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Best Watches for Men Australia

As you know, wristwatches are such a wonderful investment tool that every man is willing to own one. No matter how high the price is, just spending some money in your bank account cannot lead you to go into bankruptcy, but actually offers you a lot of benefits.

In order to save your valuable time and choose to buy the optimal watch for yourself, we would like to recommend top 7 best watches for men on the market today and instruct you how to pick up the most satisfying, which fits your styles, jobs, and preference as well. Now, get ready to have a look!

How to select a best watch?

Have you ever wished to have a watch but still wondering what you will buy? Or do you want to buy a new watch to replace your old broken-down one?  It’s up to the desired features, components and materials that the perfect watch will vary from one person to another.

This buying process can be time- consuming unless you know the available choices and use some buying tips. Once you get ready, you can quickly pick out your ideal watch whenever you want.

Consider the types

I highly recommend that you should know well the different types of watch available before buying. The 3 major types in today market are: digital, analog and digital/analog.

Analog watches

An analog watch consists of 1-hour hand and 1-minute hand, and on the watch surface is the time illustrated in numbers, marks or in Roman numerals. Typically, analog watches are regarded as being traditional, which are often suitable for formal or business occasions and for dates as well.

Digital watch

As for a digital watch, the time is displayed in numerical style on a LED or LCD face. Watches of this type are quite casual.

Analog/digital watches

The last type of watch is analog/digital – the hybrid watch combining features of the first 2 types. An analog/digital watch is very practical since you can wear it daily either at home or workplace. Yet, this type isn’t suitable for formal occasions.

Discover the materials

When it comes to materials, 2 elements of a watch including the band and the case are involved. Variables like the brand, type, style, and price will decide the materials such elements are made of.

The common materials you can find in a watch’s case, i.e the face of a watch, are resin, plastic, or metal. Metals can be as popular as steel, titanium or brass, or precious as gold, silver or even platinum.

Similar to cases, the bands could be made of various materials, even of leather (either fake or real), canvas and exotic skins.

Such materials have extremely various price ranges. No doubt, plastic material costs you least, followed by synthetic materials. Leather and other exotic skins are priced slightly higher. Next price ranking belongs to typical metals. The most expensive watches are typically made of precious metals.

Different precious metals have different qualities, leading to varying prices. For instance, the minimum price of metal is 10K while the maximum is 18K.

Know movement types

Watches are powered by one of 3 basic types of movement: quartz, battery or mechanical.


Batteries are the only power source of watches using battery movement. These watches have the lowest price and of course least luxurious. Battery watches are typically digital watches or the ones available in a local department as well as clothing stores.


Quartz movement uses the power from a battery that is delivered through the quartz built inside the watch.

Though a little bit more costly than traditional watches run only by battery, quartz watches are sure to bring you the highest accuracy of all 3 types. Beside the cost incurred by occasional battery replacements, you hardly have to pay any extra maintenance fee. Yet, because their design is quite simple, they are not often valued by watch collectors.


The mechanical movement takes its power from the wearer’s act of winding the watch’s elements. You can manually wind your watch or have it automatically done.

Manual means you wind your watch by hand while automatic or self-winding is the watch is wound by your movements throughout the day. Mechanical watches have the highest price, are considered a luxury and are highly valued by collectors because of their intricate design.

Decide on a style

There are a wide range of watch styles for you to choose, which are specifically designed for different purposes like sports, work, formal occasions, dating and also for casual activities. To decide what style you will buy, first figure out the place you’re going to with your watch.

If you want to wear a watch suitable for swimming, running or one having added features designed for heart rate, I think you should pick a sports watch.

If you go for a watch for workplace, formal events or going out,  the best choice is a dress watch.

If you just want something to wear day to day, a casual watch is what I suggest.

In case you are looking for a watch that suits almost all occasions, whether at work or for daily life, I highly recommend you buy a dress watch. Just imagine, wearing casual clothes along with a dress watch does look better than wearing a casual watch when you are in office attire.

As an emerging watch style, the gadget watch is becoming more and more popular, especially among those who are tech savvy. Gadget watches offer various features, including calendars, email programs or digital cameras, for some examples.

Brand, price, design and functions are basic factors to decide whether a watch style is simple or luxurious.

Choose a brand

With your budget constraint in mind, you can run your eyes over watch brands then pick out your favorites. These days, there are numerous brands available so the selection process seems quite overwhelming.

Research the company’s history to see how long they have been making watches and what styles they have.

You can consult your family or friends for their favorite brands. Also, if they have bought watches, then let them tell you what brands satisfies them the most.

