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26 Nov

How to Handle Different Obstacles on the Mountain Bike

At one time or another everyone is new to mountain biking. Normally, all of us go through the process of learning how to handle different obstacles on the trails. Here is how to handle different obstacles on the mountain bike.

Urban obstacles- Some of the most common urban obstacles include potholes, cars, and dogs. Just like grates, you should try as much as possible to avoid potholes. Just because you are riding in an area set aside for bikes does not mean that you are free from these obstacles. Potholes can damage rims, and even pop up tyres. Always ensure that you avoid them as much as possible. As a cyclist, you must realize that most drivers are not expecting you on the road. It’s, therefore, very important to stay alert and ride carefully clearly indicating all your intentions. More so, even though dogs are great pets, if you think you cannot outrun them, stop and walk your bike out of their territory.

Tree gate- When a group of trees grow close to each other they can make riding really challenging. In fact, they can keep you from being able to ride directly through your usual place or at a normal angle. In case, you are approaching them stand up on your pedals and use your body to pivot around them. Alternatively, you can turn the front tyre of your bike and lean to one side so that you can be able to get one side of the handlebar through. Once you are done, reposition your body and turn the other way to easily swing your other half through the gate.

Steep descents- The reason why this can be tough is that you can be heading downhill at a very high speed. If you hit the front brake you are likely to be thrown over the handlebars. The first thing to do is to be patient. Although it’s the most dangerous it’s very important especially if you are learning to mountain bike. Make sure that you are comfortable and steady before you can tackle this. However, when moving down the steep do not be tempted to touch the front brakes because this is likely to cause a fatal accident. Instead, use your back brake. If you have to immediately turn back a hill, shift your weight back to the front and start pedaling immediately. Next, use the momentum that you gained to carry yourself back up.

Water, leaves, and mud- Before passing through a stream or water puddle it’s vital to first check the depth. There might be a large rock or a hole hidden under the water that can seriously mess you up. Once you are sure that there is nothing dangerous, ride through the water at a full speed. After crossing, hit the breaks to squeeze the water off the rims. Also, be extra carefully of wet leaves as they can make your rims slip from under you. Although they are not that dangerous they need your attention. More so, if you must ride through the mud hit it head on and pedal through it. Avoid leaving the trail to go around the mud.

Sharp turns with obstacles- A sharp turn can be tough to maneuver and when it has an obstacle it becomes even worse. Remember, obstacles such as rocks and roots may keep you from choosing what may be the natural line and force you to adjust around it. For you to avoid these obstacles, you only need to balance and master your core strength. While making a sharp turn, it’s important to lean instead of just turning your handlebars. This will help you keep your momentum and turn much sharper. The difficult part is doing this over an obstacle. You can stand on your bike and make very quick sharp turns around the obstacles.

That is how to handle different obstacles on the mountain. Once you master them you will have no problem.


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