring extra cartridges, since they are not reusable and only hold heat for 20 minutes.

The Iiamo Warm heating cartridge takes four minutes to heat the milk in the bottle if it is already at room temperature. The bottle only holds 6.1 ounces of liquid; however, you

The Iiamo products are BPA- and phthalate-free, making them safe for the environment as well as your baby. While this makes the bottle less cost-effective, you do not have to worry about reactivating heating elements before you leave the house, and you can use the bottle anywhere.

The Iiamo travel bottle warmer comes with several pieces that help it adapt and grow with your child from the baby to toddler stages. You can replace the teat with the Iiamo Drink, which is a drink spout designed for toddlers. While the bottle has several pieces, it disassembles quickly, and you can wash all the pieces except the heating cartridge by hand or on the top rack of a dishwasher.

Putting the bottle back together and preparing it for your baby is easy and convenient when you are on the go. You simply remove the cap, teat and sealing disc and fill up the baby bottle to the brim. You replace the teat assembly and insert the Iiamo heating cartridge last. Then, all you have to do is twist the bottom of the bottle back on, which triggers a chemical reaction between the salt and water mixture. If you shake the bottle, it helps the heating element produce heat and warm up the bottle.

Iiamo has an extensive support section with a telephone number, email and FAQs page. However, the company is based out of Denmark, so you might want to consider online support first. The website has important information, including how to use the bottle, how it works and other useful links to help you. You can connect with the company on Facebook as a resource as well.

While the Iiamo Go portable bottle warmer only stays warm for 20 minutes and you have to replace the heating cartridges after each use, it truly is an on-the-go bottle warmer. You do not have to prepare the heating element or wait too long for the bottle to heat up. It is a travel bottle warmer built for parents who are often away from the home and need an alternative way to heat up their babies’ bottles that does not require preparation or electricity at any time.


Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature

The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle Warmer warms up a bottle of milk faster than most other travel bottle warmers. You simply place your baby’s bottle in boiled water and wait for it to warm. This bottle warmer involves a simple heating process and has an innovative design.

The bottle warmer includes an insulated flask, screw cap, pourer and beaker. While they all fit inside one another, the portable bottle warmer is bulky, making it awkward to carry around or put in a diaper bag. Once you fill it with water, it becomes even heavier.

This portable bottle warmer does not require electricity and uses boiled water as a heating element. You just put boiled water into the insulated flask. When you need to heat up your bottle, you simply pour the hot water into the beaker and put the baby bottle in the water.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the Tommee Tippee bottle warmer on airplanes. You can get past the Transportation Security Administration and onto the plane; however, the bottle warmer must be completely empty of water. You might be able to get a flight attendant to fill it with hot water, but you shouldn’t count on this.

Depending on the heat of the water you put into the flask, the bottle warmer takes three to five minutes to heat up a bottle, which is significantly faster than other bottle warmers. The warmer is insulated, keeping water warm for 12 hours, which makes it the best travel bottle warmer to use for long car rides or camping trips. The flask works just as well to keep liquids cool.

The travel bottle warmer is designed to only work for Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature baby bottles; however, the warmer’s design resembles a thermos and could hold other bottle brands as well, as long as they are not too wide. You can reuse the bottle warmer, which makes it a cost-effective option. The materials used to make all of the different parts of the portable bottle warmer are BPA- and phthalate-free.

Other bottle warmers require you to purchase additional heating elements or prepare the heating elements by sanitizing and boiling them. The Tommee Tippee bottle warmer simply requires you to boil water, pour it into the insulated flask and screw the cap back on tightly. When you need to heat your baby’s bottle, you fill the beaker halfway and put the bottle inside, and it begins heating up immediately.

You can contact customer support by calling a toll-free number or submitting your questions on the Tommee Tippee website. The company has an advice center and FAQs, but they are not specific to this travel bottle warmer. You also can contact the company through its various social media profiles. It includes manuals for most of its products online; however, the bottle warmer’s manual is not located on its site.

While the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle Warmer is bulky and heavy when it is filled with water, it keeps baby bottles warm longer than other portable bottle warmers do. The simplistic design makes it easy to warm up your baby’s bottles on the go and requires very little preparation to make it work.



While the activation and sterilization process can be confusing, the Yoomi Bottle Warmer is compact, easy to use and quick to heat up milk. The bottle warmer includes a cap, teat, collar, warmer and bottle. The parts all fit within one another, making it easy to carry in your diaper bag.