You should also search online or read reviews for more information about some watch brands and their models. Remember to choose a brand that offers the style you are after.

Consider the features

When you are shopping for your ideal watch, remember to know the watch features included you need and prefer. There are basic models and also elaborate models for all watches.

Watches have a wide range of models: a dress watch with the only function of telling time, a casual watch with a built-in computer or even a sports watch that offers fitness features such as monitoring heart rate, tracking mileage and burned calories.

Of course, the price of the watch increases in accordance with the level of impressiveness their features have. Indeed, it’s what gadgets you are looking for that matters.

For instance, if you have to go on a lot of international business trips, you probably want to have a dress watch that can tell the time of multiple time zones. There are vast and varied options available for you.

Also, there is one of the main features you might think of: water resistance capability. How well a watch can resist water depends on the water amount you’d rather wear your watch in.

For the generic level of water resistance, the watch can withstand spills as well as rainstorms. The higher level of resistance range from the resistance of 50m to 100m. This range means your watch can handle everything between washing dishes and scuba diving in deep sea.

Adjust the fit

After finding out all your favorite watch elements, the final step you should take is checking whether the watch will fit you.

The desired watch band should be properly tight so that it won’t slide around. But, it should also be loose enough not to block your circulation. As for the watch case, you need one that has the proportionate size that fits your arm.

To test whether a watch fits you or not, the good way is to shift the watch up your arm and down. If the watch can move, its size is too small. If it can’t and just leaves your wrist with imprints when you take it off, then the watch is too big. If neither cases above happen, that is too say your watch can’t slide along your arm nor leave any imprint, then your watch is of perfect size for you.

Make sure the watch band and face will fit your body proportions. That is to say, they aren’t too small especially when you are a tall and stout guy. Or they aren’t too large if your wrist is small and your body frame is quite slight.

Top 7 best watches for men

Watch Name Price Our rating Review
Bulova Men’s Moon Watch Chronograph Special Edition $$$ 4  Review
Bulova Men’s Leather Strap Moon Watch $$ 4.5  Review
Fossil Q Marshal Gen 2 Touchscreen Brown Leather Smartwatch $$ 4  Review
Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5002 $$ 4  Review
Casio Men’s ‘G SHOCK’ Quartz Stainless Steel and Resin Casual Watch $ 5  Review
Hamilton Men’s HML-H70455533 Khaki Field Black Dial Watch $$ 4.5  Review
Seiko SRPA21 Padi Automatic Prospex Pepsi Turtle Divers 200M Men’s Watch $ 4.5  Review


Bulova Men’s Moon Watch Chronograph Special Edition

Bulova Men’s Moon Watch Chronograph Special Edition
Bulova Men’s Moon Watch Chronograph Special Edition

Bulova Men’s Moon Watch Chronograph Special Edition takes inspiration from the Bulova chronograph that the mission commander of Apollo 15 wore in 1971. This model is recreated authentically and is upgraded with its quartz techno of exceptionally high performance that gives unbeatable second-per-year accuracy.

This Bulova Moon Watch is powered by the proprietary Bulova quartz chronograph movement of “High-Performance” 262 kHz. This type of movement is far more special than other quartz movements because its accuracy is several times higher, with the deviation of just sub-10 seconds per year. (compared to 10-15 seconds per month of other movements)

The Bulova Moon watch does look great on your wrist and your appearance too. This traditional tool watch is good-looking, reasonably priced and performs amazingly excellent.

The watch has a srew-back case made of stainless steel, a dial in sharp black and straps that are interchangeable, all making it a water-resistant watch for men to wear daily.

Lastly, for enthusiasts who love too watches but under budget constraint of just several hundred dollars, this Bulova Moon Watch is indeed an appealing thing.


  • It is made of stainless steel
  • Super-luminous Hands and Markers
  • The case is made of sapphire glass that prevents reflection.
  • 50-meter water resistance
  • It has a beautiful layered sharp black and white dial for crystal-clear reading, a convenient and extraordinarily accurate quartz movement
  • Nice-looking 3 dimensional dial


  • this watch is not suitable for anyone with a wrist smaller than mine or 7″ at most. It’s a big watch (not like silly invicta big).
  • Even on the substantial bracelet, the watch is quite heavy.

Bulova Men’s Leather Strap Moon Watch

Bulova Men's Leather Strap Moon Watch
Bulova Men’s Leather Strap Moon Watch

Whoever loves watches will find that this model’s appearance is very good looking. For those who are enthusiastic of the cosmos and space will certainly be impressed by this Bulova Men’s Leather Strap Moon Watch as it is historically related to the Apollo 15 mission. It offers super accuracy, elegant appearance, and high durability, which will interest many watch lovers.

