The Different Types of Home Coffee Makers

In order to find the Best home coffee maker, it’s important to look over the types available to you. Coffee making is an art that most people try their best to master, but we seldom find a true master in the field. Only professionals are able to give us the joy of enjoying a true cup of coffee.

If you ever get a chance to talk to these professionals about the coffee making art, they will tell you that it all comes down to two things: the coffee beans and the coffee maker.

The Importance of good Coffee Beans

The best home coffee maker can only be the best if it as great coffee beans. So the first and the most important thing that you need to do is select the best possible coffee beans. If you are using a very good coffee maker but not very good beans, you will never be able to get the flavor you want.

It is very important that you buy freshly roasted coffee beans because the coffee beans start to deteriorate immediately after they have been roasted.

You can determine the freshness of the beans by looking for oil on the surface of darker beans. Once you have bought the beans, put them in airtight jar or container to ensure that they remain fresh for a longer period.

Next thing you will need to do is buy a coffee maker that will give you a cup of coffee so good that you will never feel the need to try anything else.

There are numerous companies who are producing a wide variety of coffee makers. Some well known names in the industry are Bunn, Cuisinart, Krups, Avantro, etc.

However, all of these companies produce coffee makers that fall in either one of the following categories.

Vacuum Style Coffee Makers

Seeing a Vacuum styled coffee maker at work is one of the most exotic things for any coffee lover. This type of coffee maker consists of two carafes. One carafe is filled with grounded coffee while the other, which is fitted under the first one, is filled with water.

The bottom carafe is then heated and the water is forced into the upper carafe so that the coffee and the water can mix together, this is called as steeping process.

After a few minutes of steeping, turn off the water heater and let the “filtered” coffee back to the lower carafe so that you can serve it to your guests.

The French Press

This is one of the traditional ways of making coffee in which the ground coffee and the water is put together in one single container.

Then you will have to manually lower the press which will cause the ground coffee to be separated from the brewed coffee and leave behind a tasty fragrant cup of coffee.

Pod Coffee Makers

If you wish to make a cup of coffee fast, then this is the right coffee maker for you. In this coffee maker, the hot water is forced to pass through a pod of ground coffee.

However, you must keep in mind that this coffee maker is good for only one cup at a time. It will take much longer to brew multiple cups of coffees.

On the other hand if your household has members who have their own individual choices when it comes to their cup of coffee, then this coffee maker will prove to be much more advantageous than any other coffee maker available on market.

Drip Coffee Makers

There are two types of Drip Coffee Makers: Automatic Drip and Manual Drip. Automatic Drip is the best home coffee maker for many people – it is very popular these days simply for the reason that it takes matter into its own hands and decides how much water and coffee is needed for a perfect cup of coffee.

All you need to do is pour water into the reservoir and the grounded coffee in its designated area. The automatic coffee maker will do the rest and provide you with a cup of coffee according to your taste.

The Manual Drip is very different from the automatic Drip. It required the water to be heated separately and then to be poured in small amount over the ground coffee.

This act allows the beans to open up to release the flavor. After this, you can pour the remaining heated water to make your cup of coffee.


You are probably already familiar with this type of brewing. It does not involve much except the pouring of boiling water over the ground beans again and again. But one of the disadvantages of this method is that the coffee looses its flavor due to boiling of water again and again leaving behind a slightly bitter taste.

Espresso Machines

This machine is meant for those who are not regular coffee drinkers but definitely like their cup of coffee to be strong and intense. There is a pump inside this machine that is connected to a water supply.

This pump is responsible for drawing, heating and pumping water from the reservoir and through the ground coffee. This drawing, heating and pumping process is the main cause of the forth on your cup of espresso or cappuccino.

You should now have a view which type of machine is the best home coffee maker that will fit into your lifestyle – and coffee breaks!

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