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04 Feb

Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000

Are you looking for the best mountain bikes under 1000 dollars to purchase for your adventure? Then, you are in the right place because this blog is to help you purchase the best bike for your vacation.

Mountain bike(MTB) is very special for the adventure loving people, especially for the young generations. Having the best bike means a lot because this can make the ride more attractive and amazing for all.

Best Mountain Bikes Under $1000 Australia

If you are confused to select a mountain bike, you should postpone the idea. You should do some research in order to find the best beginner mountain bike in the market.

However, this step will need some time, not suitable for busy people. In this case, we are presenting you the top 4 MTB reviews that can help you buy the perfect bike for your vacation tour.

1. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is a dual-suspension mountain bike that is perfect for men. Pro max front disc brake will give you super control power over the bike. The seat is very soft and offers adjustable options.

You will get 24-speed from the gear in the mountain bike.

The Shimano EF-50 Trigger shifters are used in the mountain bike that gives the experience of smooth shifting.

When you will see the mountain bike, you will surely like the design and color combination of the bike. Moreover, the standard grade of aluminum makes the bike very lightweight and easy to store. The parts are very easy to fix and untie for storage.

The designers include knobby in the 26-inch tires in order to give perfect riding experience. The overall design and structure of the bike will always give you smooth riding experience in any type of surface.

2. Schwinn Men’s High Timber Bicycle with 29″ Wheels

Thanks to the Schwinn to present such a wonderful mountain bike with great stability and comfortable riding experience.

This is a provides quick gear changing opportunity to the riders.

Moreover, designers use SRAM Grip Shift shifters in this adventurous bike with SR Sun tour suspension fork.The 29-inch wheels with amazing Alloy linear pull brakes will give you full control while riding the bike.

On the other hand, the quick release saddle of the bike makes the height adjustable option more comfortable and easier. Therefore, the athletes will always feel comfortable while riding the mountain bike.

If you want to know the handling sector, the responsible handling feature will make you feel proud. The large stable tires with proper grip options will keep you safe from any type of injury risks. Moreover, the aluminum frame of the bike is designed properly to give smooth riding experience.

3. Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike

This is one of the most comfortable and durable mountain bikes of Diamondback brand. The metal frame of the bike is durable because the manufacturer focuses on off-road riding action.

Therefore, this is an amazing chance for the bike riders to have a durable bike that is completely suitable for off-road riding.

Sorrento is using Tektro brakes for its 27.5-inch wheels to give full safety to you. As you have one of the most powerful brakes in the market, you can expect to stop the bike whenever you want. Moreover, super smooth fork will always give you a smooth riding experience in any road.

The top notch derailleurs and shifters make the Sorrento hard tail bike more special for the adventure loving people. While changing the gear is one of the biggest problems for the bikers, Diamondback makes it easy for the riders.

4. Schwinn Women’s High Timber Mountain Bicycle, 26″ Wheel 16″/Small Frame Size

If you love freedom bike riding, the Overdrive Sports mountain bike is the perfect model for your adventure. The 26-inch bike will give you a smooth riding opportunity for any age of people. Don’t you want to have easy control over your bike? Focusing on that point, Schwinn Women’s High Timber Mountain Bicycle, 26″ in the bike.

The mountain bike is made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame that makes it lightweight. Don’t be surprised when you notice its gearing and braking items. The bike 21-speed rear derailleur for quick gear changes opportunities. Therefore, changing the gear for increasing or decreasing speed is comfortable for any person.

The bike offers Front and rear alloy linear pull brakes in order to give you super controlling power. Therefore, you can stop the bike whenever you want to stop. Moreover, the large wheels are perfect for avoiding any small and big obstacles in the road. The packaging of the bike may seem to be poor but easy to assemble the parts.

Type of Best MTB Under 1000

If you want to buy the best mtb bikes under 1000 dollars, you must do some research. Moreover, knowing the type of cool mountain bikes is also an important fact for the potential buyers. Generally, there are 5 types of mountain bikes available in the market

  • Cross Country Mountain Bike

This type of mountain bike is also known as XC bikes around the world. Basically, XC bikes are very lightweight, around 20-30 pounds only. They are especially made for off-road actions as well as for climbing and descents. The riders feel proud to have this kind of mountain bike because this is fit for all types of natural conditions. The rigid bikes will give you great air shocks suspension.

There are two sub-categories of the cross country mountain bike.

  • Hardtail Mountain Bike

This is a type of mountain bike that does not have any rear suspension in the frame. Moreover, most of them are more lightweight than full-suspension bikes. For giving smooth and comfortable riding experience, most of the MTB may have bike suspension forks in the design.

  • Full-Suspension Mountain Bike

This is a type of mountain bike that does not have any rear suspension in the frame. Moreover, most of them are more lightweight than full-suspension bikes. For giving smooth and comfortable riding experience, most of the MTB may have bike suspension forks in the design.