Precision timing of one thousandth of a second coupled with a chronograph function of 12 hours is among the greatest features of this watch. Bulova Moon is considered to have a movement mechanism of the highest accuracy all over the world: the level of accuracy reaches up to a few seconds per year.

It also comes with a curved crystal of mineral inside the watch and a multi-layered dial made of black carbon fiber and colored silver and blue. With super-luminous hands and markers, this watch can be seen clearly even in the dark.

One more feature that will surely attract you is its modish and elegant aesthetics.

In general, those with average income can afford this Bulova watch. Also, with a special design, it comes with an incredible durability that can withstand wear and tear for years.


  • Sturdy stainless steel case
  • One of the best bracelet designs
  • The watch has a soft satin finish on the case which is a unique chronograph pushers.
  • The power source is from Bulova’s proprietary, high-performance UHF quartz movement
  • The sub-dials and main dial are very easy to read.
  • Quartz Movement
  • The leather strap is long generously
  • Water Resistant To 50m (164.04ft)


  • The size is quite bulky

Fossil Q Marshal Gen 2 Touchscreen Brown Leather Smartwatch

Fossil Q Marshal Gen 2 Touchscreen Brown Leather Smartwatch
Fossil Q Marshal Gen 2 Touchscreen Brown Leather Smartwatch

If you are the one who is always busy and need a convenient and quick way to check notifications, take pictures, make calls and do a great number of things, then the Fossil Q Marshal Gen 2 Touchscreen Brown Leather Smartwatch will certainly suitable for you.

This smartwatch is the most modern mobile device, which allows you to do a lot of wonderful things more than just check the time. It also comes with a great number of fantastic features.

Q Marshal Gen 2 Touchscreen Brown Leather Smartwatch is the state of the art digital display watch, which connects seamlessly to the smartphone. This watch is strapped in the brown leather and its smart technical dial with the touchscreen functionality consists of customizable faces.

On the other hand, thanks to the built-in activity tracking, you are able to track your daily accomplishments consisting of calories burned, distance and steps. Moreover, you can also utilize the built-in speaker and microphone to do a lot of tasks on this Android smartwatch by just using your voice.

Another great feature of the Q Marshal Gen 2 Touchscreen Brown Leather Smartwatch is that its battery can stay charged within 24 hours (depended on the usage) with the wireless conductive magnetic charger.


  • Stay charged for up to one day.
  • Classy design with blue and brown strap
  • The touch controls are excellent.
  • The look of the Marshal is amazing!
  • The design and size works great


  • You can’t change the vibration level
  • It doesn’t include a wall charger. It only comes with a USB charger.

Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5002

Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5002
Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5002

If you are looking for a smartwatch, which can offer you with the capability to check the text, email and other kinds of notifications while adding a modern and stylish accessory to your appearance, then the Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5002 is a perfect option.

Whether your personal style is glamorous or classic, streamlined or sporty or anything else, you are always the best version of your own style with activity tracking and built-in fitness to achieve more and more accomplishments of your workout.

Moreover, the Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5002 also features social media notificationsmusic controlalarm clockspeaker and microphoneactivity trackerWi-Fi synchronizing, sleep monitor and automatic updating of time and date.

On the other hand, the ideally durable physical design of the Michael Kors Access Touch Screen Gold Bradshaw Smartwatch MKT5002 makes it extremely difficult to break. It is no doubt that this is the most highlighted feature of this product.

Last but not least, in addition to countless options, the watchstrap and dial of this smartwatch can easily adapt to all occasions and events on your calendar.


  • Displays notifications for emails, calls, texts, calories, distance and track steps.
  • Wireless syncing, touchscreen functionality
  • The interchangeable bands offer you more personalized
  • The watch faces look amazing in the promos
  • This watch is almost too gorgeous to wear!


  • It just comes with a USB charger, but not the wall charger.
  • The battery of this watch cannot hold charge. You may need a new battery to activate it.

Casio Men’s ‘G SHOCK’ Quartz Stainless Steel and Resin Casual Watch, Color: Black (Model: GST-S110-1ACR)

Casio Men's 'G SHOCK' Quartz Stainless Steel and Resin Casual Watch, Color: Black (Model: GST-S110-1ACR)
Casio Men’s ‘G SHOCK’ Quartz Stainless Steel and Resin Casual Watch, Color: Black (Model: GST-S110-1ACR)

Casio Men’s ‘G SHOCK’ Quartz is such a high-quality smartwatch with a premium feel, stylish design. It also includes great functionality and a wonderful set of features. The watch offers both analog and digital displays for those who want both of them in only one product. Moreover, it is suitable for almost male wrists because it is not too big.

