Method Handle Unpleasant Odors In The Car

Method Handle Unpleasant Odors In The Car

Travel on a car with distinguished smells is an unpleasant experience for anyone. Here are some experiences to keep car interiors are always in a state of clean and fragrant.

Travel on a car with bad odors is a very unpleasant experience with anyone. Especially during the rainy season, your car is easy to smell unpleasantly, it will affect the comfort and your health as well as the passengers. There are many things we can do to limit or eliminate the odor in the car just through cleaning without having to put your car into the garage or professional car center costly.

Smell in the cabin is created by a lot of different reasons; we may roughly divide them into three main groups: odor from air conditioning systems, from the engine compartment and the car interior. Some of the following treatment may help you to eliminate odors and keep the car always fragrant and clean.

Some reasons cause unpleasant odors in car interior

  • The first reason is due to the weather. Hot and humid climate and unexpected weather is the cause of the phenomenon of silver furniture, cracked plastic parts, frayed or peeling skin and cloth upholstery. In addition, high humidity in the rainy days is also an ideal environment for bacteria and fungi to multiply.
  • The second reason is due to the vehicle owner. Most car owners have smoking habits while driving, which encourages their brain to pay more attention to follow the traffic. Whether you open the window for smoking, tobacco smell in the car is still possessed. Besides, there are some other reasons such as body odor, perfume, coffee and spilled food in the car. In enclosed spaces, overnight, the smell will cling to the ceiling above, seats, floor mats … and cause discomfort to the user when getting in in the next morning.

Measures to prevent and treat “unpleasant odors” in your car

First you have to clean the steering wheel and the doors by purchasing solution products at retails specialized in cleaning cars. If you do not have time, you should also sanitation and furnishing your car at least 3 times / week. Be sure to prepare a wet towel to wipe the interior surface dust. Then, use a clean dry towel; soak in moisture to prevent mold and bacteria.

When parking overnight, especially in the summer, you should pull the window down about 1-2 cm to let natural outdoor air blast the stagnant smell in the car. Not only that, when you low the windows down, it is better for the space inside in the next morning, you will feel the air inside and outside the same and the difference is not much.

Absolutely no smoking in cars because that is extremely bad and worse for your car space. Please protect your health and those around you. The best way is that you should smoke outside the car. However, the smoke still is able to fly into the interior of your car. So, after smoking, you should stay out of the car to wait 5-10 minutes to let the smell of smoke fade.

Clean garbage inside the car by dismantling and cleaning carpet trash. Use a vacuum cleaner sucking dirt from the surface detail grooves, slots and nooks in the deep. Pay particular attention to the carpet because this is where the most compact dust particles cling to.

To clean leather seats, dashboard, you can use special chemicals as Sonax Car, Furniture Cleaner to clean stubborn stains, such as coffee, cocoa and other types of dirt. Then, continue to use a small soft brush to clean the inside slot, groove between the interior leather apparel lines, the plastic, wood or faux wood parts. The window glass is cleaned using conventional windshield washer fluid.

Also, there are other very effective tips many people use that are to place a dry roasted coffee bags or 1 pineapple piece in the car. This also works very effectively in erasing the unpleasant smells.

After clean the details, you use chemicals to spray directly into the car and close the door about 5 minutes. The effects of chemicals will help you eliminate odor inside the auto interior. Finally, using special chemicals applied to the surface of the external details for the protection while bringing the interior space look like new.

Some particular unpleasant smells and how to overcome:

The smoking smell:

There is a very effective way to eliminate this kind of bad smell is white vinegar. All you need are two cotton soft cloths and two plastic bowls. Soak the cloth in vinegar and place it into the bowl and then place it in those positions that have the worst smell in your car. The bigger the car is, the more of the amount of cotton cloths to increase the effectiveness. After a few hours, the white vinegar will bring into play its benefits. Finally, you just need to remove those bowls.

Bacteria smell:

This kind of odor is usually caused from fast foods, vegetables which you forget putting inside the car. The best way to solve this matter is to clean all those foods and vegetables out of your car, even the smallest pieces and then hygiene that position by disinfection solution to eliminate this bad smell.

The smell of mold:

First and foremost, you need to check carefully whether or not there are any slits to allow mold as well as humid air outside in. If not, the only reason causes such that smell is the leftover foods or liquid that someone else accidentally pours out in the car, water from wet sandals and shoes or water from frozen foods. The very first thing you should do is, as usually, to get those rubbishes rid of your car and then use antiseptic or alcohol to clean totally the mold stains. Finally, dry them out.

Above are some useful and easy methods to eliminate unpleasant odors in the car. You need to base on the condition as well as the real situation of your car to choose the most suitable way to clean them. Hope you will have good time with your auto.