  • Trail Mountain Bike

This is a middle bike between XC bikes and Downhill bikes. This is a sort of mountain bike that is especially made for the bikers who love to ride in downward sloping terrain. The designers combine the efficient performance of the downhill mountain bikes and comfort level of XC bikes. In short, this is an all-rounder performance bike for any types of mountain.

  • Downhill Mountain Bike

Downhill MTB are generally heavy with its bigger tires. The tires of this type of bike are very durable and stable. This is mainly designed for the downhill slopes and tracks. Most of the downhill bikes have 7 to 10 inches of suspension in the rear in order to ensure strong frame construction. However, riders should practice a lot for riding this bike perfectly.

  • Free-ride Mountain Bike

Do you want to do stunts with your mountain bike? Then, this is the right type for you because this powerful bike allows you to do anything you want. This is an ideal bike for from racing to jumping or whatever you want. There is no particular course to ride the bike. Basically, it is a very heavy mountain bike because of its suspension design.

  • Dirt Jump Mountain Bike

This is a bike that is suitable for both urban and street mountain area. Moreover, the strong and large tires give you the ability to ride over any obstacle with secure landing. Because of having 4 to 6 inches front suspension, the tires roll very fast. This kind of bikes does not have any rear suspension but have small body frame. The riders prefer using the bike for performing tricks because replacing the parts is very easy.

Advantages of Using Mountain Bike

Using a mountain bike is important for getting many advantages. For that reason, you should find the top mountain bikes under 1000 dollars so that you can also get those advantages. If you do not know about the points, some of the advantages are highlighted here shortly

  • Health & Fitness Benefits

Mountain bike is the way to get many health benefits as well as social benefits. On the other hand, regular cycling will help to improve your health condition, boost your cardiovascular system and improve leg muscles. Sometimes, riding bikes is also beneficial to returning from injury.

  • Mountain Biking Is The Way To Make Good Relationships

Mountain biking plays a vital role to make new friends at any age of people. Generally, all mountain bikers of a particular area go for riding together. As a result, this helps you create a new relationship with the group. This can also give some extra sweet time for couples to enjoy with friends and make the relationship stronger.

  • Improve the Strength Of Legs

Riding a mountain bike helps to improve the strength of leg within a short time. Regular bike riding activity can improve your calf, glut and quad muscles. Moreover, this can be compared to the weight program in the gym. You do not need to bear any load in order to strengthen your tendons.

  • Burns Extra Body Fat

Cycling is a very old way to burn extra fat and lose weight. However, you will need to measure your heart rate manually before buying mountain bike for fat burning. Therefore, you can measure your heart rate and buy a bike to reduce extra fat. Riding bike for 20-30 minutes a day can easily give you fat burning benefits along with other health benefits.

  • Mountain Bike Is The Way To Enjoy Holiday

You can also consider a mountain bike as a part of your holiday tour. You can buy or hire a mountain bike in order to go on an adventure trip near your city. You can go alone or call your friends to enjoy a lovely vacation with them. Sometimes, you can organize a family get-together and have a different experience in the hilly tracks.

These are the 5 advantages of using a mountain bike in daily life especially when you are free. Riding this kind of bike means no risk like normal bicycles. Therefore, you can trust on the bikes and go on a trip with your friends or other bikers. You will always have a wonderful time with people when you have a mountain bike.

How to Choose The Best MTB Bike

Buying the best mtb bikes is very important for you. If you fail to choose the best mtb bike to purchase, you may not enjoy the adventure tour. Therefore, we are giving you 5 easy steps to choose the best mountain bike under 1000 dollars.

Step 1- Set Your Budget

Setting a fixed budget is important for a person who is interested in buying a mountain bike. Don’t invest full budget in the mountain bike because you will need money for other accessories too. You should keep some money aside for buying water bottles, safety pads and helmet, shoes, lubricate and other items.

Step 2- Choose the Perfect Design & Type

You know there are 5 types of mountain bikes, so, you will need to determine the type and design of the bike. In this stage, you will need to determine where you will ride the bike. You will enjoy riding on smooth surfaces or any terrains or you want to join the race.

Step 3- Set Your Priorities

This is not important part if you have small budget. When you have a large budget for buying bike, you can make a list of priority items. You can choose the light bike or dual suspension or brake adjustable options or other features.

Step 4– Have a Test Ride

Never forget to have a test ride after selecting a bike to buy. When you will have a test ride, you can easily understand the comfort level of the bike. Moreover, the test ride dictates whether the bike fits you or not.

Step 5- Select & Pay for the Top Bike

When everything is completed, you can pay money for the selected bike. Don’t forget to buy extra accessories that you will need for the ride. Buying all together can present you some discounts and keep you safe from injury risks.

Some Mistake in Process Choose Best Value Mountain Bike

Mountain bike is very challenging and interesting to the adventure loving people. Cycling can become your best experience and a unique way to enjoy your weekend. Therefore, you need to follow the right way to choose the best value mountain bike for you.

Sometimes you feel over-excited to buy a mountain bike. As a result, you may not give attention to the important factors. In fact, you choose the bike that is not suitable for you. For that reason, you cannot enjoy cycling as well as it does not give you any advantages.

