Where to Eat in Sydney?

Sydney is not only the tourist center but also the “face” of Australian culinary culture. Traveling to Sydney to enjoy delicious and attractive food is what any visitor will do, but where to eat, eat at any restaurant is delicious, quality and reasonable price when traveling to Sydney is not Every tourist must know. List of some delicious, cheap, quality restaurants that should go to the most when traveling to Sydney, Australia below will be a good suggestion for you.

Lentil as Anything Restaurant – Delicious vegetarian food in Sydney

Lentil as Anything Restaurant was established 15 years ago and has 4 branches, including one in Sydney. However, this is a delicious, cheap restaurant that must come once when traveling to Sydney, Australia, self-sufficient and economical, not a luxury restaurant as many people think.

Lentil as Anything has a fairly spacious, cozy space, lots of trees, and the staff is very friendly and fun. In particular, the menu of the restaurant has many attractive and typical vegetarian dishes of Australia as well as some Asian countries. If you are a fan of vegetarian cuisine, this is the ideal destination for you.

Address: 391 King Street, Newtown, Sydney

Lentil as Anything restaurant specializes in serving unique vegetarian dishes, so come once when traveling to Sydney


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The restaurant specializes in serving Chinese, Japanese, and Indian food in the heart of Sydney

New Shanghai, Chinese Noodle House, Chat Thai, Indian Home Diner and Takumi are restaurants serving Asian dishes in the heart of Sydney.

If New Shanghai and Chinese Noodle House are two restaurants that specialize in serving famous Chinese specialties in Sydney such as dimsum, dumplings, tender and frank noodles … then Chat Thai will make you captivated by reality. The menu of diverse Southeast Asian dishes is of course indispensable with Thai mango sticky rice, Tom Yum, … already.

New Shanghai Ashfield

If you are a fan of Indian cuisine, the Indian Home Diner is the place to enjoy delicious and cheap Indian food when traveling to Sydney for you. The main menu of the restaurant includes curries such as medium spicy korma curry, chicken curry or vindaloo curry, … and of course Kebab bread is indispensable. Alternatively, you can also go to the Flying Fajita Sisters to enjoy Fajita drinks, tequila and some Indian snacks while swaying to the vibrant music.

Indian Home Diner

Besides, do not forget to visit Takumi restaurant to enjoy Japanese dishes such as Kobe beef, salmon, fish eggs, soba noodles, sashimi, … in the heart of Sydney. The most popular attraction of Japanese restaurants when traveling to Sydney is not only delicious food but also unique “conveyor belt” service.


Takumi Japanese

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Places to eat delicious, nutritious and cheap bread

If you want to eat bread in Sydney, the Marrickville Pork Roll and The Soda Factory are the best choices. Although there are different cooking methods, both are the best and most famous sandwich shops in Sydney.

Marrickville Pork Roll Multiplies

While Marrickville Pork Roll makes you fascinated with crispy bread filled with BBQ, tomato meat or tuna … The Soda Factory makes you “remember not to forget” with the soft shell bread filled with meat sauce. greasy cream and thin sliced olives. And of course, the prices of these sandwiches are super cheap, only around $ 1 – $ 2.

Soda Factory

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The most famous restaurants and addresses serving fast food in Sydney

If you do not have a lot of time to travel to Sydney and have to take advantage of moving to the most special attractions in Sydney but still want to enjoy some attractive dishes that cannot be missed when traveling to Sydney, Australia, some The address, the restaurant specializes in selling delicious, cheap, quality fast food, so coming to Sydney here will be an ideal suggestion for you.

El Loco Restaurant: This restaurant is famous for its fresh menu from Mexico. And according to dining experience when traveling to Sydney for self-sufficiency and experience, we recommend you to eat Taco sandwich with crispy crust and full of sweet and sour taste.

El Loco

Mr Crackles Store: This is where you can find burgers with only crispy skin, sweet and sour salad. It only costs about $ 2 – $ 3 to have a full lunch.

Mr Crackles Store

Ocean Master: This shop specializes in serving delicious, cheap fast food, so it has been in Sydney for more than 20 years, and the fresh dishes here are served in the form of burger combo with salad. and dessert.

Ocean Master


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Beet hamburger Sydney

You can enjoy hamburgers all over the world. Each place gives you completely different versions and tastes. And when traveling to Sydney Australia, you will be treated to a very unique beetroot burger. This is considered a unique creation that you can only enjoy in Sydney.