While the Yoomi bottle warmer should pass through TSA and can be used while you are on a plane, you should be wary, because the warmer has a liquid inside of it that turns into a solid when the warmer is activated. The Transportation Security Administration may prevent you from checking the bottle warmer because of this.

Because of the sterilization and charging process, you need access to a stovetop, sterilizer or microwave. The only part of the bottle that needs to be recharged is the warmer piece. To charge the warmer, you can boil it, microwave it or use an electric steam sterilizer on it. These processes vary as to time required, but you must allow the Yoomi warmer to cool down before you use it. This takes 75 minutes at room temperature. You can put it in cool water for 20 minutes, but then it is no longer sterile.

To reduce preparation time, you can boil several warmers at once, since the warmers are charged indefinitely until you activate them. However, if you do not use them right away, they will be charged but no longer sterile. To eliminate the long sterilizing and cooling routine, Yoomi suggests using sterilization solution, which is much quicker.

When the portable bottle warmer is charged and sterilized, and you have put it back together and clicked the activation button, it heats your milk within 60 seconds. The bottle warmer only heats the milk that your child drinks. The milk goes through the bottle, past the collar and over the warmer. This process prevents the remaining milk your baby does not drink from spoiling. The warmer remains warm for an hour, so you can feed the remaining milk to your baby later. You can reuse the warmer piece 150 times before you should replace it.

The on-the-go bottle warmer includes all the pieces of a bottle you need to feed your baby. It even features six anti-colic vents that suck the air out instead of letting it in. As such, you cannot use any other brands of baby bottles with it.

Unlike other bottle manufacturers, Yoomi only sells bottle warmers. The website includes instructions, how-to videos, FAQs, tips and articles about the travel bottle warmer. You can contact customer service by phone, email or on the website. You can also connect with Yoomi on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Though the reactivation and sterilization process can be difficult and time-consuming, the Yoomi Bottle Warmer heats milk quickly – and only the milk your baby drinks. The design of the bottle makes it compact. You can easily slip it into your diaper bag and use it on the go immediately.



The BambinOz Bottle Warmer immediately starts heating up milk after it is activated. The bottle warmer requires reactivation before each use and preplanning on your part to warm a bottle before your baby gets hungry. The bottle warmer only keeps bottles warm for three hours, making it best suited for short trips or running errands.

The portable bottle warmer uses a thermal heating pouch composed of a sodium acetate solution. To activate the heating element, you click the metal disc and the chemical reaction heats the pack. Once activated, the solution becomes a gel-like substance. Because the thermal pouch is liquid, you cannot get it past TSA or use it on an airplane.

The BambinOz travel bottle warmer is not one you can just grab and go. The heating pack requires reactivation before each use. You must boil the pack for 5 to 10 minutes or until it is in a liquid state. This can be inconvenient if you do not have access to a stove to boil the water.

The heating pack, whether in its liquid or gel state, is lightweight and compact. It comes with an insulated traveling case so that you can tuck it away in your diaper bag; however, the metal disc is sensitive and may activate the pack if it is touched.

This on-the-go bottle warmer usually only takes 10 to 20 minutes to heat up milk. It may take longer depending on the initial temperature of the milk. While it requires some preplanning, the bottle warmer heats your baby’s bottle quickly and effectively. Plus, it is reusable and BPA- and Phthalate-free.

The heating wrap comes with a Velcro fastener, making it adjustable and able to fit around the majority of bottle brands. The wrap alone keeps a bottle warm for up to an hour. It includes a carrying case. If you put the bottle and wrap inside the case, it will keep the bottle warm for three hours.

The thermal pouch can be used to either heat bottles or chill them. If you place the pack in the refrigerator for an hour, the insulated pouch will then keep the bottle chilled for up to three hours.

BambinOz offers a phone number and email to contact its customer service. You also can submit questions directly on the website. The company has several social media profiles, including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, which you can use to connect with them. Unfortunately, BambinOz does not have a FAQs page, but the website does have a user guide for the bottle warmer.

The BambinOz bottle warmer does require preplanning both to reactivate the bottle warmer and to heat up the bottle before your baby is hungry. However, it effectively warms a bottle for three hours and can even keep bottles cool. The bottle warmer is easy to activate, and the thermal case helps protect the bottle warmer from being accidentally activated.


Make My Day Bottle Warmer

The Make My Day Bottle Warmer has a fast-acting heat agent that can warm up your baby’s milk in as little as 15 minutes. However, the portable bottle warmer does require reactivation before each use, which requires preplanning on your part.