Therefore, we are here to introduce you some mistakes that you can make in the process of choosing a mountain bike. Always keep the points in mind and avoid them while buying a bike!

Buying mountain bike from wrong store

Well, this is the most important question that the new bikers would like to ask. There are varieties of options to purchase a good mountain bike to have a good experience. You should always choose the best retailers near to your city to have a test drive. You can research the best retailers near your home and visit the store. Moreover, you should choose the retailers who arrange mountain bike competition and events for the bikers.

Some of the mountain bike retailers do not offer any repair service after sale. Moreover, you should not choose a store that is located too far away from your home. If you choose long distance stores, you will need time and money to go to the store for any solution.

Choosing a bike that does not fit you

You should choose the mountain bike that fits to your body. Sometimes new bikers choose the best bikes in the market without focusing their features and specifications. However, the best bikes may not prove best for your body because of many reasons.

For example, you are a short person and you choose the 29-inch wheel mountain bike without seat height adjustability. As a result, you will not able to feel comfortable to ride on the mountain bike. Moreover, this extra high bike may increase the chances of accidental injury. Therefore, you should choose the bike that fits your body.

Buying bike for fashion

Don’t choose the bike for its outlook; choose the bike for its feature. All of us want to buy a mountain bike that looks good. But, this is not the real way to choose a bike for off-road action. For that reason, you will need to determine where you will ride the bike.

Then, you will need to choose the type of bike according to the place. Always keep in mind that choosing bikes for fashion may cause damage when you ride it in off-road action. Moreover, you will never feel comfortable while riding the bike on different surfaces.

Don’t have a test ride before taking final decision

Don’t choose any bike because you have read many positive MTB review. You should always understand the features and its performance. If you like the features of any mountain bike, you should have a test ride before taking final decision.

Sometimes, the features may look good to you but you may not enjoy riding the bike. For that reason, having a test ride plays the vital role in choosing the suitable bike.

Decide too quickly to buy

Most of the beginning bikers do not take time to buy a mountain bike. If you are thinking to visit two or three stores and buy a bike, you will never be able to buy the top bike.

You will always need to think and give time while choosing a bike. If you are hurrying to buy a bike, you may not be able to find the bike that fits you. As a result, you will become depressed because you invest a good amount of money. However, you can ask experienced mountain bikers for advice and recommendations.

These are fewer mistakes that mountain bikers make while choosing a bike. For that reason, you should avoid these mentioned mistakes if you are planning to buy in upcoming days. Don’t forget about the recommended ways to select the best mountain bike under 1000 dollars.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which is the best place to buy a mountain bike?

If you want to purchase a mountain bike after test ride, you should consider buying from a nearby retailer. Otherwise, you can consider online stores like Amazon to buy a mountain bike if you want to decide after reading reviews.

Which type of mountain bike should you buy?

The best type of mountain bike for you depends on your riding location. If you want to ride it off-road action, you will need XC bikes. If you love to ride downward sloping, downhill bikes are best for you.

How much budget do you need to buy a mountain bike?

Choosing the best cheap mountain bikes gives good performance to the riders. Buying cheap bike will give poor performance with less comfortable feature.

Should you buy mountain bike or normal bicycle?

Normal bicycles are not suitable for off-road action. This type of bike will be easily damaged when you ride them in off-road. Mountain bike will always give you supreme performance in every terrain.

How to Install Top Mountain Bikes

In order to install the mountain bike, you will have two options.

  • Going to nearby professional bike store to setup
  • Watch the manual and setup the bike yourself

In the first way, you will need to spend some money but you will get perfect setting. Moreover, the professional bike riders can fix your mountain bike comfortably without damaging any part of your bike.

When you choose the second option, you will need to be very careful. Beginning bikers often damage the bike parts while joining them. You should watch the steps to setting up the mountain bike in the manual instruction book. If the pictures are not clear, you should research it on websites. Contact with the dealer or retailer if you are confused about it.

Maintain the Best Affordable Mountain Bike Under $1000

Every perfect mountain bike needs a nearly $1000 budget for professional riders. For that reason, this is important to take proper steps to maintain the mountain bikes. Maintaining and caring the bikes will increase the durability and performance according to your expectation.

  • Remove every body part when you decide not to ride it for a long time
  • Wash and clean the mountain bike after every ride
  • Check the wheels and tire balance before and after a ride
  • Check and recheck if the brakes are working properly
  • Adjust the seat height if you feel uncomfortable
  • Check the headset
  • Apply lubricating oil to the driving system
  • Don’t apply too much oil to the brakes and driving system
  • Check the lights and change if needed


If you have read our full article, you must have become an expert to choose the best mountain bikes under 1000. When you have determined your mind, you should follow the steps to purchase the bike. Also, you should not forget the mistakes that you can make!

Therefore, be aware of the mistakes in order to invest in the right bike. Lastly, follow the tips to maintain a mountain bike properly because this will always keep your bike new and give better performance.