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14 Nov

10 Ways to Improve Your Mountain Biking

Do wish to mountain ride very fast? Or do you want the money and fame that come with being a good cyclist? Well, irrespective of what your ultimate aim is you must commence from somewhere. Whether you enjoy outdoor riding or you ride for fitness, having good biking skills and a lot of confidence will definitely give you much better experience. Below are 10 ways to improve your mountain biking.

1. Choose you riding partners well- Always ensure that you ride with people whom you like. Remember, if you feel stressed around your partners, trying to impress or keep up with them may not help you a lot. Always ensure that you ride with people who have similar goals and who can support you in your riding endeavor.

2. Put your bike in good condition- It can be hard to concentrates on your riding when you are hearing to strange sounds emanating from your ride. Basic bike maintenance takes only a very short time but can save you a lot in the long run. Even if you cannot repair your bike, inspecting it will give you the opportunity to take it to the store before hitting the road. Ensure that you always search for what is worn out, broken or cracked and fix it.

3. Shorten your cockpit- Many riders do enjoy better control, more confidence, and a lot of fun when their stock is 90-100mm stems. This set up might feel good but when the trails get rough you will appreciate the increased motion and confidence that short stems deliver. For quality stems, be prepared to spend $30 to $100.

4. Concentrate on where you are going- When you are out riding, look at where you are going. This is important especially when the road is full of rocks and roots. For instance, if you look at an obstacle that you are avoiding you will definitely hit it. Instead, look on the road that you want to take. Always fix your gaze ahead so that you do not lose focus.

5. Set up, your brake levers- Most mountain bikes often come fitted with awkward brake level placements. Since the fix takes a very short time, take your time and do it for you to enjoy a great ride. Put your lever in order for the first knuckle of your finger to be at the end of the lever and the lever is at 45 degrees.

6. Feel at ease- Whether you have a full suspension or a rigid bike, the best suspension to use are your legs and arms. Stand up, and use them to take care of the bumps. Once you allow the bike to move beneath you will pass over many obstacles.

7. Learn to pedal efficiently- Remember, you are always as fit as your lifestyle can allow you to. Ensure that you get as much power as you can from your body before you can start cycling. This technique is very important since it works well with clips and flats.

8. Spin well- As a professional cyclist, you need to spend some time developing good spin. For instance, if your pedal is square you will be putting yourself off balance and riding harder. Doing this is not only good but also help keep tabs on loose road conditions. Learn to know how to spin well.

9. Put your natural suspension at work- Your best suspension is your natural suspension-your arms and legs. Essentially, you should make sure that they are bent at all times so that moving up and down becomes easy. Also, avoid muscle fatigue by loosening your handlebar death grip and making pushups.

10. Ride everywhere- The more time you spend on your ride the better you will get. You can decide to ride your bike anywhere. This will not only improve your skills but will also help you dodge potholes and down curbs. Once you have ridden down the trails, you can approach bad roads with a lot of confidence.

Those are the 10 ways to reinforce your mountain biking.

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