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11 Nov

How to Choose a Perfect Mountain Bike

When choosing a perfect mountain bike, there are a lot of things to be considered regarding the terrain, style, and personal preference. Also, you must know whether you want heavy gears, full suspension, and lots of gears. Although choosing a mountain bike may seem like a daunting task, with the correct guide you will find it easy. Here is how to choose a perfect mountain bike

Do your research

Before starting the process, think about how and where your will ride the bike. If you are planning to ride out with friends, it’s a good idea to ask for advice. However, if you are new to the world of riding try to find out more about riding first before you can embark on looking for the perfect bike. Carrying out a proper research will help you a lot.

Set your budget

It’s very important that you do this from the start since it will determine the parameters that you should work with. For instance, if you only have $1000 to spend, hardtails are the best. However, for a budget of over $1000 its worth going for a bike with suspensions. You may also set aside an extra $200 for accessories such as backpacks, gloves, shorts, and helmet. Remember, the higher the budget the better quality, durable, and lighter the bike will be. In fact, this will eventually save you money since better quality means longer living

Know your style

It’s important to know where you want to ride your bike. For instance, are you looking for downhill specific or cross country? If your routes are likely to be bridleways and trail centers, go for hard tails. Other issues to consider may be whether you will be competing in races with the bike or not and whether you will be fine riding the same bike for the next 2 or more years. In fact, the best thing is to select a bike, test ride it before you can get the perfect fit or talk to an expert to guide you.

Bike fit

If possible ensure that you get a proper bike fit. The bike that you choose should be perfectly matched to your size. For instance, you need to consider things such as a handlebar, crank arm length, stem, and length changes. This will ensure that you pedal more efficiently and also feel more at home with your new bike. Alternatively, you can involve a professional to make these changes for you so that the bike is perfectly your march. Remember, having the right tyres is also important since they can have a huge impact on the performance of the ride. The bike you choose should come fitted with the best possible tyres.

Ready to buy

Once you have found the perfect bike, before paying and taking it home it’s very important to do one more research. If you are purchasing a new bike make sure that you get the terms of a warranty. But if it’s more than a year old, the warranty should start when your purchase it. You can also ask about any follow-up things that need to be done to the bike. As a matter of fact, most stores often offer free tune ups so as to help with anything that may have changed during the break in process. Avoid spending everything on the bike only to realize that you need some money for repair.

Well, that is how to choose a perfect mountain bike. Remember not all mountain bikes are meant for riding up and down the mountain so you need to know what is best for you. However, by following this guide you will get the best ride.

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