Top 10 Best Car Trash Cans

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Car Trash Can

Keeping your car clean can be challenging, especially with colleagues, friends, and kids riding in your car. They will always drop a chunk of food, liquids, papers, and other trash on the car floor. If you do not want your car to look like a trash dump, you need to get yourself a Car Trash Can. They are highly functional and will help to keep litter while you travel in the car. We hereby bring to you the top 10 best car trash cans in Australia. Have a look for the best.

Top 10 Bestsellers

Factors to Consider

Identify Where to Place the Can

Some car owners prefer to place the Trash Can in the front while others will put it in the back. Decide on where you want to place the bin so you to look for the one that is compatible with your likes. Also, look for the size that will fit well in your car while leaving enough space


You need to look for a car garbage bin that is constructed using high-quality materials for it to be sturdy and for long-term use. It should hold several kilos without breaking or tearing.

Waterproof Features

Water-resistant and leak-proof garbage cans are the best as they will eliminate spills. It should not leak liquids like sodas and coffee.

Best Car Trash Cans in Australia

KMMOTORS Aladdin Sturdy Car Trash Can

If you are looking for a convenient way to keep your car clean and tidy, this Wastebasket from KMMOTORS is perfect for you. It will help you to stay organized while vacationing or traveling. It comes with a total of 50PCS Plastic Bags that are found at the bottom of the wastebasket. In addition to that, the Wastebasket is made using high quality and durable materials providing maximum longevity, durability, and strength.

The can feature adjustable straps that are long enough to fit any place in your car including the headrest. Moreover, it is not only used as a trash can but also utilized as a storage bag for drinks, toys, and other important documents.

Rubbermaid 3317-20 Automotive Organizer Caddy Hanging Trash Can

If you have been looking for the best trash can for your awesome car. This Trash Bin from Rubbermaid is the best for you. It has been designed to keep your car clean and you can either hang on the seat back or you can just place it on the floor. The Trash can features a watertight design in order to protect your upholstery, carpet, and clothing from spills and leaks. Other than that, this can come with a flip-top lid that you can easily open with just one hand.

To clean this can, you just need to wipe it with a damp, soft cloth and it is dishwasher safe. Most importantly, it features two hooks to hand out additional storage bags and trash from the bottom of the bin.

Lusso Gear Car Trash Can Large 2.5 Gallon Capacity with Trash Liner and Storage Pockets

Experience the superior quality of the Lusso Gear trash bag that comes with a 2.5-gallon capacity. You can hang it anywhere in your car and comes with a flip-open lid that makes it easy to easily empty the Trash. In addition to that, you can attach the Trash at the back of the seat, glove box, side door, or virtually anywhere and you will have it ready. The trash is made with removable, leak-proof, and washable trash liner for mess-free and odor-free cleaning.

Comes with an additional 3 storage pockets 1 zippered and 2 mesh. These pockets will help you to hold your charging cable, phone, hand sanitizer, tissue, and other small items.

Fancy Mobility Garbage Bag Car Trash Can for Every Driver

Discover the excellence of the Fancy Mobility Garbage Bag that provides leak-proof capabilities and will never spill dirt in your vehicle. The trash will keep your car mess free letting you keep your car clean all the time. Moreover, it has a patent-pending design with side clasps to keep the trash securely in place. The trash is large enough and will fit a lot of garbage yet it has a compact design to fit in your car.

Works perfectly in most cars and you can attach it where you need. They are also excellent Trash cans for Lyft and uber drivers.

Hominize Car Trash Can Extra Large Waterproof Garbage Bag

Impress your passengers with a tidy and clean car by storing all the mess away in Hominize Car Trash. It’s an extra-large 3.2-gallon Garbage bag that is suitable for minivans, vans, SUVs, trucks, and most cars. Besides that, it will provide 100 percent satisfaction and it’s a risk-free Trash Can. With an adjustable strap, the Garbage Bag makes it easy to install and you can hang it on the car door, over the backseat headrest, or place it on the floor.

This convenient and flexible car trash is easy to access as well as easy to wash. Coupled with that, the trash is built to last as it is made with premium material and a leak-proof interior.

Coli Alma- Auto Car Trash Bin Vehicle Garbage Can

The Coli Alma- Auto Car Trash Bin is one of the best car trash cans thanks to its leak-proof design. It’s a high-quality plastic bin that will fit in most cars as it measures 7.2 inches wide x 7 inches tall and has a 1-gallon capacity. Ideally, you will be able to keep soda cans, juice bottles, snack containers, Candy wrappers, etc. in their own place thus keeping your vehicles clean. This bin is easy to clean as you just need to run it under water and then let it dry.

The trash bin is suitable for both wet and dry wasters and it is perfect for taxi drivers, new teen drivers or anyone who spends more time in the car. Besides that, it comes at an affordable price.

Clean Ridez Car Vinyl Leakproof Garbage Can with Flip Open Lid

Clean Ridez is another awesome Garbage Can that features a Flip Open Lid that will keep all the trash concealed. It is designed for easy use whenever you are driving and it is perfectly sized to fit in most vehicles. This Garbage Can is removable, leakproof, and washable. In addition to that, you can use the can as extra storage or a cooler.

The trash features Netted side pouches that will hold water containers and other bottles. You can place this Trash Can in any place, you can hook it through a door handle, hang it on the seat headrest, place it in the back seat aisle and you can also attach it to the center console. Ideally, the trash can is suitable for all vehicles.

Drive Auto Products XL Waterproof Large Car Trash Can Garbage Kit

Simplify your modern life with this elegant and waterproof Car Trash Can from Drive Auto Products. It’s a large Car Trash that will keep your car clean. It will hold a gallon capacity of Garbage and comes with large mesh pockets that you can use to store small items. The trash is made with rugged Oxford fabric and padded walls and will for in most cars.

This trash comes with a cover that is held in place by magnets and will close loosely. The Stiff insert band will keep the corners upright preventing sagging and the Stiff bottom plate will retain its form and shape.

High Road StashAway Car Trash Can with Storage Pockets and Lid

Do you want your car to be organized, clean, and free of trash? High StashAway Trash Can is the perfect solution. It’s a 1.5-gallon car garbage trash that will keep all the trash under control. In addition to that, it has a space-saving design and you can attach it to the console keeping it contained and covered. Made with a durable vinyl lining to add stability and structure.

For added storage, the Trash Can features 3 outside pockets that will hold sanitizer, tissues, wipes, and more. The trash is also made with a durable 500D polyester that is easy to clean and comes with lift-up lids.

Zone Tech Universal Traveling Black Collapsible Portable Car Trash Can

This is one of the decent Portable trash cans for cars in the market. The trash is made of premium quality materials that offer longevity, durability, and maximum strength. It’s a versatile trash can that is not only used to hold trash but also be used as a storage bag for clothes, toys, and anything else you need to put inside. In addition to that, it’s a trash can that travelers and drivers must have.

This trash bin will take up minimum space in your car thus it will not take up the leg room. You can use it to dump your unwanted trash, tissues, and wrappers. Ordinarily, the bin is handy and also convenient whenever you want to throw rubbish.


Selecting a good trash can is essential as it is going to determine the level of hygiene in your car. We have listed your top 10 best Car Trash Cans that will maintain the high hygiene levels of your vehicle. We guarantee your vehicle’s tidiness and cleanliness all the time. Choose one from the list above that will meet your needs.