Best Motorcycle Locks

Best Motorcycle Lock

Motorcycle theft cases are increasing every day, and if you are not cautious when parking, you may soon regret it. It is high time you decide and get yourself the Best Motorcycle Locks to safeguard your bike. Motorcycle locks are specifically designed to keep your bike secure as they are made of highly resistant materials that resist chisel, sawing, and cutting attacks.

Finding the best motorbike lock can be a challenge because there are several locks that all seem original. That’s why we have researched these top 10 Best Motorcycle Locks in 2021 for you. Read through this review and select the best one that will secure your motorcycle all the time.

Factors to Consider for Motorcycle Locks


Whenever you are buying a motorcycle mock, ensure that the lock provides maximum protection. With that, consider the one that has durable and sturdy metal construction and is resistant to cutting attempts, resistant to corrosion, highly waterproof, and resistant to any interfering attempts.


Look for a motorcycle lock that is easy to use. It should be flexible to lock the secure part of the bike to prevent it from moving. Also, consider a lock that offers an advanced locking system and has some added features e.g., automatic alarms.


A good motorcycle lock is one that offers efficiency and has excellent design. Most locks come with added reinforcement that provides added security measures and high performance.


You are required to make sure you choose durable and sturdy Motorcycle Locks. For this reason, you will find that most locks feature reinforced alloys and high-quality steel that add extra security and durability.

Top 10 Best Sellers

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10. BIGLUFU Bicycle Motorcycle Lock Scooter Chain

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For maximum safety and security, the BIGLUFU motorbike lock offers high performance. It is 0.79 inches in diameter, making it difficult to cut. In addition to that, it is 120cm long and can lock four or five motorcycles together. Ideally, the lock is made of high-quality braided steel wire that can withstand 9KN shear force and 3KN tension.

This lock features a protective vinyl coating that assists in preventing scratching. Moreover, the lock pin is made of heatproof and waterproof Zinc Alloy and will not lose its shape even under 40 centigrade temperatures. It is a universal lock, and it is not only used to lock bikes but also as a stroller lock, grills & lawnmowers, gates & fences, generator lock, and many more.


  • Made of high-strength steel wire
  • 20mm diameter and 120cm long cable bike lock
  • 5-digit coiled combination
  • Enough to lock 5 motorcycles together
  • 3-year warranty

9. BigPantha Anti-Theft Heavy Duty Motorcycle Disc Lock (Blue)

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The lock used to protect your bike or motorcycle should be strong to prevent thieves from destroying it. That is why the BigPantha Motorcycle Disc Lock is made of heavy-duty materials that are thief-proof. This lock uses a 14 mm hardened steel shackle to secure the wheel rotor. It will prevent the wheel from being rotated for more than a few inches preventing the bike from being rolled or driven away.

This patented lock is water-proof, weather-proof, drill-proof, crowbar-proof, and pick-proof assuring you that your bike will be safe. The 52-inch long bright orange Reminder Cable between your handlebar grip and disc lock will ensure that you don’t drive off when the disc lock is fitted.


  • Heavy-duty disc lock
  • Drill-proof and weather-proof
  • Coated with a tough, resilient rubber sleeve
  • Double deadbolt patented locking system
  • Anti-theft motorcycle disc lock

8. Alarm Disc Lock Anti-Theft Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock Waterproof

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This is a solid lock that will keep thieves away while ensuring that your bike is secure and safe where you park it. It is reinforced with a super antitheft alarm with a loud volume. Ideally, this lock has a 6mm pin diameter, and it is going to fit smaller vent holes. In addition to that, the lock is durable and robust, whereas the rugged disc locks are usually hardened to resist chisel, sawing, and cut attacks.

With a 5ft reminder cable, it will remind you to unlock the lock to prevent any potential damage that may be caused by riding when the lock is engaged. Each lock is equipped with 3 pcs brass security keys, 6 LR44 batteries, and six pieces of extra batteries.


  • Strong and durable
  • Wide range of applications
  • Super anti-theft with alarm
  • 3 pcs brass security keys
  • Rugged disc locks to resist sawing and cutting
  • 6mm pin diameter to fit smaller vent holes

7. Grip-Lock GLRed Scooter and Motorcycle Handlebar Lock

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This is another excellent Scooter or Motorcycle lock that offers supreme security to your bike. It is mounted at the handlebar and will lock both the Brake lever and throttle grip. Typically, installing and removing this Handlebar Lock is very simple, and it takes less than ten seconds, thus saving you more time.

Similarly, each grip lock has 4 hardened Steel cores that ensure maximum protection. Also, it has a reinforced nylon casing that will protect the lock from rust and corrosion. This handlebar lock has a compact size and only measures 6 inches x 1.8 inches x 2 inches and only weighs 11.6 oz.


  • Contains 4 hardened steel cores
  • It takes less than 10 seconds to apply and remove
  • Weight only 11.6 oz.
  • Can be installed on the left or right grip
  • Measures 6 x 1.8 x 2 inches

6. LIHAO Motorcycle Waterproof Anti-theft Disc Lock for Motorbike Scooter

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This is the most appropriate lock for your Bikes, Scooters, Mopeds, and Motorcycles. It is made from hardened steel, ensuring top security. Furthermore, this lock features motion and shock sensors, and it is linked with a sophisticated microprocessor that will trigger a 110 dB alarm. Besides that, this product is portable, lightweight, and compact, making it easy to carry.