Before using the travel bottle warmer, you must activate the heating agent by placing it in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes. The heating source is a thermal pouch that uses salt and water. When the pouch is ready, it will appear as a liquid. By clicking the metal disc, a chemical reaction begins turning the liquid into a gel-like substance that heats the entire pouch and your baby’s bottle. Since the bottle warmer is composed of liquid, it will not pass through TSA and cannot be used on an airplane.

This on-the-go bottle warmer requires reactivation before each use. After reactivating it for 15 minutes, it takes an additional 15 to 20 minutes for it to warm up your baby’s bottle, so you must prepare ahead of time to make sure your baby will eat on schedule. The bottle warmer includes a neoprene sleeve to protect you and your baby’s hands from the thermal pouch. The thermal pouch and sleeve are both compact and will fit in a diaper bag easily. However, the metal disc is sensitive and heats up the pouch if it is touched.

Unlike other bottle warmers, the Make My Day warmer can keep bottles warm or cool. Instead of activating the chemical reaction, you place the pouch in the refrigerator to cool, so it can then keep a bottle chilled. Whether you heat or cool your bottle, the bottle warmer is effective for up to three hours.

Since the bottle warmer is a wrap, it fits around most bottles; however, it may not fasten around wider bottles or work as effectively. The neoprene sleeve also restricts the height and width of the bottles you can use.

The company’s website offers support through telephone, email and social media. The company has offices in Australia, California and Hong Kong, with emails and telephone numbers for each base. It also lists Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram profiles that you can follow.

The Make My Day Bottle Warmer heats bottles in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, the heating element does not last more than a few hours, and you have to reactivate it before each use, making the portable bottle warmer more suitable for short trips or errands.


Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer

The Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer uses a car adapter to heat up a bottle. The warmer includes a timer and lights to help you use the warmer at any time during your car ride. While the warmer limits your use to a car, it is an effective travel bottle warmer for long-distance trips. The warmer even fashions a handle to make it easier to use in the car.

The bottle warmer requires zero preparation. You simply plug the warmer into your car’s lighter and it starts heating the bottle immediately. The bottle warmer and adapter are not very portable, though. The heating band is made of fabric and wraps around the bottle. The car adapter has a bobble at the end of the charger that features LEDs and a timer. The adapter makes the warmer bulky, so you cannot collapse the entire casing into a diaper bag without taking up a lot of room. The warmer does not include a case or protection for the adapter, making it more susceptible to unnecessary damage.

Unlike other car bottle warmers, the Munchkin warmer provides more than just heat. The adapter has a timer display on it so you can warm the milk for a set period of time and avoid overheating. The adapter has an on, off and select button to help you choose the right settings. It also lights up so you can see it at night.

The initial temperature of the baby bottle greatly determines how long the warmer needs to heat up the milk. The portable bottle warmer typically takes 15 minutes to warm room-temperature milk. If the milk is chilled, it takes at least 30 minutes to warm the bottle. As long as you plan ahead, you can heat up the bottle to fit your baby’s feeding schedule.

The Munchkin bottle warmer is easy to use. You simply plug in the adapter and wrap the heating pad around the bottle tightly. The wrap is adjustable, so you can use it on most bottle brands. Once you select how long you want the bottle to heat, it immediately begins warming the milk.

On the company’s website, you will find the customer service telephone number and email address. The site also has links to Munchkin’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube pages. Its FAQs page for all of its products is helpful.

The Munchkin Travel Bottle Warmer is easy to use when you are on the go. With the LED timer and adjustable heating wrap, you can use it any time of the day and on almost any bottle. Unfortunately, the warmer does take a considerable amount of time to heat up a baby bottle, but if you plan ahead, it can serve as an effective tool for a hungry baby.


Prince Lionheart On-the-Go

The Prince Lionheart On-the-Go Bottle Warmer helps you stick to your baby’s feeding schedule, even when you are away from home. Once it’s prepared, you simply bend the metal disc in the pouch and it begins heating your baby’s bottle immediately. While it is convenient after it is prepared, this travel bottle warmer requires boiling water to activate the heating pad and lots of planning on your part.

This portable bottle warmer does not use electricity to heat up a bottle. Instead, it uses heating pads that require activation before each use, which is inconvenient when you are in a hurry. To reactivate the heating pad, you boil it in water for at least 15 minutes, after which you must wait for the water to completely cool before removing the pad. The entire activation process can take 30 minutes or more, not including the time it takes to actually heat the bottle. The bottle warmer takes an additional 30 minutes to heat the bottle.

Unfortunately, the Transportation Security Administration does not approve the heating pads because there is a chemical solution in each pad, so you cannot use this bottle warmer for any air travel. Since the heating pads require boiling water, you’re limited in where and when you can use this portable bottle warmer.

