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05 Sep

How to: Vacuum detailling Carpet and Interior

Is a car a valuable belonging you have spent on? So I’m sure you will want to keep it clean, tidy and shining all the time. car appearance takes a lot of effort to maintain, just only one option between two, it is your car clean or you need to pay for the car wash service. However, there is a way for you to meet the appearance and economic requirements. That does the cleaning on your own, you just need to set aside a bit of time to do this. By doing that, you save your money, you maintain your car. If you don’t know where to start, does not worry this writing will give the advice you need.

Gather all the tools you will need

To vacuum your car and clean the interior, you will need some tools, don’t let your work interrupt. You can prevent that by making sure all the equipment is right next to you before begin to work on the task.  A missing tool while you really demand on it will drive you crazy. Don’t make your work to be a torture.

Things you will need to do the vacuuming is a car vacuum cleaner (of course), an old toothbrushdifferent attachments, some “equipment” is optional like a spray-on cleanera soft cloth a mask (because when you remove the mats as well as doing the cleaning, there will be a lot of dust in the air). You should think that protect your health is the long term investment.

Pick out the trash, bottle, paper/plastic cup, and the belongings from the car

Wipe out all the trash on the floor is a good way to save your time. For the first time, I tried to take the trash out when I was vacuuming, but it seems not really work. From then on, I feel it is better to take out all the trash on the floor.

You should pay attention for the opened can or bottle as well the paper and plastic cup, which might still have the water and soda pop left in there. It is very annoyed to clean the coffee in the mat too. Bear in mind, you should take these things out gently. Especially, for some people habitually do not drink up their beer can or leave a third coffee cup in the car, this step should be taken carefully.

Some subject can stick in the hose of the vacuum cleaner, take it out is much harder than clean the trash on the floor. Besides, the objects in the car will prevent the vacuum to pull the dust into the canister. This is a small step but it will enhance the performance of your device.

You should take out the valuables too. By doing it, you can avoid some lost belongings. No doubt that you still can open the canister or the bag to search for your lost stuff, meanwhile, the dust will be everywhere. Then, again, you have to vacuum because the place you have just cleaned now being a mess.

Get the mats out

Keeping the mats inside the car, which can harm for your back. As you have to bend your back while you clean the car. It also not good for your legs as you need to crouch down. Take the mats out means that you will not struggle inside the small car.

Further, removing the mats out help you to vacuum it easier, your mats can be cleaner. Outside of the car, you will have more space to vacuum it from multi-direction. You can move from the right to the left, and vice versa. From the in front of to the behind then the opposite direction. Doing like that will reduce the dust much more than just one direction.

Shaking or beating the mats to let the dust fall out

The mats will be full of dust, and small rocks as your shoes are untidy after you walk outside. Shaking and beating will remove the dust and rock stick in the mats. Doing like that is quite essential since dirt and debris sometimes can not be pulled out by the car vacuum cleaner. Take the idea in your mind that your vacuum needs help.

More important than the reasons are cited above. The rock in the mats actually can damage your vacuum. As the rocks are pulled inside the vacuum, they will have to go through the hose and the canister it will impact these part of the device. The rocks can also ruin the fan when the fan is spinning at the high speed, the impact of a small rock can make it broken immediately.

Work from the top then moves down

To do the task like a pro, you need a wise plan, which is a necessary movement before vacuuming. Clean from the top to the bottom, while you are vacuuming and trying to clean the top, the dust will fall down. In reserve, you begin the work from the floor, you will need the deal with it again as the dust drop from the higher place.

Another reason is that when you clean, the dust will not fall out directly, it is “hung” in the air for a time before it falls down. Move along the downside, when you move the floor the dust has already fallen in there.

So when you begin to work, remember to deal with the seats first then come to the other part and the floor is for final. In this way, you will not spend too much time and effort for vacuum work.

Clean the seat

Like I have said you will need different attachment, to clean the seats, the brush attachment is ideal. There are dust and debris on the surface of the seat, for most of the case, it can be wipe out easily. The bush is the plan B to make sure the stain can be brushed out from the seat.

You should also take it mind that you should not push so hard on the seats, which can scratch it. Give the medium pressure on the surface unless you will break the leather. The seats of the car are quite expensive therefore you should be careful while cleaning the surface of the seats.

Vacuum the floor

Move the seat back and forward will make the space for you to vacuum the inside of the car easier. Depend on where you vacuum you will adjust the seat to support for you, in the front the seats will need to move back and vice versa.

To clean the floor, you can use the wide attachment, it will vacuum more dust in a time. You also need to repeat in the same spot for few times, which will guarantee your floor have no dust. The floor is the place for dust, thus, spend more time for it.

Do not ignore the pedals and the area around it as it hard to reach

Somebody do not care enough for the area that is hard to reach and the seams. The area around the pedals is an example, it often gets dirty and need cleaning. These part also needs to be a vacuum to make the whole car clean.

If you feel it is not difficult to reach that area, put on the other attachmenta narrower, the smaller one can make your work roll on more smoothly. It can reach the area you can not clean by hand; the seams are not an exception. When you see a challenging area, change the attachment.

Use the spray on cleaner

The spray-on cleaner is optional, it is not compulsory, nevertheless, it is quite useful to remove the stain. The spray on cleaner will eliminate the stink in the car, make you feel more pleasant to breathe, more fresh air.

Some spray specifically made for the seats or mats can make it more soft and last longer, you should consider whether using or not. But, if you want to take one, find the cleaner that is most suit to your car and for yourself. Some people have the allergic problem with the chemicals in that product. Therefore, choose the one that is okay for your nose and your health.

Remove dust from the seams

This is time to use the toothbrush, you can do your extra work at the seams, especially at the window. Clean out all the dust in there make your car looks nice. Some people complain that place usually has a heavy layer of dust, and the car vacuum cleaner does not really take its job. The brush teeth will assist for the devices very much.

When using toothbrush, again, you should be careful since you will not want to scratch some part of the car. You will make it clean, nice, shining after you done the vacuum work. Now look at your car, is it satisfied to you. Congrats, you desert for what you have done.