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28 Aug

Best Tip On How To Polish A Car Like A Pro

In this article, we will advise you how a few useful ways to carry out the self-maintenance of your car, with the polish it and making wax.

The very first tips

Ideally, you should polish or use car wax every time after washing your cars. This approach will create a protective layer to make the cover more durable.

Polishes and waxes for cars are the most important factors in the maintenance of vehicles. It makes up superficial layers of protection to keep your car avoid scratches and look new, pretty and polished. However, for those people who are unfamiliar with it, then certainly when thinking of polishing and making wax for car, it will be very frustrating. Here are a few points worth noting that you should be careful at the beginning to avoid vehicle damages, please read these following tips on auto care:

How to Polish Automobiles

To polish the car, you will need the following materials:

  • A sponge or soft cloth to buff
  • Metal polishes
  • Plastic polishes
  • Any other polishing tools (if available)

First, you have to identify the materials of each car part to know whether or not they are plastic or metal. A lot of newer cars have the glossy parts look like metal, but are actually just a plastic or metal chrome painted and coated with a “wrapped coat ” to reduce scratches and rust.

  1. Check to get the metal parts on the car. If you’re not sure which is the metal or coated with varnish layer, then pour little metal polish up sponge or soft cloth, then rub gently on the place where you want to polish.
  2. Have a close look on sponge or towel while wiping. If it is true that the material of that car part is metal, you will find out a little bit black or gray substance stuck on the towel or sponge. There is also another way; you use the “clearcoat”. Do not use metal-polishing substance up the paint coatings as this would be the cause of future corrosion.
  3. Use wax. Once you have learnt about which places on your car are made from metal, you can use the electrically polishing device (or look for buying at the car maintenance store or purchase them on the internet), or simply doing the polish by secondhand clothes.
  4. Use plastic polishes carefully for the front headlight and the entire areas used for driving control. This helps to clean the dirt covered in the front of headlights after a long period of use.
  5. Remember to stick tape to cover the surrounding area when cleaning the headlights. This step will help prevent peeling the paint cover of your car while polishing.
  6. Making the deformable wheels and flexible spokes shiny, you can use specialized substances for cleaning wheels, or if you know the form of the metal surface (shall apply the tips above), please combine with metal polish.

How to Make Wax for Cars

Once the car has finished the polish, you can begin to make the wax. The stage of make car wax really needs more rubs, requires a flat-treated surface, quite difficult to apply every single layer of Carnauba wax on (This substance is also known as the Brazilian Wax, which is extracted from palm of Brazil) so that the surface is more sturdy. However, the modern wax products can be easily up and bleached out. You just need to follow the instructions indicated on the product and remember the following tips:

  • Remember to double check the manual to know whether the product can and cannot use for your car.
  • The glossy coating needs special types of products. If your car has a glossy paint cover, make sure that you only use one type of product that is suitable for the glossiness. Since the product does not fit, it can often make scratches on the coating surface.
  • Make decision on the suitable wax for your car’s color. There are many different types of wax on the market. Some are designed specifically to suit the different colors of the bodywork. This is quite convenient for the car that has dark bark, because the conventional wax can leave some white streaks on it, quite difficult to remove.
  • If you do not have much time, or just for temporary use, you can replace the wax by using a special spray. This approach will protect your car.

With the polished tips of this car, there would be no rift integrity at all. You see, it’s easy to create a sleek look for your car, right? – You should try to do it!

Note: One more trick is that you should available store in the trunk a kind of multipurpose hygiene product, such as multipurpose cleaner cream or glass cleaner or water or antibacterial towels to conveniently wipe any surface in the fastest way.

The main points:

  1. Identify the parts that are made of plastic or metal on the car to use the appropriate polishing substance.
  2. After polishing a car, you need to choose suitable wax to match the color of your car to avoid leaving blood stains away.
  3. Hygiene products such as multifunction cleaner cream. It is especially effective if you do not have much time or just used temporarily. The glass parts such as mirrors can be cleaned with glass-spraying substance.