While the insulated case helps with portability, you have to take the bottle out of the case and remove the heating pads before giving it to your baby. Both the pads and the bottle remain hot, making it hard to handle the bottle and potentially dangerous for your baby to hold.

With headquarters in California and offices in Europe and Canada, Prince Lionheart has a network of support options available to customers worldwide. You can call or email customer service with any questions or concerns or search the FAQs page. You also can access the instruction page for the product on the website.

While the Prince Lionheart On-the-Go Bottle Warmer effectively warms bottles when you are traveling, you have to devote time to planning all of your trips, as the bottle warmer requires activation before each use. Also, be aware that the hot pad and bottle can burn your hands or your baby’s. Between the long activation and heating time, this bottle warmer does not serve as a quick method of heating your baby’s bottles.


Diono Warm ‘n Go

The Diono Warm ‘n Go Bottle Warmer heats up baby bottles using a car’s lighter. While this limits when and where you can use the bottle warmer, it heats up a baby’s bottle quickly, making it a good solution for long car rides with babies.

This travel bottle warmer is composed of a simple sleeve made out of neoprene material and a power cord that connects to your car’s lighter. As such, it is portable and can even be tucked away in a diaper bag or the glove box. Since it is a simple sleeve, though, there is no pouch or area to store the power cord, which makes it hard to store. When you’re using it, you can hang the bottle warmer or put it in a cup holder, since the top and the bottom of the sleeve are open.

The insulated sleeve is surrounded by a heating element that insulates the baby bottle to keep it warm. As such, the sleeve is ineffective at keeping bottles cool. Between the 360-degree heating wrap and a thermal element, your baby’s bottle heats up in 15 to 30 minutes. The process heats the milk evenly and keeps it from getting too hot. As with other car bottle warmers, anticipating when your child will be hungry reduces how long you have to wait for the bottle warmer to heat the bottle.

The stretch neoprene material of the sleeve allows the bottle warmer to fit over many baby bottle brands. Bottles with a wide neck, such as Dr. Brown’s bottles, may not fit in the sleeve.

You can connect with Diono in a variety of ways. The company has a phone number listed on its website. Instead of email, it uses a ticket system. You send in your questions and concerns, and it sends a username and ID to your email. At that point, you can log in to the site and find the answer to your questions. The site also has a FAQs page that addresses most questions you will have about the company or product, or you can connect with its social media accounts. Diono has Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram profiles.

The Diono Warm ‘n Go portable bottle warmer is an effective tool you can use to heat up your baby’s bottles on the go. It warms up a bottle quickly and evenly. Unfortunately, you can only use the bottle warmer in the car, which limits its uses.


Dexbaby Automobile Bottle Warmer

The Dexbaby Automobile Bottle Warmer is designed for the long car rides you take with your baby. The travel bottle warmer has an adjustable heating strap, so you can use it on most baby bottles. The warmer includes a hanging strap so you can hang it up on the dashboard for easy access. Otherwise, it can sit in the car’s cup holder.

You can easily store the bottle warmer in your diaper bag; however, it takes up a considerable amount of space. The bottle warmer does not come with its own case, so you will want to find a safe place to store it. Unfortunately, the portable bottle warmer only works in cars. If you are traveling on an airplane, you will be able to check the bottle warmer, but you cannot use it without a car’s lighter.

This car bottle warmer only takes 15 to 20 minutes to warm a bottle from room temperature. If the milk is cold, it takes longer. To ensure the bottle warms up in the 20-minute range, you need to plug the adapter into the car lighter to activate the heating band at least 25 minutes before you start warming the bottle. With so much demand on time, the bottle warmer requires planning ahead if you want the bottle ready by the time your child is hungry. Additionally, the Dex Products website suggests testing the bottle’s temperature every five minutes, which is impractical when you are traveling with a baby.

The adjustable heating band makes it so you can use the travel bottle warmer on most bottles and baby food jars; however, the bottom of the warmer has a heat pressure sensor. If the bottom of the bottle you are using is curved, it will not fully touch the pressure sensor, and that affects how evenly your milk is warmed, if it is warmed at all.

You can contact Dex Products by phone or email. Unfortunately, its website does not feature a FAQs page or links to its social media pages.

The Dexbaby Automobile Bottle Warmer requires preparation an hour before your baby eats. The warmer effectively heats up bottles that naturally fit into the bottle warmer; however, curved bottles heat unevenly if at all. The bottle warmer works effectively on long car rides as long as you plan ahead.