Waring Pro MX1000R Blender Review

Blenders have always been a part of every kitchen. It is a small machine but has a wide range of uses. From creating delicious sauces and creams to processing food ingredients for more complicated recipes, blenders are always one of the preferred utensils used by chefs worldwide. Among the large list of blenders for sale today, the Waring Pro MX1000R blender is one that is gaining popularity. A growing number of customers prefer to buy this blender because of its capabilities and features. This is a small review on the Waring Pro MX1000R blender.

Features of the Waring Pro MX1000R Blender

This blender is designed to provide all-around utensil for food preparation. It is deigned to be heavy-duty and resistant to wear and tear. It lacks considerably on various “blending” functions but it is compensated by its blending power. These are some of the features of the Waring Pro MX1000R Blender.

  • It has a 64 oz. polycarbonate plastic container instead of the tradition glass containers of featured in most blenders. Polycarbonate plastic is one of the strongest materials today. By using polycarbonate plastic instead of glass, the Waring Pro MX1000R blender is instantly transformed into a heavy duty blender capable of intensive blending and crushing needs.
  • 3.5 HP (Horsepower) motor to provide powerful blending and crushing ability. It is capable or reaching 30,000 rpm which really showcases the power this blender provides. Ice crushing, which is feature most blender do not have, is easily provided by this machine.
  • Longer blades to provide better blending and to utilize effectively the power of the motor.
  • 100% dishwasher safe. The blades cover and pitcher can be quickly placed in the dishwasher after each use.
  • Also has a 6 ft heavy duty power cord. It is important that such blenders have heavy duty power cords to avoid overheating, which can melt the rubber insulation.
  • Four robust legs to provide an effective support when in use.

Reviews for the Waring Pro MX1000R Blender

These are some of the reviews made by clients worldwide. These reviews are from various sites that sell the Waring Pro MX1000R blender. It shows customer comments, complaints, reactions and praises. Comments are summarized and the main points of various comments placed in emphasis. The review section is divided into positive and negative comments.


The main thing that makes the Waring Pro MX1000R one of the best blenders in the market today is its impressive motor. It has a 3.5 HP motor which is extremely powerful for a blender. It can be relied on to provide powerful crushing capability. It can easily crush ice, which is dangerous when low-quality blenders are used and also can be relied on to grind nuts, coffee and such.

This blender uses a polycarbonate pitcher instead of the traditional glass. Polycarbonate is one of the strongest types of plastic ever developed. This plastic type is used for making bullet resistant glass and for creating the cockpit canopy of the F22 fighter, which is one of the most advanced fighter plane to date. Using this type of plastic for this blender ensures to provide heavy duty features. One can easily blend large batches of ingredients without fear of breaking or damage. It also incorporates a non-slip handle to ensure safety while handling.

All movable parts of the Waring Pro MX1000R blender (except for the motor) are 100% dishwasher safe. This will greatly help busy mothers in cleaning. Also, this blender has four robust rubber-tipped stands which will ensure its stability when in use. Without a stable stand for this blender, it can easily topple due to the power of the blender’s motor.

The Blender is heavy enough to provide a stable base to hold it in place when in use. The power of the motor would easily throw a lighter blender around when turned on, but due to the 15lb weight of this blender, one can safely use it without even holding it in place when in use.

Longer and strong razor sharp blades are used to greatly improve the capabilities of this blender. With the extra length in its blades, one can crush, grind and blend more ingredients thoroughly and efficiently. One can easily crush ice due to the added length of the blades.


Many point out its rather bulky size for a blender. It is 19 inches in height, which may not fit snugly in many cabinets or cupboards. Also, its weight is also one of the features that received somewhat negative reviews. The Waring Pro MX1000R blender weighs at 15lb, making it a little cumbersome to carry around. Another thing is its noise when in use. As this blender has a powerful motor, it creates a comparatively loud noise compared to other blenders. There are also comments that its “paddle” switch may be easily damaged, especially when used frequently, however only isolated cases are reported.

Another source of negative reviews is its 2 blending speed. It has only a high and low speed setting which is limited compared to other blenders. However, because of the power of its motor, it is easily compensated. These are the negative comments mostly indicated by users. Sources of this comments come from various websites that sell this blender online.

Various uses of the Waring Pro MX1000R Blender

Because of the incredible capability of the motor used, the Waring Pro MX1000R blender has an added power to process a wide range of ingredients. These are some of the uses of this incredibly powerful blender.

Can be used to crush Ice effectively

It is one of the main features many buyers are looking for when choosing blenders. The ability to crush ice makes it more useful to people as many use blenders solely to prepare beverages and all sorts of drinks. Crushing ice can cause damage to blenders especially if it is not built to withstand it. However this blender makes use of strong blades and a powerful motor to easily crush ice in just seconds. Its 3.5 HP motor will surely crush ice easily and can achieve a snow-like consistency in seconds. Smoothies can be made to perfection with the use of this smoothie maker. People will surely love the ability of this blender to crush ice in such a way. Most bars and restaurants require such kind of utensil in their kitchen and the Waring Pro MX1000R blender is the answer to their needs.

Powerful enough to process meat

There are also stories posted by users in various review forums that this blender can be used to process and grind ingredients such as meat. The consistency of meat can be a problem when it is placed into a blender. One must have a powerful motor to easily chop its fiber and blend it smoothly. There are many kinds of recipes that require meat to be processed in such a way. The strong polycarbonate plastic pitcher is perfect for such heavy duty use. The strength of its plastic pitcher will make sure that it will not get damaged even when blending meat alongside with other ingredients.


It long blades can easily grind all sort of ingredients such as nuts, coffee and such. One can rely on this blender to quickly pulverize ingredients into a smooth consistency. It is perfect to grind coffee beans into a perfect powder which will make it taste better. Nuts and other hard food ingredients can be easily grinded without any fear of chipping the blade or overusing the motor.

Whipping, Blend and Puree

It is important for the user to regulate the speed of the blender to achieve a puree. Because of the power of this Waring blender, one can easily grind food ingredients thoroughly and not achieve puree consistency. However, because of the paddle switch, flipping from high to low can be easily achieved and precision blends can be made. Whipping can be a breeze with this machine as its power can easily achieve it. Also, one can mix ingredients with tough consistency such as batter, flour and even dough. It is a great addition to this blender that it can easily process such kinds of stuff easily and fast.


As one reviews the comments given by many people on this product, one can safely conclude that the Waring Pro MX1000R Blender is one of the best blenders in the market today. Its power is one of its main features that attract people into buying it. Also, it has a unique style which is beautiful for the kitchen. Its strength also convinces people to choose this above other blenders. The innovative use of polycarbonate plastic for its pitcher greatly increases its durability and use. One can now use this blender to process more ingredients at a time compare to other blenders. Though it has only 2 speed settings, the power of its motor and its capability to crush, blend and mix efficiently compensates to this “rather” limited capability. Overall, the Waring Pro MX1000R blender is a must have machine for kitchens everywhere. Anyone that loves to cook and spend most of the time in the kitchen must have this blender.

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