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26 Aug

Cleaning The Car Leather And Plastics Interior

For many car owners cleaning of interior is a therapeutic act because of the person’s state of mind regarding the car interior appearance. For maintaining the car interior’s new finish they need a proper washing and polishing.

Cleaning of car interior is not only look good but also it have a great on the health of car passengers. SO for that purpose you need a proper car cleaning after a specific time period that most of the car workshops recommend.

There are many car interior issues that a car owner may face which include:

  • Dirty fabric seats & door upholstery
  • Dirty car leather
  • Dirty car carpet
  • Dirty car dashboard & Plastic area
  • Dirty car windows
  • Musty smell due to dirty air conditioner

These issues may damage your car and reduce the life of your car. For a long lasting car interior you must maintain it by cleaning it each month.

Leather and Plastics Dirty Will Influence Your Car

First we talk about why it is necessary to clean the interior of your car. When you are driving your car get a lot of dust and grime while you are driving with open windows or roof. Sometime due to negligence of your kids any sticky material will fall on any of your car interior.


The dirt and grim on the lather and plastic parts of your car interior make a bad influence on your friends and family which are going to a long drive with you. So avoiding this shame during the drive and to have a great look of your car you need a proper car interior cleaning periodically.

If You Do Not Clean What Happens

If you don’t took a proper cleaning of your car after a specified time period or at the same time when any sticky material fall on the interior of your car it may damage the interior of your car. Dust and grim are the main thing that dull your car interior. And the car interior look awkward to you and other passengers that are driving in your car.

If your kids had fallen any sticky material on your car try to clean it as soon as possible. Otherwise it can damage the interior as well as also attract the dirt and grim on that place. This will leave a spot on your interior and may cause the serious damages to your car interior.

Solutions Available For Car Interior Cleaning

There are variety of car interior cleaning products that are available in the market. But until you have a proper way for cleaning each of the car interior you can’t get the best results. There are different method that you can use for car interior cleaning some of them are mentioned below:

Spot Cleaning Stains

There are different type of stain that can damage your car interior which include stubborn stains, ink stain, Coffee stain, greasy and oily stains, Blood & vomit stains and much more. Each type of this stain have different method for removal. Let talk about some methods for stain removal.

  • For removing the stubborn strain use the stain remover after pretreating the leather conditioner and wipe after thirty seconds.
  • For removing the ink strain use the mixture of alcohol or hair spray with water. Apply this on affected area of ink stain and wipe with a clean cloth after some time.
  • For removing the stain of oily and greasy stain you need a mixture of water and any paint thinner. But before applying this mixture make sure the thinner don’t effect the lather or plastic material. Apply the mixture for 4 to 5 hours and then clean with vacuumed cleaner.
  • For removing the coffee stain try to use the water for dilution of coffee spot. If the coffee spot is still there try to use the dish washing liquid or any detergent on that spot and leave them for a time. Then wash this spot with warm water and then dry it with any hair dryer.
  • For removing the stain of vomiting you must use a mixture of water and baking soda. Apply the mixture on the stain and blot with a clean cloth. This mixture also help you to reduce the smell of vomiting.
  • For removing the blood you don’t need any soap or warm water as it will spread the stain. Try you use sold water and clean cloth until the stain will vanished.

Cleaning Of Plastic Interior

For cleaning the plastic interior part of car including center console, dashboard and other plastic area you can use a mixture of laundry detergent with water. Apply this mixture on plastic and rise. Dry the surface with a clean cloth. For shining of plastic surface you can use plastic polish.


There is different type of polish available in the market that you can use for different type of plastic. If you need a less shiny plastic surface with natural view there are also many polish available for that purpose in market.

Cleaning of leather interior

Car leather is very delicate. So it is necessary to use the formulated products for the cleaning of the leather interior. Each cleaning products have their own features. Some of them are used to make the leather shiny and slippery while other are used to make leather interior sticky or tacky.


You must keep in mind the following things while doing leather interiors.

  • Keep in mind that before using any cleaning product try it at a small area to check to avoid any product effect on leather.
  • Use the cotton towel rather than using the paper one as it cause the scratches on leather.
  • Be careful when using the cleaning products on the shifter knob and leather wrapped steering wheel because these products will make them slipper which may cause the uncomfortable during driving.
  • Leather seat crevices will be cleaned soft brush attachment vacuum cleaner rather than vacuum hose because it may cause the scratches on the leather.
  • For cleaning the overall lather seats use the leather cleaning agent or any leather conditioner. Apply the cleaning product on a towel and then wipe the seat with that towel.

Benefit of Doing It This Way

By using the above mentioned method you can save a lot of money on car interior maintenance and replacement. These methods help you to maintain your car interior for a long time. All material used in the above methods are available at cheap rates in any home supplies store near you. So it’s a cost effective and easily to access way for car interior cleaning.

Tip for Preventing Leather and Plastics Messes

Buy Car Seat Covers

For the protection of a car seat you need a seat cover. You can easily get different patterns and colors according to your own choice. These cover are available in all type of seat setting you can either buy it for front seats or back seats. These covers are easily washable and you can save a lot of money on seat cleaning products.

Use the Stain Repellent

It’s a stain are best way to make it difficult for stain to settle on any interior of your car. Which help you for long lasting all of your car interiors. You can get these stain repellent from any of your local home supplies store.

Try To Clean Messes and Spills Immediately

Clean all of the messes and spills before these things are settle down in your car. So try to remove it quickly otherwise it may cause unpleasant smell as well as hard to remove from you car.

Avoid Use of Food and Drinks in Your Car

You can eliminate the risk of any drink falling accidents in you can by simply banning the food and drinks on your car. Which help you to reduce the chances of messes and stains for long lasting interior life,

Keep Your Car Tidy

You can reduce the chances of potential stains of coffee, fast food bags, grease and other drinks that you drink in your car by just removing the car garbage after each drive.

Remove all the things that melt if there is hot weather outside like crayons and other things. These type of products easily melt on your car interior as the car inside temperature is hotter than outside environment.

Do car Vacuum Regular

If you make a regular schedule for vacuuming the car you can easily remove all the dirt and debris from your car. Which will not allow these products to set in the seat as well as other parts in the car. You can set car vacuuming according to the use of car. But it’s better to do car vacuuming on each weekend.


If you are looking for a cost effective and easy to access solution for car interior cleaning then you must try the above mentioned method. Which help you for a long lasting maintenance of your car interior as well as save you money from extra expenses for interior replacement and repairs. Good Luck