The stapler-style disc lock usually immobilizes vehicles to prevent ride-away or roll-away theft. Moreover, the lock is both waterproof and weatherproof, and it is suitable for disc brakes that have up to 7mm thickness. Lastly, it is equipped with 2 keys and an Allen key.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Water and weatherproof
  • 110db loud alarm siren
  • Made of hardened steel
  • Comes with 2x keys
  • Shock and motion sensors

5. AKM Security Bike Heavy Duty 16mm U Lock for Motorbike, Black

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This is a high-quality and brand-new lock that is convenient for using dairy. It features a 10mm square link chain that is durable, tough, anti-drill, and anti-sawing. Ideally, this chain is a perfect solution for protecting your ATV, motorcycle, bicycle, and other valuables against theft. Moreover, it is also applicable to ladders, grills, grills, tricycles, electric cars, and more.

The rust alloy steel chain and reinforced non-toxic PVC material will provide additional protection and will help to prevent scratches on your motorbike or bike. This professional tool has a High-security Bent Foot design to decrease the amount of torque applied to stop them from breaking or bending.


  • Made of durable steel and durable ABS material
  • U lock innovative design
  • Has a wide range of uses
  • Resistant to cutting and breaking
  • The nylon sleeve cover prevents scratching the bike

4. RASER WA6Y Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

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This is another versatile motorcycle disc lock that is reinforced with a sensitive anti-theft alarm. It is durable, strong, and waterproof and will continue working even on rainy days. The Rugged disc locks are usually hardened to repel chisel, sawing, and cutting attacks. Another thing, it features a 5 5-foot reminder cable that will remind you to remove the lock to avoid riding the bile when the disk is still locked.

Similarly, this motorcycle disk lock has a wide range of applications and will suit most sportbikes, choppers, cruisers, scooters, and motorcycle brands. Moreover, it has a 6mm pin diameter to fit small vent holes.


  • Has a wide range of applications
  • Free reminder cable
  • Pre-fitted with six lr44 batteries
  • Strong and durable
  • 3 pcs brass security keys

3. USHAKE Bicycles Heavy Duty U Lock Bike Motorcycles Scooter for Anti-Theft

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For maximum safety of your bike, the USHAKE Heavy Duty U Lock will deliver excellent performance as it resists both leverage and cutter attacks. Also, it is a key-free bike lock; thus, there is no worry about forgetting keys. The lock will secure your gate, e-scooter, motorcycle, and bike, making it versatile. Typically, this Motorcycles Scooter U Lock features a 14 mm zinc alloy shackle with a 4mm PVC coating that will protect it from scratching your belongings or bike.

What’s more, the High-security plastic cover will prevent dust from entering the lock. With its heavy-duty construction, the thieves will not be able to cut this Lock for top security.


  • Keys-free -no worry of forgetting keys
  • 14 mm hardened zinc alloy shackle
  • High-security plastic-covered cylinder
  • 4mm PVC coating protects against scratching
  • Easily to set 5 numbers combo

2.​​ BigPantha Handlebar Lock Motorcycle Lock with Grip Lock Holster

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Now you can leave your Motorcycle anywhere you get it the way you left it. BigPantha Handlebar is all you require to achieve that. It is a proven anti-theft Grip Lock that is durable, tough, and tamper-resistant, and this makes it difficult for an intruder to steal your bike. This universal Grip Lock Holster will fit all Scooters, Sports Bikes, Motorcycles, and ATV’s and features a 1.5-inch diameter.

You can carry the lock in your waist bag/ shoulder bag or lock in your pocket. Moreover, it is included with a free custom-designed holster for easy transportation and storage of this grip lock. Finally, the lock is fast to implement and simple to use.


  • Anti-theft grip lock tough and tamper-resistant
  • Inches in diameter handlebar grips
  • The lock is simple to use
  • Fast to implement in less than 5 seconds
  • Comes with custom designed holster

1. Mathtoxyz Motorcycle Alarm Disc Brake Lock

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The Mathtoxyz Disc Brake Lock offers maximum protection for your motorcycle against theft. It is a practical solution for bikers as it will protect bikes or motorbikes while packing at home or outside. One great thing about this lock is that it features a 110-decibel alarm that activates an apron sensing any shock or vibration, thus keeping your belongings safe.

Ideally, the lock is forged from stainless steel material, and it is secured with a hardened steel locking pin and 14mm double-locking. Moreover, the lock has a waterproof function will work well during a rainy day, and will never rust. Above all, the lock is pre-fitted with 6 LR44 batteries, 3 pcs brass security keys, and extra 6 pcs batteries.


  • Strong and durable
  • Wide application range
  • 3 pcs brass security keys
  • Forged from stainless steel
  • Keeps your belongings safe and sound


To make sure that your motorcycle is secure and safe when in public places, you need to get the best lock that will offer you maximum protection. The motorcycle locks listed above are of high quality and will prevent the thief from riding off with your motorcycle. They are resistant to cutting, highly waterproof, and resistant to tampering attempts. Get one of these amazing locks that you find best for your bike.