On the other hand, thanks to the hand shift property, all you need to do is just press the button to read the content easily. Furthermore, the dual LED lighting allows you to views everything clearly at any time.

Another great feature of this smartwatch is its countdown timer, which has a wide countdown range up to 100 minutes.

The Casio Men’s ‘G SHOCK’ Quartz is an ultramodern smartwatch with stylish design and chronograph quartz movement men’s watch. This watch also features a durable construction that can resistant to 200-meter water depth and unexpected shock.


  • The directions are low key and pretty standard.
  • The watch dial is big, the steel is pretty and the technology is fantastic.
  • Tough, excellent build quality
  • You can read the digital screens, which is a wonderful advantage.
  • The lume is outstanding and the solar power preserve is amazing.
  • Beautiful and comfortable watch.
  • Appropriate for serious surface water sports and professional marine activity, except for diving.


  • This watch may look big on you if you have sub 7” wrists.

Hamilton Men’s HML-H70455533 Khaki Field Black Dial Watch

Hamilton Men's HML-H70455533 Khaki Field Black Dial Watch
Hamilton Men’s HML-H70455533 Khaki Field Black Dial Watch

The Hamilton Men’s HML-H70455533 watch may help satisfy your needs. With a great number of striking features and a reasonable price, we can ensure that you will never feel regretful to invest in this wristwatch.

The first highlighted characteristic of this product is its flexibility. Therefore, what color your clothes are, this match promises to give you a good combination.

The product is additionally preserved with sapphire crystal Scratch Resistant window. It is accompanied by a 20-millimeter cowhide bracelet. The size of it is moderate, neither too big nor too thick.

The bezel is designed with stainless steel material and the dial box’s color is black. The wristwatch band is of high quality, together with the face looks very fashionable. The design of the two distinct traps enhances a special value.

This Hamilton watch looks really incredible, surprisingly gorgeous and attractive. Also. This especially powerful wrist watch is waterproof almost 330 feet.

To sum up, this kind of watch can save you plenty of time as it is legible and very easy to follow the time. With the attractive look and the comfort it brings to you, the watch is appreciated to be more valuable than it really is.


  • Move automatically
  • Accurate and easy to set
  • The sapphire crystal is durable so the watch can be protected from scratches.
  • It’s a really beautiful thick calfskin strap
  • It is made of a strong stainless steel material
  • It does not contain gold or other strange materials, so it is needless to be treated with kid gloves
  • The hands and the dial are nice and extremely readable, with subtle surface, sharp printing, and quick and accurate readability
  • Quality beyond its price point!


  • Perfect for swimming and snorkeling, not suitable for diving
  • The size of the leather band may be not long enough for some users (over about an 8-1/2″ wrist).

Seiko SRPA21 Padi Automatic Prospex Pepsi Turtle Divers 200M Men’s Watch

Seiko SRPA21 Padi Automatic Prospex Pepsi Turtle Divers 200M Men's Watch
Seiko SRPA21 Padi Automatic Prospex Pepsi Turtle Divers 200M Men’s Watch

The Seiko’s divers men’s wristwatch goes with a matching steel band and has red and blue colors. Additionally, the nice PADI logo on the dial is attractively integrated. With the combination of the classic beauty and the quality and safety of the 21st century, this watch promises to bring you great enjoyment.

The Seiko watch is functioned to be utilized and is rated to 650 ft. The 44mm piece has the iconic oscillating bezel that enables you to follow the period of time you’ve been diving. The Pepsi color theme ( red and blue) create a sporty and bold beauty but the watch users have to use the chops to return it back.

The Seiko PADI SRPA21 Prospex Special Edition has a 45mm-wide steel case that is 45mm-wide 13.4mm thick and is 200 meters waterproof.

It includes a power reserve and is of 24 jewels. This watch is truly a wonderful development for the family of Seiko diving watches.


  • Great polishing on the bezel and case.
  • Very solid constriction on the bracelet and case.
  • The bezel insert and water-resistant dial are impressive in person.
  • the attractive Pepsi bezel
  • extremely comfortable on 8″ wrist


  • Bracelet contains a pin and collar system that is difficult to measure without appropriate tools. Even it is still a trouble eventually.
  • The 45mm case seems to be smaller when wearing on the wrist.


A stunning watch can help you to get a chance of owning more a subtle piece of jewelry in your wardrobe. Moreover, It also tells the secret about your own personality, which you may not realize. With the list of  best watches for men, we hope that you will find out the most suitable price and the best quality one. And remember to share this post with your friends, families, and relatives if you find it interesting.