Smart Ways To Use H2O For Weight Lose

If you are keen to lose weight with minimal efforts then look no further than around you, maybe in your kitchen. Yes, the H2O in your fridge is the solution for all your weight loss needs. It helps you in making your demeanor thinner and also give a very reflective and beautiful skin to you. There are immense benefits of water and the ways it can convert your body from something not so impressive to something highly attractive. Study says that there is a massive relation between these two terms: Water Consumption and Weight Loss. In this article, I would like to enlighten you about few steps that can help you get desired body by only consuming water in required proportion.

Pre-Meal Water Consumption

Food is something that we normally eat thrice in a day. We all have a standard timing when we consume meals. For a person who is eyeing for weight loss, normally it is suggested to make some changes in the diet habits as it is recommended to consume smaller proportions of food but on regular interval. Well, someone who consumes more water just before the meal happens to have less appetite for food. Water is a well known appetite suppressant. When you are going to take the meal and you happen to consume a glass of water just before the meal, you find yourself full and the urge to eat more than required is finished. Study says that by drinking water just before the meal help you in consuming 75 lesser calories every meal. So, you can very well imagine the reduction in calorie consumption at the end of the day. In this way, you can reduce 8 pounds of weight in a year, only with the help of water

Say Goodbye To Sodas

In daily life, you happen to consume a lot of sodas and juices for refreshment. Well, these all have immense amount of calories that do not let you reduce weight. It keep jotting up another set of calories in your body that you happen to reduce during your workout session. You need to put an end to the consumption of preserved juices and sodas and replace them with water. I can understand that water seems like a boring idea and it cannot replace the taste of a juice but can always use flavors in order to make it convenient and fun to intake. You can add lemon in it and make it tasty. By simply abandoning those surgical drinks in your life for few weeks, you will see the difference by yourself.

Be It Ice Cold Water

There is a very interesting cycle of metabolism in our body. It is recommended to drink ice cold water rather than warm or tap running water. This is due to the fact that when we consume ice cold water, our body struggle from inside to warm it up and hence the internal system is set to work. Ice cold water increase the metabolism in the body and it result in movement and workout of internal muscles. This way, more calories are burned. But before consuming frozen water, it is recommended to assimilate weather conditions. During summers, it can give you most refreshing feel.


Well, once your muscles get lubricated, you can easily hit the gym for an intense workout. We normally see that during workout, our body keeps alarming us for the consumption of water. It keeps our body hydrated and allows us to put in more muscle strength while working out. Well, this is it is said that for additional force and complete metabolism, water plays an essential role. You can incorporate it in your diet that you like to take just before hitting the gym and see the difference.


Ensure The Right Quantity

The most considerable part is that you need to follow a method. Nutritionists say that the intake of water for a purpose like losing weight has to be proportioned. It is suggested to follow 8×8 rules. This means that you are recommended to take 8 ounce glasses of water in a day to maintain right weight and shed of extra pounds. For people that hit the gym regularly and work out in addition, they need to consume more water as there is a lot of sweat while exercising and water automatically gets out of the body. If you don’t want to consume water as a substance then you can also incorporate other water rich substances such as herbal tea. You just have to ensure that whatever you are taking must be decaffeinated.

To conclude, all I can say that the demand of water by the body completely depends upon the size of the body and the activity level. Now you have to make sure how you want to prepare your body for right consumption of water.

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