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06 Oct

How To Clean Car Healiner

Need help to clean the interior roof of a car? Never does it before, and do not know where to start? Do not worry; there will be thousands of people just like you. They want to find out the answer to the question how to clean car headliner. Consult the post; it will help you to do it.

What is the headliner?

You usually know that the headliner is the ceiling above your head, that’s all. Or you will think that it is the fabric or vinyl layers you can see. In fact, the headliner is more complicated, much more than just fabric. Different materials are combined to make your car’s headliner.​

The foam layer, backing layer, exposed fabric overlap each other in the odor to make what you call a headliner. The reason why it is necessary to have many that material for the ceiling? Have ever you wonder why you did not hear the noise when it is raining? The various elements make the sound weaker, prevent it annoys you.
Like the steering wheel, the headliner is often neglected. Though the car owner often wipes the windshield, wash the car, vacuuming and clean the seats, they will not spend time for the ceiling. Over the time, the roof should be dirty and discolored.

If you smoke, the odor will be trapped in that area, making you feel uncomfortable when being in the car. The longer it absorbs the headliner, the stronger scent in the car. If you have not figured out the source of the smell, you should check the headliner and clean it to get rid of it.

Prepare the tools

Before you start the task, you will need to gather some accessories for cleaning the ceiling. Finding the necessary thing while you are busy with wiping and cleaning the headliner will take you a lot of time. Make sure you get all the tools will save you time.

If you are a hot-tempered person, assemble all the accessory will not drive you crazy. Take this serious as a step will help you to avoid interrupting the process. To clean that part of the car, you will need some microfiber cloth, soft bristled brush, and upholstery cleaner.​

Remove the dirt and dust sticking on the roof

What you should notice when eradicating the contamination is to do it with a slight hand. If you apply too much pressure on the surface of the fabric, you only leave the dirt mark on it. To remove the dirt and grit, rub gently a little by little the dirt sticks on the headliner.
You should check the towel regularly whether it is too dirty to use. In the case it is, you should change it by another microfiber rug to prevent you just widen the dirt, not clean it. When you can not see the dirt and dust or feel dusty when you touch the car’s roof, this step is done.

However, if you do not want to scrub that area to eradicate the dirt, you can use the vacuum machine. It will prevent the dust to fall from the roof. You will need the brush attachment to sweep and suck the dust at the same time. And again, do it with slight pressure to the ceiling.

Wiping with Cleaner

After removing the dust on the surface, you are ready to clean it with the cleaner. First, you will need to apply some kit on the surface or the roof. You will need to spray every spot, and pay more attention for the crevice. That is where the dust is assembled and create a thick layer.

The upholstery cleaner should be set in there for 10 to 15 minutes. It is the appropriate time for the shampoo to absorb and make it easier to remove the grit. However, you had better set the alarm, so you will not forget it.

It is bad that you let the cleaner to absorb to the foam. Then you will need days to let it dry, and the mold might appear, cause the smell inside your car. Bear this in mind, if you forget this, it might be one of the worst days of your life.
Having waited, next, you should spray the water on the ceiling and remove the dirt and the shampoo too. You will need to focus on the dirty area. Scrub in the circular motion to remove the dirt. In some area, the dirt and stain might be really adhesive that require you to work on it from times to times.

You should be patient, and pay your time on this. If there are stubborn stain, you can use the toothbrush to eradicate it faster. You do not need to take a new one from the store or the supermarket. An old one is enough for this task.

When it is wet, the leather is easy to be tear out or scratch. You will need to be careful not to ruin your headliner. Rubbing it till there is no stain or mark is visible on the roof. Moreover, the crevice should be clear of the cleaner, that place usually traps the kit in there.

Rinse the excess cleaner on the surface

Your goal is near, but there still a step need to be done. You will need to make sure that no cleaning kit is still on the roof surface. In this step, you should change the micro towel you are using with a clean one. This is necessary to remove the excess shampoo.

You should spray the water in there and wipe the headliner for few times. Moving your hand around, just like when you rub the roof with the cleaner. After that, you can use a dry micro towel to rub the surface and make it dry.

Add to that; you must let the car’s ceiling to dry by itself. You should open the door, the wind and the heat from the outside are enough for the top of the car to dry. For most of the time, it only needs 3 to 4 hours to let it dry. If it is a cloudy day, it might be longer.

The ceiling, might not be respected by many owners, it might make people value your car higher. If your vehicle has a bright and beautiful appearance, this is the thing you should not overlook. Now you have already known how to clean car headliner, then what are you waiting for? This is the right time for you to improve your vehicle exterior.​