Ninja BL660 Professional Review

Features of the Ninja BL660 Professional Blender

The Ninja Professional blender is designed carefully to provide heavy duty blending functions. It is made to provide different kinds of useful functions such as mixing beverages, food processing, mixing dough and even crushing ice. It is made so to provide an all-around utensil for the kitchen.

  • The blender provides touch operation system which greatly improves its functions and gives it a futuristic style.
  • It has incorporated six heavy duty razor-sharp blades for various blending needs. Its blade is strong enough to crush ice easily, which other blenders are not capable of.
  • All of its components are 100% dishwasher safe. Cleaning will be a breeze when using this blender. One will only dismantle it and place wash it by hand or place in a dishwasher and everything will be cleaned thoroughly.
  • The blender has also a blade-safety function which provides the user that extra safety precautionary feature.
  • The blender also comes with a stylish serve cup which also has a blade system which can be used to make small drinks and various kinds of beverages.
  • It has a stylish stainless exterior. Stains, dirt and grime can be easily wiped off without any fuss.
  • It has rubber stands which will make sure that the blender will not slip or skid when in use. Rubber stands is an important safety feature, especially with the enormous blending power it provides.

Reviews for the Ninja BL660 Professional Blender

There are many reviews one this new blender provided by clients worldwide. These are a compilation of reviews posted in various sites on the internet. It shows people’s comments, reactions, complaints and praises on this new, heavy duty professional blender. These are some of the positive reviews on the Ninja BL660 Professional blender.


A number of reviews on the Ninja BL660 blender praise its excellent safety features which really help in avoiding injuries when using and cleaning this type of blender. The safety features are really appreciated, especially with the knowledge that it has a powerful motor which can easily crush ice. It is immediately important for users to make sure that there is some kind of safety feature built in this blender to safeguard the user from injuries.  The Ninja BL660 blender has different kinds of safety functions which will help users avoid unfortunate injuries due to accidents and mishaps.

The blender is also a good equipment to create various kinds of beverages such as smoothies which can be exceptionally done using the Ninja BL660 professional blender. There are reviews by customers telling their experiences in making smoothies for months and still haven’t experienced any trouble with this blender.

Another feature which makes this blender attract good reviews is its design. The slick black design and its squared-off corners is really a new design for blenders today. It can be easily stored even in cramped cupboards and really looks stylish even when placed in a corner. The design makes it appear more valuable that it really is and can be compared to high-end blender designs which can cost up to thousands of dollars.

Various websites that sell this blender receive relatively a large number of positive reviews. Most of which praise its design, function and blending power. The Ninja BL660 uses more than 1,000 watts of electric power to provide that supercharged blending feature which makes it capable of crushing hard objects such as ice. Its durable engine is strong enough to mix dough and be used as an improvised mixer. It is one of the best features the Ninja BL660 professional blender provides its users.

Also, ease of cleaning is one of the major features attracting good blender reviews. One can easily dismantle this blender and place it all inside a dishwasher. Cleaning it thoroughly will never be a problem as it has a non-stick surface which makes your capable of literally wiping the stains off with a cloth. Many are really happy with the features and functionality, the Ninja BL660 professional blender provides.


These are some of the negative reviews this blender received. These reviews also are derived from online posts of customers voicing out their observations on this one of a kind blender. Most of the negative reviews focus on the ability of the blender to “finely” crush ice. Though it can easily create smoothies by finely crushing ice, there are instances where chunks of ice are still present and not that smoothly crushed. This is one of the major features which attract negative reviews. Another is the sharpness of the blade. As it is really razor sharp, cleaning it by hand and when dismantling it can be frustrating and injurious. However, most of the comments and reviews provided by customers all find the Ninja BL660 a nice blender to have. These are some of the major reasons why the Ninja BL660 professional blender has received negative reviews.

Various uses for the Ninja BL660

The Ninja BL660 blender is capable of many functions, which is perfect for many food and drink recipes. These are some of the various uses this blender is perfect for.

Ice Crushing

For most blenders, ice crushing is out of the picture. It is important to understand that crushing ice is not that easy, especially for hand-me-down blenders. There is always a possibility of failure or malfunction especially if the blender doesn’t have the power to crush ice effectively. Chucks of ice can get lodged in the sides of the blade which can halt its rotation and can cause damage. Worse of all, there are blenders with brittle blades which can chip and break while blending. There are chances where chipped metal may mix with the food which may be hazardous, even lethal to people. It is important that only the strongest type of blenders be used as ice crushers. Luckily, the Ninja blender is one of those types of blenders which are capable of crushing ice. Though real ice crushers can crush ice into snow-like consistency, the Ninja BL660 can easily get the job done.


This blender is perfect for grinding all sorts of ingredients, ranging from nuts to coffee. It can really create a fine texture which is perfect for most recipes. The ability of the Ninja BL660 to grind is its incredible 6-blade system, which can easily “pulverize” any amount of nut, coffee and such. It is perfect in creating peanut butter; create powdered nuts to sprinkle in various dessert recipes. One can really rely on the Ninja BL660 when grinding is concerned.


Its 1,000 watt powered motor is strong enough to turn this blender into an all-around mixer. One can incredibly mix dough using this blender. Not only can it grind, crush and whip, it can also mix. This is an incredible function which the Ninja BL660 provides. No longer will you need another dough mixer for your cookies and pies as you can easily mix dough using this blender. It is an innovation which the manufacturers of the Ninja BL660 are proud to have perfected.

Whip, Puree and blend

As with most types of blenders, the Ninja BL660 is fully capable of doing these three basic features of most blenders. The ability to whip egg whites, puree vegetables and fruits and blend them all together is perfected in the Ninja BL660 blender. People will be very happy with the ability of this blender to really smoothen up mixes and in blending various ingredients together. Having this kind of blender in the house will surely make preparing recipes a breeze.


Having read all of the number of reviews written by customers, it can be safely assumed that the Ninja BL660 blender is one of the best blenders in the market today. Many are really finding this blender a very effective cooking utensil which should be present in every home today. The number of functions it provides places this blender among the best blenders ever made. Though there are some flaws, such as in ice crushing, is overall performance is incredible already. The ability to mix dough is one of the best features it provides. One can now save money from buying an extra dough mixer as this can easily do the job. Though it is not advised to use this blender for heavy duty dough mixing, it can easily manage regular home baking. The Ninja BL660 blender is one of the best smoothie maker machines produced to date and will surely become popular as many become familiar with its incredible features and functions.

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