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29 Aug

How To Maintain The Gearbox Of The Car

Almost all people usually have a tendency to expect for owning a car as the means of transportation. The car is very beneficial for moving because they can handle the time and save more money instead of going by the public means of transportation. Although the car is quite convenient, many people do not pay more attention to the car care services. There is a wide range of the problems that you need to focus on. The gearbox can be the greatest illustration for this viewpoint. Today, we will guide you how to maintain the gearbox in the right way to prevent it from the unexpected situations.

The cause of the gearbox’s problem

Whenever we want to maintain anything, we have to take a look at the cause first. As in some situations, we should carry out the protective methods rather than treatment. There are a huge number of the causes that can lead to the problems of the gear box.

According to people who have already experienced, the majority of the problems of the gear box have the origin from the temperature. It means that when the gearbox is too hot, the problem can occur. Generally speaking, the level of the problems will depend on the levels of the temperature. In addition, people usually do not pay attention to the gearbox. They believe that it is normal when the gearbox generates the heat and it has the smoke, so they do not check on the work of the gearbox anymore.
Apart from the heat, the problems of the gearbox can come up with its capacity. Almost all car owners usually tend to take the use of the car to carry the heavy items. They do not want to spend a great deal of money to hire other vehicles to do it. Additionally, in some cases, they may consider the car as the hook to pull the heavy means of transportation behind. This activity can cause the damage for the performance of the car. It can lead to an array of the negative problems.
Furthermore, the roads also can be one of the most important reasons which lead to the situations of the gearbox. If you take the use of the car to move on the bad roads which are swaying, your car can be affected negatively. Also, moving and stopping during the traffic congestion time can be the considerable cases of the overheating the gearbox and lead to the serious damages for the car. Therefore, you should be aware of these situations.

You may not believe in this, but whenever you operate the car at the higher temperature, the oil of the gearbox becomes hotter and hotter. As we knew, when the gearbox is too hot, its works is not as effective as it was. Furthermore, the hot oil can lose the greasy property and it is going to be oxidized. The oxidized oil will make different layers with the residue and the flakes inside of the gearbox.

Another main cause is that the parts of the car base on the welding are which is made by the rubber lines. Furthermore, the details inside the gearbox usually stand the hot temperature continuously in a very long time; therefore, it has become more and more brittle and caused the oil leakage.

The last cause that we want to list here is the amount of the oil. Some people are lazy, and they do not invest in the oil more frequently. The amount of the oil can have a significant effect on the quality of the gearbox. If the amount of the oil is too little or too much, the gearbox will be damaged.

The signs

Many people cannot know when they have to maintain the gearbox. In fact, after a short time, the gear box of your car will happen in some signals that you can realize it visually. At that time, you need to take some steps to maintain this equipment, if you let it be, it can be awry.

Enable to change

Although the construction of the gearbox is simpler than that of the automatic gearbox, it also has some problems. One of the most popular phenomena is that you cannot change the number, even though when the driver has stopped. It can happen even when you switch from zero to the number 1, and switch among different levels. The cause of these phenomena can be due to the depleted oil, or the gear oil is not used in the proper way, according to the technical standards. Besides, it can be because of the insufficient specificity and the clutch adjustments.

The infamous smoke

Another sign that you can feel clearly is the infamous smoke. Whenever you smell this smoke, it means that your gearbox is too hot and it has the ability to make the gearbox oil burning and it can reduce the level of the gearbox’s performance. The oil of the gearbox has the function of cooling and lubricating the gears continuously to circulate the heat. For some models, the gearbox has their own separate oil cooler boxes which can provide the favorable condition for the dissipating the heat easily.

Fixing this phenomenon is just a piece of cake. All that you have to do is to replace the gearbox oil. Besides, the other reason which leads to the infamous smoke is that you take the use of the clutch in an inappropriate way. By this way, the clutch is friction and it begins to emit the unpleasant smell; however, this smell will disappear quickly if the drivers make an adjustment for his works on driving the car.

The noise

The noise from the car is an evidence to show that your gearbox needs to be replaced immediately. When you operate the car, and it has the big noise, it is the sign of the mechanical damage. However, all of the noise generated by the gears or the ball bearings in the gearbox has worn, and it is very necessary for you to replace it.

The gearbox oil leakage

The gearbox oil leakage is one of the signs of the broken gearbox. On the car, the automatic gearbox oil plays the vital role in the operation of the vehicle. Therefore, whenever you discover the droplet under the car, you should inspect it immediately. The gearbox oil is different from the oil of the motor which is not consumed during the operation, so if you check the level of the oil is lower, the machine can be proved that the oil was leaking out. If there is a vacuum in the motor oil, you can handle it at home. If you do not know how to do, you had better ask for the help of the nearest maintenance dealer.

The strange noises

It is very difficult for you to know exactly the position of the broken gearbox, but at least, you can understand that some problems occurred by your sense. Each vehicle is produced by different ways, but the automatically gearbox usually has some short buzzer. Therefore, whenever you hear the strange noise, you should ask for the agencies of the maintenance.

Tips on maintaining the gearbox

There are some factors that you need to take into the consideration of maintaining the gearbox of the car as following:

  • You should change the oil periodically, according to the principle of the manufacturers suggest. Normally, after 50.000 kilometers, you should change once. For the gearbox “CVT”, you will change the first time when it reaches about 40.000 kilometers, and the next time is 25.000 kilometers per once.
  • The oil of the gearbox is made from the synthetic resource which can have enough mechanical properties even when the temperature increases to help to shift the gearbox smoothly and quietly. For the “CVT” gearbox, you have to take the use of the special oil and this type cannot be used for the other automated gearbox.
  • When changing the oil, you need to drain all the old oil and then, replace it with the new oil.
  • When driving the car, you should note that the car just is stopped, when the number is transferred from D to R or the reverse. You should not change the number when the car is not stopped because it will damage your gearbox.
  • When you stop the red lights, you should stop at D instead of N because it can influence the valves, the turbine bearings, and the tapered leaf; however, you should step for a long time, you can make a choice of N to avoid consuming the unnecessary fuel.
  • When your vehicle climbs for a long distance, you should give your car a short break to cool down the gearbox before continuing your trip.

With this sharing, we do hope that you will have more information as well as knowledge about the maintaining the gearbox of the car. Wish that you can make for sure of the operation of the car is good and you do not need to spend much money on buying the new gearbox for your car by applying this information.