Still two familiar layers of round bread, along with slices of tomatoes, lettuce, onions and minced meat, blended with ketchup, chili sauce and attractive mayonnaise. But the addition of beets in the burger will make this sandwich taste extremely sweet when eaten. The chefs here often chopped beets, but there are also many places to slice them. This is an interesting, unique Sydney delicacy that you should not miss.

Address: Burgerman, 116 Surrey St., Darlinghurst

Beet hamburger is a unique dish in Sydney

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Green curry pies Sydney

Green curry pies are a famous dish and a specialty of the beautiful city of Sydney, the clear answer to “What to eat in Sydney?”. The crust is made from wheat flour with the same texture as the pastry, after baking it will be crispy, moist and not dry. The crust when eaten has a fragrant egg flavor and a nice brown color.

The cake filling is elaborately processed from diced chicken breast meat, then rolled with spices, green curry powder, lemon juice, brown sugar and creamy coconut milk. The brisket is seasoned with a lot of spices so it is very rich. The cake also has more vegetables, tubers and fruits so that when eaten, they are not bored.

Address: Saigon Bay, 249 Oxford St., Darlinghurst

Attractive green curry pies

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Pavlova cake Sydney

There are many people who believe that “what to eat in Sydney” can not ignore the Pavlova cake which is a dispute about the origins of New Zealand and Australia. No matter where it originated, we cannot deny the deliciousness of this cake. And if you travel to Australia, you definitely cannot miss this Sydney delicacy.

Pavlova cake has a crust made from crispy flour, moist and soft inside. The cake is often garnished with whipped cream, blueberries or your favorite fruits. Pavlova is suitable for summer days in Sydney when you need fresh food. You can enjoy Pavlova at the bakery or buy the cakes packed in plastic boxes.

Address: Pavlova Pantry, 351 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci

Pavlova cake has an eye-catching appearance

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Seafood pizza Sydney

Pizza is probably a dish that few people think about when asking the question “What to eat in Sydney?”. But if you want to enjoy a delicious pizza, you should immediately drop by Made in Italy restaurant. With a rich source of seafood, seafood pizza in Sydney has a great taste.

Pizza uses fresh seafood, so when you eat it you will feel the delicious difference compared to the fast food pizza that you have ever enjoyed. The tomato sauce, basil leaves, cheese combined with seafood are extremely reasonable and eye-catching. You should enjoy pizza with a glass of Australian beer for the fullest taste.

Address: Made in Italy, 104 Miller St., Pyrmont

Seafood pizza is also a must-try dish when visiting Sydney.

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Grilled kangaroo Sydney

Have you ever thought that you will enjoy a dish from the symbolic species of a country. So, if you have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious grilled Kangaroo meat in Sydney.

Kangaroo meat is processed quite like beef. The meat will be grilled with garlic, pepper, salt, a little bit of butter and rosemary leaves to enhance the smell. To be more attractive, people also create sauces from fruits such as oranges, grapes, and plums to serve with barbecue. You should order the grilled meat just so that the meat will retain moisture and succulent when eaten.

Address: I’m Angus Steak House, The Promenade, Cockle Bay Wharf, Sydney

Strange but delicious food in Sydney

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Lamington is a famous cake, a symbol of Australian culinary culture. It is also honored to have 21/7 every year as the anniversary. If you travel to Australia in July, you will see every street appearing this cake. In addition, you can both enjoy and hear interesting stories about lamington cream cakes.

This charming and powerful cake was created in the early 20th century, and it still retains its original flavor. Lamington cake consists of two parts consisting of a soft sponge cake with cream cheese flowing inside and outside covered with a layer of dark chocolate chip with attractive grated coconut. When you eat, you will feel the charm when the cream flowing inside will blend with the soft cake, chocolate and grated coconut on the outside.

Address: My Little Cupcakes, 6 2 Ben Boyd Road, Neutral Bay

Lamington cake is eye-catching and sweet

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Meat Pie

Australians often enjoy grilled meat pies on weekends. Australian kids will get to eat meat cakes instead of school lunch boxes every Friday. That is probably a tradition that Australians have had since childhood.

The meat pie has a crunchy outer shell that has many layers, so the inside of the crust is still very soft when eaten. The inner filling is often used kangaroo meat or beef, pork with special sauces. A delicious cake is considered to have a thick, gift-free crust, and the filling cannot melt. This cake is very popular in Australia so if you do not know what to eat in Sydney during the “secret”, you can immediately go to the tide tea shops or restaurants.

Address: Harry’s Cafe de Wheels, Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo

Meat Pies is considered an Australian gift on weekends.

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