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09 Sep

How To Hook Up Tweeters

If you love the sound and are a fan of EDM (Electrical Dance Music) you will want the car you buy to have an audio system that can fulfill your requirements. Meanwhile, charging for a car with high-quality sound is not easy at all. The alternative solution for the problem is to hook up tweeter to your own car audio. In that way, you not only save money but also make sure you have the most satisfactory sound system.

But why and when do you need the tweeters in your car? The tweeters are the devices to cover and adjust the frequency before their signals are transmitted to the speaker. Those devices will help the speaker to reach the level that it can not reach in normal conditions.

It is essential for you to install a tweeter as it will enable you to lower or higher the sound to suit the song. For example, you can increase the bass of the woofers or vice versa. The changing frequency will make sure your car is dynamic and lively enough.

Gather the tools

You should assemble the tools you need for hooking up the tweeter, the tools are various as there are many types and brands of cars. Basically, you will need a screwdriver that is suited for your car, and some other tools like a driller if your car has not had the tweeters before.

Find the appropriate placement to locate the

The tweeter, in fact, can be detached everywhere in your car, there is no exact rule for installing the device. You can place it at the location you think the sound can be balanced in the car, and suit the interior of your very car. You should find it convenient for you too, Depending on the design of the car, you should seek a place that will not harm your car after installing the tweeters.

There is some common place where you can find the tweeter in the other car. In some cars with factory tweeters, you can find it on the sail panel or on the dashboard. This design is quite popular, especially, on the modern model. You might want to attach the tweeters right there too because the construction of your car is quite the same.

The model comes with the old tweeter, if you want to replace it, you find one of the same size and put it back in the place it used to be. It is easy to do with the corner of the door, but for the dashboard, you need a bracketequipment, and the right tools to deal with it.

The tweeter’s position can be at the upper of the front doors as the devices will work better at the front door. At the front door, people have to dig a hole in the panel to place the tweeters. You should do it carefully unless you will ruin the appearance of your car.

Disconnect the power

You have to disconnect the power that comes from the battery to make it safe for you while attaching the tweeter to your car. You might get an electric shock if there is still electric flow in the wires. Besides, disconnecting the circuit will ensure that no troubles happen with the other electric parts.

Locate the speaker then take out the panels

Then, find the place of the speaker, you will need to figure out where it is in the car. To make it easier, you can find it in the car manual, or on the internet. When you find the speaker location, that is high time to take out the panel in that place.

You can not access the speakers as well as the tweeter (in case you want to change the old one). The panels blocked the access, so you need to open them before you can touch the speakers. But removing all the panels really takes time, so be sure that you make a wise choice.

Knowing the placement of the speakers means that you do not have to disassemble whole the car to add in the tweeters. Detecting the location will save your effort and time to do the task. Taking all the panels out to seek the speakers is a bad option. That is the thing you only do when you can not locate the speakers in your car even after asking friends, and mechanics, searching on the internet, and reading the manual instructions.

Remove all the stuff out of the car

After you have discovered the speakers and the tweeters in the car, you can take them out of the car to make the work easier. You will see the wire is quite old, if you feel that the old wires are not good, or they can be broken in a day not too far, you can change it.

To uninstall the things, a screwdriver is needed, it is quite easy and won’t take you so much time. But do it carefully, you will not want to twist any wires that you accidentally break while taking out the stuff.

Set up the crossover

A crossover is an option for you, you can consider by yourself whether to connect it to your speaker or not. Some people say it is not necessary, while few give their opinion like the crossover will make the better sound. Put it on or not, it is your choice, You can consult the one who has already used it to make sure you make a wise decision.

And, if you really think that a crossover is a thing “must-have” in your car, you should tap it with the source power. You should ensure that the positive and negative of the device, as well as the main source, is connected correctly. Otherwise, it will not work.

Twist the wires

The majority of people, have to pay for the extra wire as the wire of the tweeters is quite short and not enough for people to make the connection. If you change the old wires with the new ones, you should make sure the length of the wire is enough when you assemble them in the car.

You should make sure the twist is firm, check the knot after you have twisted it. If it loses when you check, you can unknot and then do your twist work again. The twist might be disconnecting after you reinstall them behind the panels. So, make it strong unless you will have to start over the task.

Also, you should remember to make the twist of the speakers and tweeters firm just as the connection of the wires. Take it seriously and you will have your payoff.

Set the right frequency

The frequencies should be changed to suit your “taste”, adjusting the frequency till you figure out the best one for you. Even though doing that way is quite time-consuming, there is a tip for you whether you are confused about adapting the frequencies.

You should set the tweeters to high frequency and for the woofer to be low, many people describe it as it is the suitable way to make a good sound or it is better than the other. Thus, hope this way can satisfy you.

Check the sound of the system

After you have done your work with the audio system, you should check the sound coming from the system again before you put it back inside the car. You can adjust it a little bit to make it sound better for you.

Try the new system with your favorite song, you can realize some things need to improve. Do not check your car with the new song you have never listened to before. Think about that, How can you compare the quality of the system to the song that you hear for the first time?

You do have not anything to compare with, you can not see the limits (if the new audio system has). An old favorite song that you remember every detail will give you the overview of the tweeters you have just added. Another choice is you can record the sound before you change or install the tweeters in the car.

Drill the hole for the tweeter

Before you relocate the stuff back to the car and cover it with the panels, you have to drill the hole. The hole should be fit the device and not too large, just fit enough, By doing that, your car will look better than a big hole on the surface of the panels.


When you drill the hole, you need to make sure you have already measured the sizes of the devices. Using the rulers, caliper, and pen to drill the hole with accuracy. Mark the spot you need to dig, and carefully make the hole to prevent mistakes.

Replace the tweeters back to the car

If the sound seems okay to you, you can put the tweeter and the wires back into the car, assemble the panels, and firm it by using the screwdrivers. Make sure you put it back in the original place of each device. You should also ensure that the device is attached probably and all the screw is tightened on its hole.


After you complete the work with the first one, repeat the steps to install the others. The process is also the same. You can add as many as you need but usually, two are enough to blow your mind. You should read the manual about the audio system to have the best experience with the audio system.


Now your installation is completed, you can enjoy your work, turn on the radio, and find your favorite playlists. From then on, music is your company no matter where you go, or when it is.